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Remy LeBeau
Last Activity:
Mar 31, 2018
Aug 16, 2005
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Remy LeBeau

<font color='#006600'>RogueTard</font>, from Norway

Remy LeBeau was last seen:
Mar 31, 2018
    1. pedobearr
      lol. thanks. this ain't a pro gfx forum anyway.
    2. chrisp
      Jo, jeg vet om et par norske her... jeg er fra Stavanger hehe
    3. chrisp
      Hei dude, visste ikke at du var fra Norge:p

      Rart brukernavn men..hvor bor du?
    4. Monark
      frankly, I'm disgusted with your attitude. All I'm trying to do is explain to you that I wasn't insulting you or anything. What is it about this that you don't get? Look, if my comments in the discussion thread pissed you off or whatever, then I apologize. That was not my intent.
    5. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      haha, ignore list? and i'm no man, i'm a woman :pek.

      and i'm not discussing their artistic talents here, but rather the attitude, and you should do so too. They are talented actually :nod
    6. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Good job saying that in the sotw discussion btw. I'm totally supporting your cause :pek Someone needs to shut them off once in a while :sag
    7. tgre
      Hmm, did you ever work for scum-scans?

      I recognise that username from somewhere D:
    8. Koushun
      I'm doing fine too. Rl is being a pain in the ass and I can't spend much time slacking off, so yeah, a bit bleh.

      I still manage to find time to GFX a bit. Did you quit making sigs and all that?
    9. Koushun
      hallo :] How are you doing? I no longer see you in CB.
    10. Remy LeBeau
      Remy LeBeau
      I got it a long time ago from one of the admins, iif i remember correctly i think it was Occa who gave me the title.... :)

      you have to have one of the admins/super admins do it for you.
    11. Mukiru
      Hey there how did you make your custom title green?
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  • About

    Favorite Character(s):
    Temari, Shikamaru, Tenten, Neji
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 134-135
    Chapter: 276
    Photoshop, anime, manga and Paintball


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