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Apr 9, 2019
Sep 17, 2014
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Radon87000 was last seen:
Apr 9, 2019
    1. SupremeKage
      Yeah I'm perma banned
    2. Shaz1
      Nb is sucha dick with its rules. Lol
    3. Shaz1
      Naw I have been busy in a new country.
    4. Shaz1
      Whose running it now.
    5. Shaz1
      Wow when we all thought she would be a side character. Lol
    6. Indra
      Sigh. I gotta tell you something later, probably should hear it from my mouth first. I'll message you in a bit
    7. Indra
      Tuesday of next week .-.

      Where do you post at here? Thinking about quitting for real, NB is filled with trolls.
    8. Shaz1
      My main is fine. The date is the same.
    9. Indra
      Spam/Trolling for one day
    10. Shaz1
      By may 11th I should be in another country. Since I am looking to take education there. So i got plenty to look forward to.

      I may not be as active during those times anyways. So I think it will be a good time to lay low for a bit. To let my infractions go down.
    11. Shaz1
      If SK becomes Canon then Sarada would have very powerful genes.
    12. Shaz1
      Yeah it is a pitty. Some mod must really hate me. Lol it was banning for a stupid reason to. I ended up getting infractions for things i got away with.
    13. Shaz1
      Yeah I saw that. Its kinda funny. Lol So do you know when the next chapter is coming out?
    14. Shaz1
      I kinda expected Sasuke to be like this. If you have seen some of my posts on NB. I have actually said Sasuke would not be there for the family. Its the life of SasuSaku really. One partner always waits for the other. Now speaking of the drama that has hsppen. It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here. Like who is Sasuke meeting up with in the woods? I have a feeling it is Karin. Since Sarada axtually found her pic at the end moment. Where Sasuke is shown to being shocked at seeing something.
    15. Shaz1
      I mean it makes sense. Since Kishi never made a movie about it. What he showed here was pretty reasonable if you ask me. Because SasuSaku always seemed rushed. It never got that development that NaruHina had. At the moment what you see right now is actually the reason why this pairing is shit. This whole thing defines it perfectly. Sakura is nothing more then a useless tool who sits there waiting for Sasuke. She has no self respect as a character. If a character does not have self respect for them selves, then how do you expect others to respect her?
    16. Shaz1
      I just came off reading some posts on NDS. And yeah the thread titles look all the same. I mean who could blame them when there were so many SS fans trying to justify this pairing.

      I honestly think SK has a chance here. I feel Karin will play some part in Sarada's life. It was obvious since the begining really. The look of hers gave it all. Sakura in my opinion seems more of a shitty character then before. This is proof that Kishi never gave a shit about her. I mean putting her in the dumps like that seems very uncalled for. Which is why I say her hate is justified since the author showcased her so poorly.
    17. Shaz1
      Lmfao I just read it. Looks like my thoeries have come true.
    18. Addy
      sure, you can use it :)
    19. NeonLit
      I'm starting to think that the manga might end with a slight tease about Naruhina and not have much else for shippings, so your desired open ending might be close!
    20. Radon87000
      Ah good.This means the news that the story was written by some other script writer is fake.Thansk a bunch
    21. takL
      "no we never (do the animations).
      (generally speaking) kishimoto and the manga crew contribute ideas to a naruto film while the storyline is in the making but the proper screenplay is always written by some (professional) film script writer from the film makers side."
    22. takL
      i did see a post or two saying that at 2ch. a few 2ch poster arent all naruto fans or all jp people.
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