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  • And illustrated by the artist of Promethea.

    Neil Gaiman & J.H. Williams III is my second premier comics dream team of all time.

    At first I didn't really like the book since I thought that it didn't live up to the awesomeness of Changes but that opinion has all but disappeared. Ghost Story was incredible when considering all the changes that happened to characters not named Harry. It was good to see Butters being more confident, even Mortimer was interesting. Even though I dislike Murphy I rather liked how she held things together after Harry's death. Seeing how they all grew without the protective presence of Harry was interesting and then we have Molly. I did not expect her to grow into what she did, this darker Molly captivates me in ways that the old Molly never could...and what Harry made her do do was downright horrible. Their interactions in the upcoming books should be delightful. :ruri

    And it was good for Harry to really see the consequences of his actions. His interactions with Mab should be all sorts of fun now with Uriel's parting words to Harry. The only flaw that I can really think of was the lack of Thomas, we should have seen more of him. :(
    Just saw what you did with my avatar -- how long has that been there? :p (aka how long has it been since I've been do this site, I just about gave up once the URL changed...)

    It might be best to hold off reading Ghost Story since the next book probably won't be out until the fall. :(
    I actually feel sorry for your reaction - if you can't see the humor in that don't watch any comedies. He's playing off of the bad jokes from Rick Santorum's supporters. He's messing with your mind and you're letting him, by taking it seriously when you should just laugh it off.
    Because I think you're mis-characterizing it. Did you get a chance to check out any of the links?
    You're painting us with a broad brush. If you don't like Limbaugh's words I can live with that but if you see how I post you'll see that I try and respect most of my opponents. I also don't throw around many insults.
    This isn't just a person you know anymore, this is a public figure being attacked by another public figure. She put herself into the public discussion and she was attacked by the opposition.

    I understand you don't like the word "slut" but Limbaugh spent a portion of the hour insulting the men who wouldn't help pay for the contraception.
    I know you didn't use that word and I never meant to imply you did, but KnK did use it and I'm not offended by it - colorful language is what it is.

    I guess maybe I have a thick skin and don't get offended very easily. I just think people who talk about the historical context of a word forget the fact that most people talk about what comes right out of their minds - they don't take the time to review the history of a word, they are just trying to express their thoughts.

    I can understand some might be offended by what Limbaugh said. But I think people just need to grow up a little. We've all heard worse. This is the full context of what Limbaugh said:


    It leads right to this clip:


    He doubles down with this:


    You have a right to your opinion and I can see you're an intelligent person. I just wanted to see why you left the rep.
    Why is it okay to call Limbaugh fans "cockriders"? It was made as a joke; in a conversational way. No offense but I've heard much worse than "slut" and not been offended.

    People call Palin much worse than slut; a comedian got on TV and made a joke about an athlete raping her young daughter. I personally don't think being called a "slut" is that big of a deal. At least not in our era.

    Plus he had comical reason. She was asking Congress to pay for her birth control because she couldn't afford lawschool and her sex life. I'm actually surprised no one else thought this would lead to a number of off color jokes.
    sorry if i offended you, i commented on the story not knowing the whole story.
    Lol. I didn't mean to offend but that's my opinion. I actually heard it when he said it and I didn't take it the way its being played in the media, or the thread. But them are the breaks.
    he seems to summon his mighty unforced errors column sky high when playing against nadal :(
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