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Pyre's Plight
Last Activity:
Oct 7, 2017
Mar 24, 2006
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The 9th interweb

Pyre's Plight

..., from The 9th interweb

Pyre's Plight was last seen:
Oct 7, 2017
    1. Rashman
      I know right? seems so weird... even though we all knew the day would come..

      Still, I am not 100 percent convinced this is truly the end. The new movie seems to be the beginning of a new phase or "era" as they say. We can only wait and see..

      If this is truly the end though, it has been a fun ride :kaga
    2. Jeαnne
    3. babaGAReeb
      did dat ^ (use bro) neg u?
    4. arokh
      lol did i neg the wrong guy? sorry was supposed to get the hater ^^
    5. Kenneth

      then we go way back, where did you post back then?
    6. Ernie
      Did not know that, I can change it?
    7. Ernie
      how do you mean, public poll?
    8. The Immortal WatchDog
      The Immortal WatchDog
      yeah? what made you go so inactive in the beginning? real life? or forum drama?

      sorry it took so long to get back to you, things got busy on my end
    9. The Immortal WatchDog
      The Immortal WatchDog
      saw you lurking in one of my threads

      what brings an old timer like you back into the section?
    10. Black Mirror
      Black Mirror
      I don't think you can top vanhellsing's neg. He just owned himself so badly XD

      but thx for the rep :)
    11. PikaCheeka
      Thanks for the rep! :edu
    12. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Thanks for the rep.:beardthing
    13. Jeαnne

      its from this video:

    14. gabzilla
    15. Scizor
      I understand. =P
    16. Scizor
      It has the max. IVs for proud of its power, and very good IVs for the other stats :cool

      Its win already :zaru
    17. OrangeFlash
      thanks for the rep:<3
    18. Wu Fei
      Wu Fei
      LOL :LOS

      the answer lies in the heart of the ---wait.
    19. Judecious
      karin set that was kushina
    20. Plot Hole
      Plot Hole
      How arring you freind?
    21. Kenneth
      your eyes aren't deceiving you, that is big boss. :beardthing
    22. MR T
      MR T
      I see, well thanks for explaining ^^
    23. MR T
      MR T
      Could you explain what you ment? ^^
    24. Plot Hole
      Plot Hole
      Thank you for the support.
    25. Nadini
      Ah, i see.

      The mods saw fit to ban me for some stupid reason, hence my 'lack of appearance' :awesome

      Thanks for worrying :hurr
    26. Nadini

      I was banned, and that was during a name change.

      Did you need something? :hurr
    27. Luiz
      Oh. Yeah,and the animation team route can be tricky,if a good moment ends up getting one of the bad teams... but if i'm not mistaken,the best moments have been done for good teams lately. i mean,when it comes to the last canon arc they did. =/
    28. Luiz
      Fuck dammit dude,stop making it look like Shippuuden only got bad episodes. :notrust
      You picked that sakura screenshot and kept making comments over it as if it were a pattern for every episode,while that's nowhere close to the truth.

      The anime's got a balanced amount of good and bad animation teams. And by each arc,the talent of the good teams increased,and the crappiness of the bad teams decreased.
      Compare the Gaara rescue arc to the Hidan+Kakuzu arc.

      But i'm sure you stopped watching,and started talking of what you don't know about.
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    Quote of 2006 said by the great Andoliveira4!
    As it turns out, people now repeat these words in their own arguements. :zaru

    It's my personal obligation
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