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Jul 6, 2020 at 8:50 PM
Mar 7, 2009
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Well-Known Member, Male

Quikdraw7777 was last seen:
Jul 6, 2020 at 8:50 PM
    1. Mbxx
      You must change to a valid email pleasssseeeee :) It bounces back.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Mbxx
        We could confirmed this manually. The issue is that if too much mails bounce ... we end up as spam ... as you see.
        Jan 31, 2018
        Quikdraw7777 likes this.
      3. Quikdraw7777
        Well, I'm back replying, so I think the issue has been resolved. I was getting nervous because I wouldn't know how to get ahold of you guys otherwise.
        Jan 31, 2018
      4. Mbxx
        No worry ... posted on 50 profiles :)
        Jan 31, 2018
    2. Pimp of Pimps
      Pimp of Pimps
      It's decent. Sorry, I rarely check NF haha.
    3. Pimp of Pimps
      Pimp of Pimps
      NF just doesn't do it for me anymore. I post on www.milleniumforums.com now.
    4. Ryuzaki
      Oh true, I guess I missed that part, I thought he was talking on a den-den mushi.
    5. Ryuzaki
      Nah but Kaido did just jump on to Kidd's base though alone.
    6. Ryuzaki
      Oh Dear God no, not an entire fleet, when I said Yonko, I meant the actual Yonko captain.
    7. Nova
      Lol they put Doflamingo above Marco :facepalm
    8. Nova
      yeah me too. I really can't stand on their point of view to see this. Maybe they just love Doflamingo too much to even ignore this simple concept.
    9. Ryuzaki
      I'll give you that much, proof wise we don't have much to state, I was just solely basing this on Kidd's relative bounty is always higher than Luffy. I always saw him as the Anti-Luffy, plus only Luffy and him are the ones that have themselves and their FM in the SN.
    10. Ryuzaki
      If we just go by how Kidd has been performing in the manga so far (having larger bounties and etc.), Oda's portrayed him, at least thus far in the manga to be slightly above Luffy. That's why I just figure, whatever he does is slightly better than Luffy, even after Marineford, Kidd still retains a bounty lead over Luffy.

      Assuming this portrayal difference holds up, I can see Kidd's Alliance being stronger than Luffy's. But as I said in the thread, I'm happy with either outcome, because Luffy's goal isn't any easier, if it's not Kaido then it's Kidd.

      What do you think?
    11. Nova
      I still don't understand why it's even debatable. Why not just say Mihawk's air slash was his strongest....
    12. Nova
      np I liked your post about DD's thin layer of ice
    13. Ryuzaki
      Would Kidd winning really deflate his hype? I thought it would do the opposite for Kidd?
    14. Freechoice
      4000 posts motherfucker helllllllllllllllllll yeah
    15. Ryuzaki
      19 more posts and you'll be at the 1,000 you wanted in that thread :bury
    16. Мoon
      No problem. watch our posts get deleted lol
    17. Evolution
      Happy New Year!
    18. Yuki
      I don't remember seeing you round the FT section to much, you just started?
    19. Tobirama Senju
      Tobirama Senju
      I'm usually right when it comes down to him. I'm his most hardcore fan for a reason.
    20. CuteJuubi
      It's rather impossible for the woman in the pic to be Rin because the man in the photo is wearing Uchiha clothing and Rin is a Nohara not an Uchiha
    21. TaskMaster
      Hey I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind looking at my story “So Called Heroes” and giving some feedback on it. It’s going to take over the Manga World!! It’s in the Konoha Literature section in the forums. Here is the link: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=881626
      Please and thanks!
    22. AlphaReaver
      Lol. I try to be neutral on many things, but these guys are straight tards nowadays. I own the Madara = Failure FC, so best believe I have years of experience in battling Uchitards. I'm like a digital Shodai to these lames lol. I see much wank that it's not even funny. I hit them with the facts & then they got nothin to say. I like the part where Madara was sweet talking Naruto this week & Naruto goes "I'm da 4th's son!" I bet Madara was like "you kinda remind me of the 1st, but his penis taste better" & Naruto was like "^ (use bro) please, I got Badass dna in my normal genes!" Epicness!. I'm symbollicaly lookin at this fight as Hashirama+Madara+Nagato vs Minato+Kyuubi
    23. AlphaReaver
      Crazy, it's like I used Mokuton to subdue the entire thread, lmao
    24. Tobirama Senju
      Tobirama Senju
      Heya. I've been busy bro, Been off to vacation for a month so when I got back I had to get used to not drinking again so was in a bad mood for some time heh. Started training muay thai again so been busy with that too and u know, Same ol' stuff.
      Aye and I didn't bother to post cause this latest chapters are just sooooo fuckin' lame!
      And how are u?
    25. NW
      His hair was bound to grow eventually and you knew it. :maybe
    26. TeamSenju
      Hahaha yeah, the ninja have turned into super saiyan at this point XD Kishi's love of Dragon Ball is showing through... People can't get much more powerful than this. They're shooting meteors!!!
    27. TeamSenju
      Hmmm I hope not many more. The series is kinda dragging on at this point. I'm ready for the war to be over with and the series along with it. :giogio How about you? Will you be upset if it ends? XD
    28. Tobirama Senju
      Tobirama Senju
      Don't be in awe, I explained to u how things work between Hashi and Mada in my last post in the very same thread.

      Truth is, I believe Hashirama managed to handle Madara and became hokage because of his ability to control the tailed beasts and that's why he stays above Tobirama. Otherwise, Tobirama's set of techniques is by miles better than his older brother.
    29. Tobirama Senju
      Tobirama Senju
      Nah dw I wasn't fired up or anything. I tried to make u understand that Tobirama ain't that far behind Hashi/Madara.

      Thing is, Tobirama has very few fans, Tho most ppl like him he doesn't have a huge fanbase. So we, Who call our selves "Tobirama Fans" should support him with all our strength. I don't mind if u r not a hardcore fan tho rly ppl have their own point of view but I'm a pretty fucking hardcore fan of Tobirama so yea... I'm always there if his name is mentioned lol.
    30. Tobirama Senju
      Tobirama Senju
      No probs bud! Just giving u my honest opinion is all.
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