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Jul 29, 2017
Sep 19, 2007
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Southern jersey shore

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Raiton Engineer, from Southern jersey shore

Randomaxe was last seen:
Jul 29, 2017
    1. rajin
      zetman ? ohh its 1st act has ended . kind of series has ended but by the looks of it 2nd season will start
    2. Irishwonder
      Thanks for the rep! And sorry for the late reply, I don't check the user cp too often
    3. rajin
      chap 200-201 released and thanks for the rep
    4. Ceria
      Whenever i see your user name it reminds me of a scene from vinland saga, where Askeladd grabs a random axe from one of his men and throws it an an archer, taking the guys head. :lmao
    5. Ernie

      dem dupes :argh
    6. Maris
      Yes :ho

      Thank you :X3
    7. coolguy7127
      lol if I ever get around to reading I will have to pick those up. I have so many things to do in World of Warcraft...and since I have a limited time to play due to being married I am quite behind. But I got a new work schedule and have been able to put quite a bit of time in there and getting caught up...lol so someday I might have time in my free time for a book. Let me know if that movie is good. I want to see that and Up. I saw Star Trek which was amazing and T4 which was a HUGE let down...

      As far as Naruto goes...the spoilers made me think this chapter was going to be terrible but I really enjoyed it. Solid chapter...him bringing everyone back to life was kind of lame but I felt it worked, better than DBZ.
    8. coolguy7127
      What is up dude? I haven't been on the forums for a few weeks now, thought I would say hi. Been real busy with work lately, was like 3 weeks behind on manga, man, did I pick a good week to come back. Kakashi is alive baby! Although I think it is kind of lame there are no other casualties...I was pretty excited Shizune was dead. QQ
    9. Time Expired
      Time Expired
      You know, I think I stopped there too; however, I cannot remember the series that well. I think I'm going to pick them back up and go over them again. That's always fun - going back and reading the good ones again after awhile.

      If you liked Elric then perhaps you might read into the Eternal Champion series. I remember Corum was really good. I can't speak to any of the other characters or books in the series, but distinctly remember Corum being enjoyable.
    10. Time Expired
      Time Expired
      So how did you like Elric? Haven't read anything from Michael in years.
    11. coolguy7127
      Now I finally have time to get back to you. That is pretty cool that you are a single dad. These days that is really rare, its hard to find a decent dad, especially one who is willing to step up and being a single one. Props to you. Oh yeah I am not worried at all about having a kid, I am pretty excited. Things will be difficult but it will be really fun.

      You sound really good with your kids which is pretty awesome. lol yeah its hard to keep your kids from downloading things they shouldn't. My mom was kind of like a kid because we would have to constantly reformat and uninstall stuff on her computer so I feel ya there. You should have them play neopets, its a safe site fun for kids and has enough for them to do on there it should keep their attention for a while.

      We found out yesterday, it is a girl, which is really exciting news for us since we really wanted a girl. It was really cool to see the sonogram and a lot of fun.
    12. coolguy7127
      I read your comments and will respond later. Only thing to say is awesome to hear you are a single dad, mad impressive. I worked a Brutal 18 hour shift so ima head out, catch you tomorrow and I will actually write a response =p
    13. coolguy7127
      ROFL yeah I am sure, I was trying to sell it and got burned. Doesn't matter though because since im the original owner I will get it. lol she HATES WoW but she knows to respect my hobby =p

      Oh yeah I can't wait to have a kid. Lots of people call me crazy because I got married at 21 and having a kid only a year after being married, but its all good. I love being married and love kids. I just got a laptop actually, since the baby I won't have room for my rig, sold it and got an XPS laptop...works well enough. OMG though if my kid breaks it :cry
    14. coolguy7127
      Well someone tried to scam me out of my world of warcraft account so in the process of recovering that. I haven't played in close to a month so I have just been spending more time with the wife, catching up on TV series, playing WC3/CS. I beat Fallout 3 and Oblivion and got some stuff for the X box. lol been quite a "productive" month off from wow. Getting ready to move out of my apartment and I find out Monday if my wife and I are having a boy or girl. So yeah...a lot
    15. coolguy7127
      lol that is just sometimes how a book turns out. Sounds like you are like me and have to finish it no matter how crappy it is.
    16. coolguy7127
      what up duder
    17. Luiz
      I reccomend you check it again,i've made sum changes. ;33
    18. Black★Star
      Well this was one of your shorter ones so it was easy to respond to. That added to the fact that its exactly my sentiments so it feels much more like thinking than reading:sag
    19. Black★Star

