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Mar 3, 2007
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    1. ^Vegeta^Two^
      i want an avy me friend :zaru
    2. Princess Ryan
    3. ^Vegeta^Two^
      Im back be thier :LOS
    4. Princess Ryan
      Princess Ryan
      Need you on BW.
    5. Princess Ryan
      Princess Ryan
      Ral is no longer trustworthy.

      We're making a new site with the remaining members. This place is too drab.
    6. Princess Ryan
      Princess Ryan

      I want Be back.
    7. Kyoya
      Hit me up some time little shit.
    8. ^Vegeta^Two^
      We are open sir so get you job on :LOS
    9. Kyoya
      So I did some updates, thank me later, by helping out the place while I'm away.
    10. ^Vegeta^Two^
      Yea I have been good, my mom moved back in with my dad so i should be getting internet by the end of June
      How have you been?
    11. Kyoya
      Bro hit me up later,
    12. Sayaka
      a last week we get to make our own profiles now
    13. Sayaka
    14. ^Vegeta^Two^
    15. Sayaka
      i think both but now they are really being cautious in the public eye lol

      i bet she does ...sometimes she looks like she just wants to jump poor naya

      the girl is totally on top
    16. Sayaka
      i see your point...do they notice how obvious they are....heather really cant keep her boner down
    17. Kyoya
      Yeah we actually first met in an ad thread here on nf, and from there I talked to you a little, but nothing big until I recruited you for the undead army, kidding, but really it's like over 2 years.
    18. Kyoya
      Btw, I just realized I known for you two years.
      Creepy right?>
    19. Kyoya
      Anyways bro I'm back, sup?
    20. Sayaka
      wait how is naya obvious
    21. Sayaka


      heather can't take her hands off her
    22. Sayaka
      she sounds like a fangirl no?

      seriously she really is gay for Naya
    23. Sayaka
    24. Sayaka
      heather really is not suitable


      don't put it up anywhere ;33
    25. Sayaka
      just look at some vids

      naya is usually good at keeping things private....

      I'm good
    26. Sayaka
      Heather is not sutible and Naya when around Heather is very obvious
    27. Sayaka
      i bet by next year or summer something is gonna go down i mean its such a big thing not to look at or to cover
    28. Sayaka
      HW is not pretty to young gays tbh ask Jane
    29. Sayaka
      after the nudes we know heather gives no fucks but T....i feel something is brewing and also Matt has been laying low...

      its funny every gay guy i know ask me when the hell are those two getting married...they tell me that there chemistry is so obvious.

      also for god sake heather is gay or bi....naya i do believe is bi but heather i they way she acts is soo...gay
    30. Sayaka
      i still have a belief that even though hemo was with Taylor she still went behind his back since like brittany shes in love with two people. but now i feel both of them are trying to move on and still hangout but now have a knowing that they have to be careful....wierd i think there using this brittana couple thing as a look into how they would be together.

      even though they are dating now and Taylor is now living with HeMo and they are all happy idk but something is building up since the latest eps have been showing season 1 brittana vibes...
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