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May 6, 2016
May 27, 2011
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May 6, 2016
    1. Iruel
      wut does that grey rep mean? :O
    2. Yachiru
      He would call him "father" or something, not "Itachi".. he's a clone.
    3. Yachiru
      The first chapter made me laugh my heart out.. I was literally rofling.
    4. Yachiru
      What's funny is that Itachi would be nicer to her than Sasuke ever will :lbj
    5. Yachiru
      I know what you mean - the SS shitstorm drama is glorious :oldryoma
    6. Shadow050

      i feel that the other characters were impacted on a level, but i hate how the writers/authors/kishi didn't portray that well at all. naruto's inital reaction is appropriate but he snaps out of it so fast it was as if he had ADHD. people express shock that neji is dead which implies his strength and such was somewhat known, i appreciate that but hate having to be so analytical to notice it. i appreciate the remembering of him (praying to him by hinata, remember his teaching by hinata, lee remembering neji acknowledging him, the funeral, naruto and hinata's daughter talking about him) in various ways since the debacle occurred but it doesn't FEEL strong enough because the connection to the character had basically been severed by neglect (neji didn't get any speech bubble even when the army moved toward naruto's location - every other "12" member aside from sasuke for obvious reasons, did). so the references do not go over well.

      the death itself was bullshit as previously explained, and it was completely empty-feeling. no blaze of glory, no nothing. and Obito gets like.... fully forgiven by naruto :D:

      this kind of shit inspires me to shit on everyone else.... and go about declaring that neji is "the real MVP" (trying to retain some humor here with the kevin durant meme reference) since he AGAIN saved naruto - which is the only reason all the heroics and happy fuckin' ending is even allowed to happen... yet muhfuckas ain't giving him the proper respect or anything.

      then again, perhaps they have but the author again, just isn't showing it well at all. I want to give the characters themselves (aside from the storytelling and plot) more credit than that y'know? i want SASUKE to fuckin' pay some respect too dammit - he's now able to be honest about some of his feelings, right? he acknowledges that his fuckin' shenanigans ended up costing naruto his damn arm? well what about it costing him what would have been his cousin in law? what about the person who DIRECTLY (because many people indirectly) sacrificed his life for the dude who lost his arm (and is even getting that back, of course). know what i'm saying here?

      but when i put aside my rage regarding neji's treatment, i feel the story was satisfying with many great/epic moments. i like Naruto the character a lot more too. i can appreciate his loyalty and his bold determination.

      it just that when i remember neji all the reasons for me to be pissed tend to easily come back.
    7. Shadow050
      exactly... Neji was a crazy BEAST of a character and i feel like kishi realized how OP he had made him part 1, and deliberately avoided him in part 2. perhaps because hyuuga abilities can easily ruin mystery and suspense unless massive asspulling is committed and designed especially for them.

      but Naruto's exhaustion pisses me off. review the pein fight - there is NO LOGICALY REASON why he wouldn't have been able to take care of himself. remember - vs pein he lost sage mode and was able to fend deva realm off until getting sage mode back. and to defeat deva he threw 2 FRSes instantly exhausting his sage mode (JUST LIKE against the Juubi) and then... had a TAJUU kage bunshin, disguised as boulders and debris, WITHSTOOD a Shinra Tensei, made a reasengan, and hurled himself at pein inside the FIVE SECOND window.... think about that. yet, he can't move.... so hinata needs to shield him instead of A) move him herself (if kid sakura - before strength boosts) can move around with sasuke, Hinata can move naruto lol B) knock him out of the way C) knock the attack down with a kuushou (which has to be quicker than her shielding naruto AND WAITING TO BE IMPALED.

      i could actually further dissect that bullshit.... and that's why it made me so damn mad. then, him staying dead just further agitates this rage.

      i think tenten fell for lee. tenten had dreamy lookin' eyes for lee once during his training if i recall...

      but yeah, he was DEF supposed to the head of hyuuga... and he was the most talented in their clans history. killing neji was a terrible idea. if 1 member of the 12 died, another one should have, as i see it. if not that, let them all survive and let another parent (like hiashi) die if you HAVE TO kill someone. this just all sucked.
    8. Shadow050
      as an avid Neji fan, i appreciate the message.
      I'm conflicted about the end of the manga. i'm genuinely pissed that Neji was sacrificed the way he was form multiple reasons. the main right now being - he's the only named character who had a significant part played who died in a MAJOR war, and his death was forced and complete bullshit.

      that's just messed up. furthermore, he was the strongest of the group outside of naruto and sasuke, and possessed MORE "skill" than either of them (logically).

      *sigh* i digress...
    9. Last Rose of Summer
      Last Rose of Summer
      Too low post count to rep or neg rep to matter: it's only gray.
    10. Psychic
      Haha, not sure that will happen though.
    11. Psychic
      How is the forum treating ya?
    12. Nikushimi
      I made the avatar from a pic I found on zerochan.net.

      The sig is a manga coloring I found on deviantart.com, IIRC.
    13. Psychic
      Fav. character? Kakashi, Sasuke and Naruto. What about you? My msn is in my contact.
    14. Psychic
      I guess that is true. Frankly, Ive always been my honest self.
    15. Psychic
      Oh..um..I never played online, so Im definitely not an expert. Sorry about that. And it was a long time ago too.

      So how is the forum treating you? Better I hope.
    16. Psychic
      I used to play StarCraft, but i dont anymore, too addictive.
    17. Psychic
      There ya go, i rep ya! And look u got 4 green bars now :) Dont worry too much about it. People will either pos rep or neg rep u, doesnt mean anything. Just be yourself and enjoy the forums, you are entitled to your opinions! ^^
    18. Psychic
      Hi, hows it going?
    19. Grimmjowsensei

      yeah I am back from the dead.
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