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Nov 22, 2018
Sep 11, 2005
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Commisioner of Food & Beverage

RadishMan was last seen:
Nov 22, 2018
    1. In Brightest Day!
      In Brightest Day!
      Yeah, he was signed. He's actually looked pretty good so far, against Lucky Cannon no less.

      The one 'Indy' guy that has been hugely underwhelming so far is Tyler Black/Seth Rollins, actually. Consequences Creed/Xavier Woods has been pretty good.
    2. In Brightest Day!
      In Brightest Day!
      Hey, I noticed you haven't been in the Pro-Wrestling thread in a while. Whats up?

      Also, considering you seem to be quite familiar with Independent wrestling, I was just wondering if you know anything of Alex Koslov or if you're a fan of his work?
    3. Priestess
    4. Priestess
      This house has no insulation and is fucking cold, especially during the morning. Wearing socks everywhere is a must. It's always been a habit of mine anyway so no problem there.

      I wonder what made me sick yesterday. One second I am fine and the next I lose all my stomach contents. o_O

      How are your exercises going? I was given an exercise bike where you can adjust the pedals for more or less pressure. I've put them on the highest possible and have been doing it a bit each day.
    5. Priestess
      I just got some wireless hooked up in my home since it would be easier.

      So yay. I'm sick today though...made a mess of the bathroom sink earlier lol.
    6. Priestess
      In the meantime our house is keeping is busy....tons of work.
    7. Priestess
      Right now I'm using McDonald's wifi. Hopefully in a few weeks everything will be back in order. :(
    8. Priestess
      I knew it. I knew I'd have trouble getting internet.

      It'll probably be well over a month. Charter came out yesterday to hook me up, but they said the wiring is dangerous on the house...and that we have to have a ground cable installed. We called our electrical company and they told us we'd have to hire an electrician.


      So I'm using wireless at the grocery store while dad's inside...this sucks. I am so bored lately.
    9. Priestess
      Well, this is my last day without internet for who knows how long. The house is completely empty...kinda scary.

      Well, until next time. Don't let the spiders getcha.
    10. Priestess
      I'm sitting on the floor on my laptop. Moving sucks ass.

      Had to spend the night at the other home last night even though I didn't want to. I was bored as all hell and finally fell asleep around 2 am.
    11. Priestess
      Yesterday dad's truck tore up and we all got into a huge argument during the evening.

      "I'm gonna find a big stick and I swear to god I'll beat you both down with it!" Dad yelled as I fought back with words.
    12. Priestess
      Doncha wish life was like a manga?

      At the beginning you have no redeeming qualities and a boring life. Then at the end of the manga you have everything you've ever wanted an more, including the sun shining in the distance and a rainbow glimmering across the sky, just for you.
    13. Priestess
      I'm the same.

      I also believe I'm becoming one of the most boring also. :(
    14. Priestess
      That and whoever's kid always ends up dying.
    15. Priestess
      Today dad and me came home a little early. Mom was watching one of her many soap operas. Dad said "why does anyone enjoy watching this? It's always someone cheating on each other...always about whore hopping!"

      I lol'd.
    16. Priestess
      I always get really depressed when I hear that song or hell, even watch the movie.

      Nostalgia blows. It makes you realize how fast life is passing us by. Soon enough we'll be dead. 1000 years go by. Rotting away and LONG forgotten.....
    17. Priestess
      They haven't peed in the house in forever. Usually when they did they only got yelled at.

      Time is going by slowly this week.
    18. Priestess
      Yeah that's what I meant. I have no idea what they're actually called.

      Amanda's baby shower was Saturday and I was too busy to make it. Not like I had the money to buy a gift.

      I remember for my niece, dad bought my brother shitloads of diapers. It was like "this is all you're gonna be changing for the next 2 years of your life."
    19. Priestess
      Does it piss you off seeing fat ass people riding in those electric carts? I see them everywhere.

      Fucking walk.
    20. Priestess
      Our new next door neighbors have chickens and a fucking rooster. Every time I'm over there working I hear the damn think screeching. It must die.
    21. Priestess
      Fuck meat. XD

      I ate chicken earlier and had to force it down. Same old same old.
    22. Priestess
      Happy Birthday!

      So whatcha doin' today? It will be a crime if you get no cake. Hopefully you'll get a few gifts even if you don't want any!
    23. Priestess
      A few years back my grandfather in-law passed away. He lived in my dad's hometown which is way south. It's the kind of town where everybody knows each other. They recently got their very first Wal-Mart and it's tiny. I lol'd at it.

      I didn't go to the funeral, but my dad cracked a joke about him, and everyone laughed. ... Way to go dad!

      I think the pain and suffering of others is contagious at most funerals. You see everyone so sad that you end up feeling like shit.
    24. Priestess
      The last funeral I went to was for my uncle who died of bone cancer back in 2004. It hit him fast and swiftly. One day he was working, the next he was in excruciating pain, lifted via helicopter to Savannah hospital...and a couple days later died with most of his family there. I don't think I could watch someone breathe their last breaths. It freaks me out.

      At his funeral, everyone was quiet, mourning, and I was pretty calm. Then out of the blue, his closest brother got on his knees and began yelling "Why god, why god why?? WHY??" It shocked the hell out of me. Almost everyone began crying after this because the two brothers were so close. With each scream you could feel his pain.

      For my funeral, I expect a bunch of relatives I've never met to show up, chit-chat about how they don't know who the hell I am since they've never met me, then they'd play a shitty country song.

      I want to be cremated.
    25. Priestess
    26. Priestess
      Yo momma > : (
    27. Priestess
      Virgin for life!
    28. Priestess
      Your brother's gonna live there forever! Basement dwellers ftw.

      My cousin who likes anime bagged her a guy who also likes it...they've been friends for awhile it seems and I was just waiting for it to happen. Sure enough they hooked up today. Sad thing is I see them together for a long time. She's not gonna die lonely like me. AND she's going to college. And she's almost 6'. I fail at everything. ;-; *Slits wrists*
    29. Priestess
      If for some chance you aren't, just kill him on sight. He doesn't seem the kind that is particularly nice to be around.

      I woke up late today and had to go paint the inside of our next house. It's a dump but I grabbed the best bedroom at the back of the house. It's closest to the one-bathroom we have. It's almost double the size of my current one.

      Granted I will miss this house. It's the 2nd longest stay I've had my whole life. I'm so used to it...it'll be weird not living here anymore.
    30. Priestess
      I made a Sakura vs Sasori video a few years ago. It was up maybe a few months before I deleted it.

      It was garbage anyway. Since then I haven't made another effort to create another video. I doubt I ever will.
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