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Oct 11, 2016
Jul 14, 2011
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Aug 28, 1984 (Age: 35)
Home Page:


Uchiha, 35, from CA

Revolution was last seen:
Oct 11, 2016
    1. God Of Shinobi
      God Of Shinobi
      I wish you were still around my fellow uchiha queen :cat
      1. Tanno
        Aug 23, 2017
      2. God Of Shinobi
        God Of Shinobi
        I had her on facebook once upon a time I'll try to look her up
        Aug 23, 2017
    2. Kuzehiko
      You're not active anymore!? :cattired
      Wish you to come back!
    3. Kuzehiko
      You've been inactive so long damn it. We still got a debate left! I'll be waiting when you come back.
    4. Dano
      I actually miss your posts Sarah. Been inactive for almost a year and always remember you who never gave up on Sasuke. Even open threads when the hate was at its peak.
    5. Itachі
      Karin was the only good thing about this series, and the only reason I continued to read it
    6. -Ziltoid-
      Not to mention that it makes Konoha look like the good guys again, whereas Sasuke definitely had a point about the shinobi system being rotten. But him accepting defeat somehow made Kishi think that all was forgotten, and that Naruto, who had no plan whatsoever nor has changed anything by the looks of it, would just magically fix the village. It is beyond stupid.

      No, it would've made more sense to me if Naruto and Sasuke had cooperated to make a better world. But Kishi just had to force that final battle to happen, no matter how much it ended up damaging Sasuke as a character :(

      Sure, Sasuke's methods were wrong, and I don't see any problems by him apologizing for that (trying to murder the kages, Naruto, etc). But that shouldn't have been an apology for his goals! It just felt like that one defeat made Sasuke forget about the things that happened to his clan, his family, and Itachi. Sure, they had a part in their own demise, but Konoha wasn't exactly clean either.

      Naruto not having any answers and Sasuke giving up on his, it just gives me the feeling that Kishimoto had no clue himself either. Just like when Naruto faced Pein. Unless he's really foolish enough to think that 'love' is the answer, after all the shit he describe in the 698 chapter before that :lmao
    7. -Ziltoid-
      NaruHina has never been perfect, but at least it progressed naturally (excluding 'the last'). But what Kishimoto did with Sasuke... Well, let's just say that I think that Karin had a far better position at understanding Sasuke than Sakura ever had. In fact, I don't think Sakura ever understood him. She just wanted his kid. I think you are right: SS is only likeable when accepting it as it is. Instead, most of the fandom deform it to something which is so unrelated to canon that it seems more like they're bashing the canon characters.

      Sadly, it seems like Kishi gave in to this fandom, and twisted Sasuke into something he should never have been. This newest novel only seems another insult to a long line of insane decisions. Sasuke's progress as a character, as well as his conclusion, would've made far more sense if he had stayed away from SS. If Kishi had really planned SS from the start: Sasuke shouldve had some meaningful moments with Sakura. Instead, we went from Sasuke telling the truth about Sakura's feelings, to him have a kid with her. With zero development.

      Not that I like SasuKarin any more than I do SasuSaku, but I do think that it would've made more sense. The Gaiden only served to prove my point in that contrast.
    8. -Ziltoid-
      Not sure whether it's amusing or just sad. The shippers didn't get what they want, so they start another attack on Taka.. SS must be really proud of itself :smh
    9. Kamille Bidan
      Kamille Bidan
      http://[Blocked Domain]/r/the_uchiha_sasuke_sharingan_chronicles/001/3001/1
    10. LightningForce
      Thanks Revolution. I wanted to find a place to discuss Naruto even long after its ending, as most people's interests seem to wane after it ends. Cheers!
    11. Addy
      did you watch the lates episode of naruto? its a karin centric one Givin her a flashback. its downright emotional. i wanted give her a hug at the end :catdespair
    12. Shiny
      i don't remember it...1year since i don't play there :sadpanda,i might come back soon
    13. Aries
      There you go. Avatar mafia game http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=1047113
    14. Shiny
      a site where you playh mafia games that last around 1-10minutes...they are really fast paced

      its a funny place to play imo,had many laughs there :zaru


    15. Raiden
    16. Addy
      i think its time the two of us laugh together kishi being stupid again :lmao

    17. Yahiko
      did you neg me by mistake?
    18. Elfiore
      Hey, I was reading through the thread you posted about Sakura joining Sasuke in his travels.

      In one of your comments you mention that Kishimoto is heavily influenced by his editors when it comes to writing the actual story. So basically from your comment I understood that would it not have been for the editors, Kishimoto would have told/presented the story (and SS relationship in particular) in a different light.

      Do you really think this is the case?

      That got me thinking and tbh it does make sense and it's quite sad to say the least. Imagine if he had more freedom.. Anyway, I like your reasoning and how rationally you analyse some of the complicated things (especially in the gaiden).
    19. Bender
      lol so "Thank you" is a rejection because Sasuke didn't immediately go out with her? That is insane logic.

      It's the exact same shit as when Sasuke told Sakura to not tell anyone about the CS in the Chunin Exam arc.
    20. Bender
      Fucking shit man. You don't need to double post on my VM.

