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Last Activity:
Oct 21, 2018 at 5:51 AM
Jun 16, 2007
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Sep 29, 1987 (Age: 31)
Special - More Special


Well-Known Member, 31, from Special - More Special

Rios was last seen:
Oct 21, 2018 at 5:51 AM
    1. Yin
      Cheers Mr. Pigeon bird lookin' thing, sorry I didn't wear my glasses today.
      Ps: *Cheers with a cup of glass with water in it*. My body doesn't let me drink alcohol of any kind for some odd reason.
      1. Rios
        Its a parrot! Cheers, I am sure I know you but not under your current name.
        May 18, 2018
      2. Yin
        Times change, had to adapt.
        Ps: Glad you're still kickin'
        May 18, 2018
      3. Rios
        Well that answered everything
        May 19, 2018
    2. Garfield
      Whoa you still active Plamen?
      1. Rios
        sup sup
        Oct 16, 2017
    3. Kenneth
      Wow it's been a while since I saw you oldtimer bird

      How are things
      1. Rios
        Good, good, less foruming is definitely good for me. How about you?
        May 30, 2017
      2. Kenneth
        Still alive and kicking though I post less and lurk more nowadays

        It's the evolution of any member but I intend to hack it until my 10 year anniversary of having no life on here
        May 31, 2017
      3. Rios
        Nice, which section is the most interesting one? I never leave the Gaming Department.
        Jun 7, 2017
    4. ane
      for old times sake: zktRC5t
      1. Cubey likes this.
      2. Rios
        Whats your favorite metal song?
        Aug 19, 2016
    5. Kirsty
      Omg you're still here :lmao hiii
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Rios
        Aren't they worried they might get fired if they do it too much?

        No, but soon for sure. Always good to have someone else with you who knows the land. Maybe in the spring?

        So, you are doing training? What about? At my job we do a lot of trainings, like at least one each month. Helps keeping things fresh at least, I am definitely not doing the same thing over and over.
        Oct 9, 2018
      3. Kirsty
        As long as they don't do it every week or month its okay I guess :lmao

        Spring is very nice in London, you should go <3 it's really amazing.

        Erm well it's a 6 month class about all the laws and stuff involved in doing payroll. I guess it's interesting but I had 3 now and I am so tired :( it's every wednesday from 7 to 10 pm in a city 1,5 hour away so blah. I wish it was over already
        Oct 12, 2018
      4. Rios
        How long is your paid leave, 2 weeks or a month?

        Why? The fog disappears XD ?

        So in reality its six hours. Sounds bad. Do you have to do other activities besides those classes like homeworks and stuff? Also why is it so long? What is it required for?
        Oct 17, 2018 at 3:58 PM
    6. ane
      nope, sorry

      this is mbxx' doing

      it will take a while to get used to it for me too :/
      1. Rios
        Alright, how do I check my user control panel? Might weird considering Naruto has ended, is the forum actually still popular enough to warrant this change?

        So to answer the questions:
        The weather here is crazy. It goes from 30 to 3 degrees in a couple of days. Thank god I don't work outside :lmao
        Apr 24, 2016
      2. Rios
        As far as the poem and the response to your PM go.....I will do them next week probably. For us Easter comes on 1st May so we'll have a small vacation from Friday to Monday. And next Friday too XDD

        Where did the post with the link to the reps go? I'd rep you more but I always have to spread around first and I am lazy :/

        420 characters, what a wash
        Apr 24, 2016
      3. ane
        I received the message. I just got lost with the alerts


        You can't check the user cp anymore. There are places to check subscribed threads and tabs for rep. To change your avatar you have a menu underl your username.

        And welp, enjoy your vacations
        And we lost a day. I think it was Saturday, or Friday. Not sure lmao
        Apr 26, 2016
    7. ane
      and rain rain rain
      not snw. thankfuly :lmao

      31ยบ is a lot, though. you are going to die in summer :/

      good luck :hug
      tell me if you need help, or a second opinion, or something
      1. Rios
        Will respond later to the rest......but first I need to ask can I get back the old forum layout? Or something?
        Apr 23, 2016
    8. ane
      Hot weather? Dammit,we have had some cold days in here lately. Stupid weather, and stupid stereotypes saying we always have hot temperatures in Spain :(

      You are old fashioned
      Emotes change in the forum
      Now we have cats, stars and a bunch of heads of black guys
    9. ane
      you dont' like cats? :caticon
    10. ane
    11. ane
      honestly, i have no idea what's the problem :lmao

      oh, summer job? cool
      and yes, great you can keep writing too :skysun
    12. ane
      oh, really?


      and well,the new log is annoying. ugh, yesterday I couldnt even log to mod cp because of it
    13. Xeogran
      Haven't seen you in a long time. :lmao
    14. Reznor
      Hey, screencap the virus/malware thing if it happens again.

    15. ane
      well, no. should I?

      oh, we have virus? :lmao
    16. ane
      Just checked. The first course seems good. Grammar and vocabulary, and you can listen too, and the grammar seemed simply explained. I like it.
    17. ane
      For me it's, dunno. What do you have problems with? I can try to explain, or something.
    18. Haze
      It's lovely, love it P-man :catcane
    19. Haze
    20. ane
      wtf :lmao

      holidays were okay. I got presents :skysun
      careful when you eat. those evil evil oranges
    21. ane
      In cold days, yes , it is :lmao

      Well, I wouldn't say a lot, but there are a bunch of them. They have many stores in my area

      Oh, yes. Blue :blue


      Hey, Plamen, happy new year to you too :hug
    22. ane
      get a scarf

      oh, yes, it is. well, the language is a huge barrier, but also, dunno, at least in here, the chinese communities dont want to mix with others

      blue shoes :skysun

      oh, they translated to bulgarian. I didnt know that. it's great

      well, I know two things I'm not supposed to know, about harrison ford and his son. anything else?
    23. Haze
      Sick as in, the same thing you told me about years ago, right? Pretty much, though I try to make the most out of it and have fun any way I can. I hate the dentist. Something about it.. and my fear of dental instruments falling into my mouth and all. How was the dentist though?
    24. ane
      You are going to have snow
      So lucky

      Next one, Chinese :skysun
      (Yeah, I wish)

      Something blue. I always wanted google to give me blue things :wtf

      Oh. The author is Spanish: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_%28comics%29

      I haven't watched yet. I don't know if I want to see it at the cinema.
    25. Haze
      I'm good, surviving :cat

      what's new?
    26. ane
      Merry Christmas, Plamen :hug

      We will get snow someday
    27. Haze
      Merry Christmas Plaman! :WOW

      I hope you're doing well
    28. ane
      you're learning spanish?

      well, okay
      no shiny things for ane

      oh, right. same for me. I used to love my comics, but the ones I read as a kid
      I used to like this guy (a parody of superman)

      hmm, I have seen other movies, but can't remember recent ones :hm
    29. ane
      Yes, we do.
      Some adjectives can be put before, but the meaning is different, and never ever with colours
      Sorry :hurr

      Oh, great. Well, glad you fixed it.
      Psst, now that you have extra money, buy me shiny things

      Right, I know of the movie. I just never watched.
      Hmm, I bought a smurfs comic. One I read as a kid. I will read it again, but well, the thing was expensive and I only bought it because welp, smurfs

      Hmm, I've heard of Brave but I didn't watch it. I like Disney. Well, I have seen Tangled and Princess and the Frog, and I liked them.
    30. ane
      oh, good news? :distracted

      hmm, yes, I remember her, but i didn't know she was the focus in any movie. I barely remember the one in America, though :(
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    Sep 29, 1987 (Age: 31)
    Special - More Special
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