      Nice work as usual.
    20. coolguy7127
      Yeah dude, same for me with Ender's series...glad to see you read shadow puppets too. That is pretty cool that you were able to meet him and briefly discuss his novels. I recently bought the whole series again and in his intro he talks a lot about what you stated. How he just had more to say and what not.

      lol yeah its rude but people do it all the time, w/e
    21. coolguy7127
      lol its cool man, I feel ya. A lot of people put some amazing amount of time and effort into really good threads on these boards but most people are lazy. Lol like the first response to my thread which specifically said its too long, not going to read it, just going to read the conclusion and respond from there...ugh...but oh well no biggie.

      I liked your response, even if its short it gets the point across in fewer words than I could hope for. Yeah man I am really disappointed that it will be a couple weeks before I get to read any good new manga chapters but w/e.

      If you like reading you should check out the Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card if you haven't read it alredady. It is pretty good.
    22. coolguy7127
      Oh cool man, thanks. Lol I got a little pissed and kind of ranted a bit when I read all these people combaring him to villains. Completely not the same. That situation with the friend sounds like a major pain in the ass. At least you are keeping busy though. Gotta have something to keep you occupied with there being no chapter next week. Waiting one week for me is bad enough...two will next to kill me >.<

      But yeah dude I feel ya, kishi is doing amazing to tie things together. I told people to wait and see and wow...didn't know he would do this well.
    23. coolguy7127
      Long time no talk man, what up? You see the new chapter...epic is the only word that comes close to describing it.
    24. The Wired
      The Wired
      maybe that was my true purpose.. hard to tell.. LMAO
    25. coolguy7127
      that is true. It has been more like part 1. I still think nothing has compared to the Sasuke Retrieval Arc. I don't want another retrieval arc but I loved how they showed so many awesome characters that all had their own amazing battles. I can only hope they have something as epic again. I am tired of seeing the same characters have like tons of epic battles...*cough* sasuke.
    26. coolguy7127
      Oh yeah man, not saying it is PNJ, I am waiting before I say anything to see how things pan out and how everything is explained. I am just saying, this is one of the first times in the manga I actually feel a bit worried...I mean I am sure Kishi will pull through, he always does. But I really hope he doesn't screw this up.
    27. coolguy7127
      yeah I thought that was kind of random...I am really hoping this chapter doesn't turn into a bunch of random PnJ...I am waiting till this volume finishes to pass judgement but things are looking a bit bleak.
    28. coolguy7127
      Yeah man, after last week's chapter I have no idea what is going to happen in Naruto...so many different things.
    29. coolguy7127
      Yeah now that I caught up on Claymore I will get back to trolling these forums. I saw a couple interesting things in spoilers, she may or may not be dead. Question is does Naruto kill her in his rampage? And as far as Isley goes...I thought it was fitting, we rarely saw him but every time he was with Raki and Priscilla he acted caring and loving, I thought it was fitting and not out of place...but I guess I am the only one. I though his ending was lame...would of liked to see something better. But lol what can you expect from how this guy treats all the characters in his manga...
    30. coolguy7127
      lol you sent that a bit late. Just finished. *sigh* I chose a bad chapter to catch up to since things are getting so interesting. Yeah I try not to get too attached to the characters, Teresa dying pissed me off but as long as Clare and Riki lasts a while that is cool. Although I was surprised to see Eisley die so quickly...thought he was a very interesting character, expected a bit more development on him.
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    I'm an ageless kid who is in transition from Marvel comics to anime and manga

    reading, gardening, puzzles and sports


    It is said of Muad'Dib that once when he saw a weed trying to grow between two rocks, he moved one of the rocks. Later, when the weed was seen to be Flourishing, he covered it with the remaining rock. "That was its fate," he explained.
    -The Commentaries
    Children of DUNE
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