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Apr 6, 2020 at 9:54 AM
Mar 7, 2009
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Well-Known Member, Male

Quikdraw7777 was last seen:
Apr 6, 2020 at 9:54 AM
    1. Tobirama Senju
      Tobirama Senju
      Juubi being restored? Nah I don't see that happening. When someone shows u a kid fox crying and then befriending the guy he was sealed in for so long it means that "No, This cute fox won't be part of a bad ugly 10 tailed boogie monster".

      I don't know how many chapters are left really, It all depends on how long he'll have this shitty arc going but I can see the story of "Naurto" finally end when this arc is over. I mean with no villains left and the whole shinobi world turning into friends all of sudden, Well, You might as well just close the book and get done with it.
      Unless one of three villains survives which would be sooooo daaaaaamn stupid, Cause we've seen enough of Tobi, Madara is a corpse and another circle in the endless chain of "Uchiha Crap" that kishi forced down our throats for like 6-7 years. and Kabuto is Orochimaru with new looks. My guess is that we'll keep reading "Shipuuden" for hmm... maybe 30 more chapters or something.
    2. TeamSenju
      At least that theory is a little better than people thinking Konohamaru has monkey sage mode. :rotfl
    3. Tobirama Senju
      Tobirama Senju
      I mean u know, The early battles were cool cause they didn't feel so otherworldly, Now ninjas fly, Summon meteors, Turn into water I mean really? Is that kishi's idea of how ninjas are supposed to be? Only because the technique is BIGGER doesn't mean its COOLER. As u said it doesn't feel like watching ninjas anymore. Looks more like a comic written by DC or something.

      Kishi is a terrible writer, He's ruining the potential this series has by making it a story written for 12 year old kids.

      He's boss, Them fucking haters gonna bite their tongue and swallow all the crap they've been talking when he's shown next time :datass
    4. Tobirama Senju
      Tobirama Senju
      U mean the war arc? Let me be honest. Naruto lost it's glamour ages ago. Probably right from the moment that kakuzu and hidan got trolled by a shitty plot. Ever since the story been on a downhill. Potential characters are screwed over, Hypes are ridiculous, There are too many mistakes in the storyline. New techniques remind me of dbz. And now this war arc, I mean seriously a war that happens early morning and ends by end of the day? and that happens is awesome guys on bad side die while shitty boring characters on good side are alive and kicking. It's a total shitstorm. Only good thing was to see madara (I'm a hardcore fan of 1st and 2nd generations) simply because i thought he'll talk about past and that should actually have a lot of tobirama in it but that didn't happen. It's good to see him mock the kages tho. That's about it really the only reason i'm still reading this series is to see tobirama in action.
    5. Tobirama Senju
      Tobirama Senju
      hell yeah! tobirama is badass made flesh :datass
    6. the_symbol_of_rebirth
      Sorry for the neg rep.
    7. Tobirama Senju
      Tobirama Senju
      I like that avatar brother, So! A tobirama fan I guess?
    8. Quikdraw7777
      haha nice....

      thanks for the request
    9. TeamSenju
      Indeed, needs more deaths! :quite The main reason I was excited about the war was because I thought we were gonna see some epic, tear-jerking, awe-shocking battles that resulted in deaths of people. Kishi has the heart to kill off Jiraiya but not a teeny little minor character like Tenten? I don't want to live on this planet anymore. :giogio It started out great but I feel like this ship is sinking and by the looks of it he knows too. He needs to make up for this trolling or abandon ship, imo. Gimme one Tobirama flash back and all is forgiven. :33 But unfortunately the rest of the fanbase won't be so easy to please.

      I'm dying to know who is behind his mask so we can stop these is it Obito, Izuna or Uchiha cousin #5 battle. I really hold no opinion on the whole thing because I don't wanna deal with the taunts of when I'm so wrong. :laugh When the secret coffin was always being discussed I stayed out of that one too. I'm just so bad at guessing when the plot is so troll. But I wouldn't be one bit surprised if it were Obito so you won't receive any hell from me. There is a strong case for and against them all, so who knows. :amuse

      With seeing Madara I think Hashirama has redeemed himself as the strongest hokage since the shame of the Chunin Exams making him look like a bitch ass. Hiruzen had the privilege of being trained by the 1st and 2nd hokage so there was no doubt he ranks at #3 hokage. Sorry if you think Tsunade or Minato is stronger but I bet Hiruzen was so boss in his prime. :nod I am very interested in Team Tobirama, I'm working on a fanfic for them now. >3<
    10. TeamSenju
      Well, I am very pleased that Hashirama is getting brought up a lot because he really needs more mentioning in this series but I wish Madara would have some actual flashbacks and not just bromance all over his legacy while being Super Sadist Mode with his granddaughter. Edo Madara was super bad ass at first but he's just being annoying now. I thought this kage battle would be the battle of the century. It turned into high-ranking talk no jutsu. I'm not pleased Madara, I thought you were above the rest! :quite

      And finding out Karin is an Uzumaki made me go from not really caring about her existence to now spazzing out over her. She needs to go repopulate the Uzumaki clan stat. :datass

      How about you, any bitching and praise to be had with this War Arc? :risu
    11. TeamSenju
      Not a problem. It's not like my avatar gave it away or anything. :datass
    12. TeamSenju
      Not a brah, just a dedicated fan girl. But thank ya. :33
    13. TeamSenju
      Nice avatar :hurr
    14. Bitty
      thanks! i can imagine luffy and goku getting along great lol, and ichigo and naruto having an intense rivalry
    15. dark messiah verdandi
      dark messiah verdandi
      No, its supposed to be orochimaru as a child.
      He is kind of androgynous, and wears a kimono in his free time, thus he doesn't look like the most masculine of little kids, but it is supposed to be kodomo-orochimaru(child orochimaru)
    16. Nidaime Mizukage
      Nidaime Mizukage
      your sig offends me -___-
    17. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      No, the signature you have now is 440 x 386.
    18. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "Normal Members - Your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 400 (Height). This includes space taken up within closed spoiler tags, text, and images."

      Your image is 542 (Width) x 639 (Height), so it is too tall for your signature and needs to be removed or resized.
    19. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      Your signature - that won't work. You need to host the image on an on-line server, like Tinypic.com, and copy the link between
    20. Mider T
      Mider T
      Want a VM?
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