      Also how is that rejection if afterwards he says thank you to Sakura? :geg
    21. Bender
      lol Sasuke didn't reject Sakura in part I. He just didn't want her to come on his journey. It's that simple. :sag
    22. runsakurarun
      I forgot to thank u for resizing my sig :<3 thanks again
    23. New Folder
      New Folder
      there is no redeeming him? :hm
    24. Suigetsu
      Hey, what do you think about this?

      Also when I was a kid, I had a dream about a stampede of Parasaurolophus breaking into my garden alongside many Gallimimus. I remember some of them getting into the house and me holding one in my arms and taking it to my room to safeguard it.
      Strange that they had baby Gallimimus on Jurassic world, being petted by kids... Just wtf.
      1. Kuzehiko
        What an intense dream you had. :hm
        Apr 13, 2018
    25. Rai
      I guess that is true since the only troll that Evil did was who was the mother thing.
      1. Kuzehiko
        NF gold times. :catprone
        Apr 13, 2018
    26. Aries
      Hey there not to bother you but would you like to join this mafia game?http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=1040388
    27. TheRealMcCoy
      Ha. No idea how to work this thing. Hai, you're my first friend. :)
    28. Dano
      In fact i think now u can post ur AU fanfic. Owners can't do a thing against it. They really can't. And if they want to generate problems, we riot lol. It happened in those pages in Sara FC where a lot of people were calling them out.
    29. Dano
      Sorry but Karin has no hope after 627 and that's true. I defended Karin till that chapter. Afterwards it was pointless. I hope u once post again in Sara FC. I even tried to call out other SS fans. http://www.narutoforums.com/showpost.php?p=53769829&postcount=967
      I was unsuccessful tho. I'm what u can call a 'SS fan' altho im not agreeing with many posts here. Maybe cause i was from other forums that my vision of certain events are different. In that case i have the same position as Shikamaru NaraS (he's also in the SS FC iirc).
    30. Sayuri
      I think I will agree to disagree with you there, because recently she has been fine with discussions about Karin. It's just some people are obviously there to antagonize. But I hope you will feel comfortable posting again someday :)
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  • About

    Aug 28, 1984 (Age: 35)
    Home Page:
    Relationship Status:
    In a committed relationship with my 2d waifu
    Favorite Character(s):
    Sasuke (pre-699 apology)
    Uchiha who stuck with their families like Fugaku and Mikoto



    Spoiler: I TOTALLY CALLED IT!!!

    Sasuke or Sakura should have been Hokage...​

    Spoiler: At the end, Gaiden feels so empty
    I expected this, but I feel so empty about this ending.

    Yes, what I wanted to happen most did happen - Karin is Sara's godmother and has a bond with Sakura that is very very strong.

    But that's all I got. Just that. Just Karin being her awesome self that was probably the only character not ruined completely by the series.

    Naruto redeemed himself to me when he comforted Sara in chapter 9 and how he let the shins live.

    All the other characters I love just crumbled. Don't get me started on Sasuke. Sakura is worth nothing but Sasuke's wife. Many other characters were basically in the background.

    Most importantly, the entire 10 chapters is equivalent to Dora the Explorer asking "Here is Mama, Papa, and Baby Uchiha. Who is Baby's Mama? Mama Uchiha" instead of giving us actual SasuSaku material, we get "they are married by a thread and nothing but a thread". We could have gotten Sarada getting stronger. We could have had an Uzumaki chronicle of Kushina, Mito, or Karin and Naruto working together on something. We could have had so many things but all we get is a waste of time.

    Karin was the only good thing about this series, and the only reason I continued to read it.

    I did not even bother reading chapter 6.

    Call me when Karin returns because I know she is not going to be in Boruto.

    Oh, I also want to see Uchiha Sarada Hokage.

    Till then,

    Spoiler: Goodbye, Naruto
    Naruto Gaiden 5

    it feels like this chapter spit on every character I love. Sasuke is a shit dad and learned nothing and is not a representation of PTSD survivor like he use to, but a neatly placed character next to Naruto (and other things, I could go on with how far he has fallen). You take away all the relatability of a character when they are broken for years and then just do a 360 out of nowhere and they are fine. Karin is not even a character. She is only a red-herring plot device. Yahiko created the Akatsuki with Konan and Nagato, not Obito or any other zetsu-like entity no matter what they claim. Naruto already died being a liar in the previous chapter. Even Danzo is ripped off and I actually liked Danzo as corrupt and delusional as that coward was.

    So Sasuke and Naruto continue to cover up things that people should know, even though they are ninja that endure. What a ridiculous half-assed excuse for everything.

    All you can learn from Naruto is if you want to get power, be popular. Psychological torture makes for a good mate. And - Genocide is heroic because it's ordered by your good government, as a good guy.

    I'm so done and I'm so mad and I'd rather be a Game of Thrones fan where my favorite character dies then change constantly for plot stretch connivence and Dragonball Z power scaling continuation.

    On to Vagabond and other good manga...
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