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May 8, 2008
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    1. lolitaninja
    2. Chaotic Gangsta
    3. butcher50
      Richard B. Riddick :datass
    4. finalfantasy7
      Hello, sorry for the late reply too
    5. Tainted_reflection
      Thank you for the +rep!! :wtf
    6. Captain Altintop
      Captain Altintop
      Hi :D , is that girl with chopper's hat you??? :D very cute
    7. finalfantasy7
      me too. Hello, sorry for the late reply too
    8. lolitaninja
      Hi, raz! I've seen you on DeviantArt! You're Kankuro fan arts are amazing!
    9. finalfantasy7
    10. Zgizgi
      Thank you! :<3
    11. mastercilander
      Yeah that translation issue started because when Ao Kiji was first introduced there were no other admirals to compare the language to, not until Kizaru arrived. I kind of like that it goes for all 3, because it makes the admirals more epic as a unit.
    12. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      lol, I know dear. I always like to hear positive feedback (especially from people who go great in the same field). Right now my art improvement includes drawing stick figures :gar
      they're fun ^^

      Thanks again XD
    13. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      Thank you dear :hurr, I wanted to rep you but system saiz I can't :argh
      I see what's wrong with my picture and will try to avoid it in the future
    14. Marco
      :ho :ho :ho
    15. Solon Solute
      Solon Solute
      Thanks for the Rep. I'll return the favor.
    16. Sengoku
      Glad I made you laugh. :thumbs
    17. S
      Long time no see razieel, where is my Shikamaru pic :ho:gun
    18. TekJounin
      Glad to hear from you! :love

      Starting a new business must be a lot of work and a bit scary. I wish you luck with it. :hug

      I will miss your most excellent Kankurou pics. And I've dug up your animation; I can't believe I didn't comment on it before! It is so well done and so funny. :) I always secretly hoped you might do Kakashi or some Uchihas.

      Take care, sweetie and good luck! Hope to see you around from time to time.
    19. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      Thanks dear...Awesome to hear from you :ohpek
      I've also been having lots of stress because of university and life issues, but I can't seem to take a break like you....>.> I need that break a lot.

      Wish you all the best for your business! and thanks for your lovely comment, I really enjoy such poetic interpretations :)
      btw, I'm tone deaf too....took me 2 years of piano lessons to figure it out -__-'
    20. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      hey Razi :glomp ...wussup?
    21. TekJounin
      Hello, gorgeous! Haven't seen you around the place in a while and hope you're doing all right.
    22. Vanity
      lol. That's okay. Most people don't notice that his nail polish is black actually. XD I'm one of the few people who does. Black is actually the only colour I really ever wear too. Well I have worn green before but I do really like black. It contrasts with my blonde hair.

      EDIT: lol....opps....I saw your post on my boyfriend's page and somehow I thought you posted it on my page so I replied to it. :lmao I mean, especially because I also mentioned the nail polish thing and I also repped you for that pic. XD lol. So yeah.

      Sorry I'm really tired right now. :(
    23. Naruto Uzumaki
      Naruto Uzumaki
      good drawings and such deserve its recognition:nod
    24. arash
      hi raziel.merry christmas.i hopr you enjoy your life too.
    25. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      Merry Christmas!!!! :hug
    26. XMURADX
      You too. XD
    27. Spy_Smasher

      Just letting you know that your pm was very well received and welcome. Thanks again. If you ever want anyone permbanned, let me know. ;)
    28. Lux Aeterna
      Lux Aeterna
      Thanks so much :ohpek
    29. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      Thanx for the rep :glomp
    30. Stroev
      Make sure you give some green to Mystictrunks, I got that from him in another thread.
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