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Sep 5, 2018
Aug 11, 2012
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Aug 12, 1993 (Age: 26)


Baphometa, 26

Rica_Patin was last seen:
Sep 5, 2018
    1. Kenneth
      Could swear at some point you used to talk about hxh a lot

      I'm marathonning this thing, enjoying it so far, am at around episode 28? Something about a huge ass arena and a bunch of Nen users

      The top guy laughs a whole bunch
      He's currently one of my favorite assholes
    2. Pumpkin Head
      Pumpkin Head
      Yeah, kinda heard some bad things on the Toriko anime. The manga it is then (Same for World Trigger). I wactced all of Hunter x Hunter 2011, it was really good. Thanks for the recommendations! I'll check out the others too smile-big
    3. Pumpkin Head
      Pumpkin Head
      One Piece is long, I'm still trying to catch up on the anime lol. It would take a while for me to get caught up to the manga. Toriko is on my watch list (I heard this was good) and I don't plan on reading Hunter x Hunter, because of Togashi's hiatus'.
      I'm watching the anime for Parasyte, so I don't think I'll read it. I was also planning on watching the anime for World Trigger, is the manga better? Ajin is on my list (Heard some good stuff about this), Kingdom is on my to read list also, I dropped the anime because of the CG. I read a few chapters of Berserk (I plan to continue) and I honestly don't like Akame ga Kill. The rest you mention.. I haven't heard of them, but I will give them a try.
    4. Pumpkin Head
      Pumpkin Head
      I'm currently reading Nanatsu no Taizai, Magi (Still not up-to-date), Gintama (Not up-to-date), Noragami (Not up-to-date), Boku no Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, Fairy Tail.. I've been trying to find more Seinin to read also
    5. LordPerucho
      No, I dont even post there.
    6. A r a d i a
      A r a d i a
      I VM'd a different mod instead of the one's from the library - both our threads combined together by some kind of magic. . . hope that's cool with you, lol
    7. A r a d i a
      A r a d i a
      It's okay, I didn't intend to take any credit or make any disputes with you

      I'll wait to get that thread deleted and contribute something for the thread you made if its totally cool with you
    8. A r a d i a
      A r a d i a
      Sorry about the thread I created - sent a VM to one of the mods, asking to delete the thread
    9. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      Could you recommend some good non-American film Directors? Preferably some that are still working today.
    10. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      Hey true Patrician, you have already made tons of suggestions of Mangas to read, can you start giving some about Anime or don't you watch as many? Besides Galactic Heroes, would you Cowboy Bebop or Fate/ Zero as being Top tier animes? Or would you suggest something else?
    11. Ms. Jove
      Ms. Jove
      I've never heard of a precedent, but I can ask around.
    12. Ms. Jove
      Ms. Jove
      Well, that saves me the trouble of reading through a mountain of stuff on a Saturday Night. Thanks. Akihabara and Mall are totally separate, so that's not a problem.
    13. Violent by Design
      Violent by Design
      He has a large penis
    14. Ceria

      would you agree with this?
    15. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      Witt and charm? Iron Man 3 had plenty of that, Iron Man 2 just wasted much villain potencial and made the armor look cheaper, turning every villain into some kind of joke.
    16. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      Well, about the twist, in their latest one-shot, Marvel had Trevor being abducted by the tem rings and they talked about a Mandarin that existed many years ago and was a warlord, and that Trevor had stolen his name. So it seems like there is a new twist to what was already a twist.

      Why do you rate Iron Man 2 so highly? You seriously found it better than Iron Man 3? WTF
    17. Ms. Jove
      Ms. Jove
      It should wear off any time now, but if it doesn't PM an admin.
    18. Ceria
      He was mediocre in what i've seen him in, had i seen boogie nights, Capote or the others i might have a better opinion of him. Time will tell when i've seen them.
    19. Ceria
      You've made some good points despite the over-reacting at times. Suckerpunch looked interesting but had poor reviews. Man of steel was a mess, but i stand with my opinion on 300.

      I also noticed your convo with PL, I agree that the GOT novels are too drawn out, i believe the later novels are filled with so much filler it's agonizing, especially the parts with Khaleesi and Brienne, which are so down right boring i skip them. Cat of the canals is the only real interesting character of the latter novels, followed by the parts involving Jon snow and Stannis.

      I think the tv series is too rushed, it could be spread out to 20 episode seasons to give the series better pacing.
    20. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      And out of the MCU films you watched, how much would you rate them? Expecially The Avengers, how much would you rate it out of 10
    21. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      What did you think of the Mandarin Twist in Iron Man 3?
    22. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      And Naruto was a fun adventure series with some mysteries we could discuss and some interesting fights. It was entertaining and had enough loose threads for people to talk about and hype, a smart move like having the main villain from Part I not being interested in the main character, but in his friend instead, etc.

      You seem to be overanalysing it way too much.
    23. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      Besides looking like a p*d*p**** and being interest in a character, Orochimaru wasn't a rip-off from Hunter X Hunter, and that was one of the best elements in Naruto, you don't like decent villains? Because Fairy Tail is really lacking in that. And even if we went with Naruto being an all out rip-off of HxH, didn't you welcome any more of HxH? Wasn't that the reason you enjoyed Metallica Metaluka?
    24. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      Why don't you watch Iron Man 3 or other Marvel Cinematic Universe films like The Avengers? Red Letter media found them a lot of fun.
    25. Jagger
      Sure, bro. Whatever floats your boat.
    26. Lace
      You must be really bored.
    27. Mider T
      Mider T
      >Implying I'm a fan of Big Bang Theory
    28. Mael
      Actually moderate capitalist thanks

      Plus being an actor isn't really a job. It's just a nice way of saying periodically unemployed. Get a real job.
    29. The Big Koumei
      The Big Koumei
      You got a boner for Luc? Why you mention him all the time?

      We talk here. Try and continue the convo.
    30. The Big Koumei
      The Big Koumei
      Wait did i said something bad? We exchange opinions here. Whats the problem?
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    Aug 12, 1993 (Age: 26)


    Rica Patin: The Artist Formerly Known As; Nensese, Duwang Speedowagon, and Yoshihiro Togashi.
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