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Oct 4, 2015
Sep 5, 2011
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Dec 9, 1991 (Age: 28)


I'm here, 28

Risk was last seen:
Oct 4, 2015
    1. Akimichi Farley
    2. BluesQueen
      Then make your complaints on IRC first so you can better synthesize them into a decent formal one later on.
      Right now, it just looks like acting out.
      So again...
      GET ON IRC
    3. BluesQueen
      Seriously Risk.
      Get on IRC.
      How you are acting out is not going to get your point heard.
      I, personally, agree with you to some extent and it's a problem that need to be addressed.
      But we need to address it correctly.
      So please. I beg you.
      GET ON IRC.
    4. dark0
      I don't think they are going to extend, could you retract or finalize your vote soon, the match ends at :48
    5. dark0
      NF wasn't working for me last night so please pardon my late rebuttal.
    6. BluesQueen
      Both strategies are up in my match!
      You should drop by and vote!
      Sooner rather than later would be preferred!
    7. Candy
      crap, I over counted. Thanks for bringing this to attention.
    8. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      So Risk, lets talk. I don't know you, you don't know me. What keeps you on this forum?
    9. EnergySage
      Lol. I suppose thats true. I have a little over 1300 posts before I got one
    10. EnergySage
      Lol. You're like the third person to say something like that about the avatar. Was there some big thing, like "Why doesn't ES have an avatar?"
    11. R
      No Dq for me :LOS
    12. Sans
      Hey Risk, I'll be posting my strat..... soonish. I cleared my inbox, then realised I hadn't saved it anywhere else, so I'm retyping it as we speak. It will be done in this sitting though.

      Also, I think we should delete the conversation we had in the thread. While it was amusing, I don't think voters will like scrolling onto the second page to see my strat. :hurr
    13. Sans
      Friending you. If you happen to beat me, expect to no longer be allowed on my friends list.
    14. Soul
      Just added you, we will talk about this ASAP.
    15. Soul
      Do you have MSN?
    16. Sans
      It was actually a really nice strat. Veterans said it would have prompted discussion over Naruto.

      Unfortunately it's not viable for our match. :pek
    17. Wolfiexe
      Haha, indeed! Congratulations on winning and goodluck in the future rounds. :)
    18. Suu
      I've written a response to your PM, but for some reason I keep getting the Internal Error whenever I try to send it. I will try again later!
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    Dec 9, 1991 (Age: 28)
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