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Jan 21, 2019 at 5:35 PM
Oct 8, 2008
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Nov 19, 1990 (Age: 28)
San Francisco
Software Engineer


Mr. Prince, Male, 28, from San Francisco

:bookerskully Dec 31, 2017

PureWIN was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Jan 21, 2019 at 5:35 PM
    1. Gledania
      Yeah but One piece > DBZ.

      1. PureWIN
        Dec 11, 2018
    2. Takano-san
      1. PureWIN
        Hey, what's up man? How's it been?
        Aug 29, 2018
      2. Takano-san
        Been alright.
        Aug 29, 2018
        PureWIN likes this.
    3. PureWIN
    4. mugenmarv
      still waiting for you anwser in Katakuri fruit thread! huehue let's see you weasel out of this
    5. ShenLong Kazama
      ShenLong Kazama
      Nope, go ahead. :naruramen
    6. Revolution
      I don't get it.

      Thought you hated me.

      I'm Sarahmint, ya know

    7. Mockingbird
      Trebol a shit. :oldryoma
    8. Mockingbird
      Good post on Haki and how relectance to battle affects it :catsalute
    9. PikaCheeka
      I'll send you a PM later tonight then. :lmao
    10. PikaCheeka
      Would it make a difference as to how you treated and perceived me? :psyduck
    11. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      In here!:notrust
    12. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      So you just checked out the evidence and chose not to comment?:amuse
    13. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      I am actually disappointed in you, for blindly following somebody?s post, without thinking.

      I am the Pow, you should know me better.
    14. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
    15. Klue
      As do I, for it's.....

    16. Halcyon
      Thanks for the rep my man :brofist
    17. Freechoice
    18. Freechoice


      You're a good poster btw.
    19. Freechoice
      I'm a casual manga reader.
    20. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      And this was a bad one?:p
    21. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Thanks for the post, don?t forget to rate:p

      Hmm I remember you normally going crazy over my theories!
      Maybe I have been away too long, and need some time to readjust.
    22. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Hey, I would like you to post your opinion of my theory:)
    23. Last Rose of Summer
    24. Ernie
      Thanks amigo! :datass
    25. Ernie
    26. morgaine4
      Quite frankly, it's their loss.
    27. Liverbird
      well deserved
    28. Zorofangirl24
      Uchiha Giogio :giogio
    29. PikaCheeka
      All I ever do at home is troll NF. I do it pretty much everywhere actually. I am so addicted to this website it's kind of disgusting, though most of my time is spent obsessing over Madara in the KL.

      I live in Mass, and we still have snow on the ground here. It was about 30 degrees at uni today, which I was not expecting and not dressed for. Still, I could never do Florida weather. If the weather could be in the 50s and 60s all summer, I'd be happy.

      School has always been easy for me, so that hasn't changed. :lmao Some of the coursework overlapped, yes, and some of my lit stuff now I did as an undergrad, but what can you do. As for money, I got a lot of scholarships that kept me afloat. I was a TA as a graduate student for a couple of years as well, which meant school was completely free during that time. I do have some loans out, and I will be paying them forever because I am dirt poor, but that's just kind of how life is now. I had some extenuating circumstances last summer that forced me to completely wipe my bank account out (and almost max out both my credit cards), so that's something I won't be fixing anytime soon. About half of my student loans have come from this last year alone because of that. :lmao

      Have you considered looking at schools that offer TA-ships or RA-ships? They usually cover tuition/fees and give you a small stipend on top of it.
    30. PikaCheeka
      I won't tell you what my other schools are because it's wicked easy to figure out who I am if you try hard enough. But BA in Literature. MA in Criminal Justice. MA in Crim Psych (I think they changed the program to Forensic Psych now). Now this MA.

      I work at MIT doing shit for the military. It doesn't really relate to literature. I honestly have no clue why they hired me. I guess I was just really entertaining during the interview or something. :lmao You'd probably know more about it than I do because it's computer-based and every time something fucks up I just go "OH GOD!!!!" and run out of the room. I sometimes wish I had at least gotten an Associates in CS...

      Are you from Florida?
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  • About

    Nov 19, 1990 (Age: 28)
    San Francisco
    Software Engineer
    Relationship Status:
    In a godless relationship with multiple husbandos
    Favorite Character(s):
    I'm a casual manga reader. As of right now, I only read One Piece, Dragonball Super and Naruto Boruto in my spare time.

    IRL I enjoy gaming (XB1), weightlifting, programming, swimming, and reading.


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