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Project #22329
Last Activity:
Jul 3, 2020
Dec 15, 2004
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Project #22329


Project #22329 was last seen:
Jul 3, 2020
    1. Guiness
      hey i was wondering, do you make gifs for your shop?
      1. Project #22329
        Project #22329
        hey, sorry I do not
        Jul 18, 2017
    2. Bump
      i cant seem to upload the avy
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Project #22329
        Project #22329
        could you contact a staff member? i can easily upload the avatar i made you to my avatar
        Jun 21, 2017
      3. Bump
        ok got it now i uploaded the avy to my photbucket
        Jun 21, 2017
      4. Project #22329
        Project #22329
        Great! I'm glad it worked out!
        Jun 21, 2017
    3. b e o
      b e o
      So you still come here too?
    4. b e o
      b e o
      cool cool good to hear
    5. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      No, i'm from Romania :headscrat
    6. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Why are you answering so late? :I Are you working at the same time? :headscrat

      ugh, i should sleep
      it's 4;20am here D:
    7. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Hey hey hey, don't make fun now :lmao. You caught my eye because you're a capricorn just like me, born in December.

      I tend to sympathise with people that have similar traits :del
    8. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Hm, wow, i just noticed you're member from 2004 :O
      6 years :)

      Probably came back recently, right?
    9. b e o
      b e o
      so, what do you think about the planet renders forum?

      does it look alright to you?
    10. b e o
      b e o
      i understand you have another team that youre a part of, but you couldnt at least be a part of mine and check up every now and then? you dont have to be active. i'll just let you know when we're having a battle with another team.

      I just need more members. Im not begging, but if you make me go that far, I'll have to slap you for making do that.
    11. b e o
      b e o
      im gonna need you for a gfx tournament at another site. its a team tourny and it would be an honour if you joined my team..

    12. b e o
      b e o
      Huge gfx forum.

      Some of the best gfxers go there. Most times you'll see them in teams. Maybe you should apply for a team there. You're skilled enough. (You're going to need 50 posts first, though).

      Also, there are scouters there, from professional art groups, looking for artists with talent.

    13. b e o
      b e o
      Do you go to Planet Renders?
    14. KohZa
      thx for the comment you gave me on the sotw baloots :hurr.i'll give my best to improve.youre entry is awesome :zaru.your drawing skill is amazing.
    15. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Wow nice entry. Are you drawing your stuff though? It looks like it.
    16. Citizen Bismarck
      Citizen Bismarck
      Thx ;33 Great entry for this week btw.
    17. Citizen Bismarck
      Citizen Bismarck
      Can I use your zombie SkotW entry for this week as avy one of these days?
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