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Aug 8, 2012
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Jan 9, 1989 (Age: 31)
Graphic Designer
    1. N
      Surprise surprise, people with little understanding of the manga being upset

      That's why I attend to avoid the Telegrams altogether. Not even about Hitsugaya, but because there's a circlejerk over certain characters and it's filled with casual readers.

      The memes are good shit though.
    2. Kaaant

      People think he's a top tier Jedi on the basis he's consistently been humiliated by Luke. Hell people think he beats rots palpatine, windu and exar kun.

      Always thought you had an awesome set btw
    3. Kaaant
      Like you really can't compare the two characters. You should do the thread soon; I think it'd be quite a revelation.

      How did you find tfa novelisation btw? Been looking for it for ages.
    4. Kenpachi TZ
      Kenpachi TZ
      Waiting for that 300km farmland proof, Rivers. :pek:gun

    5. Wan
      I'd be more excited for a new Tamers series, honestly. :amuse
    6. Wan
      Love the WarGreymon vs Gallantmon set. :iria
    7. DemonDragonJ
      Yes, and it would be nice if all the digimon can evolve to ultimate level, not merely the main four (or two, if the new Chosen Children shall not be in the series).
    8. N
      Hitsu's going to kick ass as a human wthin the next 5 or 6 chapters

      Humor the haters for now :ignoramus
    9. Lord Stark
      Lord Stark
      Of the one he's shown pre-skip or made up abilities?
    10. Ms. Jove
      Ms. Jove
      I did, although Astral Projection shouldn't be considered an Airbender power.
    11. KaiserBunny
      Hey man, thanks a bunch for the rep! :D
    12. N
      Another uncanny resemblance :LOS

      Despite most Captains failing to also do so, Hitsu at the very least managed to stomp a Base SR the moment he got his Bankai back, even with those mortal injuries. The latest chapter didn't help though :-(

      People also chose to ignore that Hitsu can shatter people's swords now with his ice, and can kill Captains such as Mayuri with ease :ippy

      He'll get his respect once he becomes CC
    13. Pocalypse
      I need to watch the latest finale to see what Lin and Suyin have done, then I'll let you know

    14. N
      You should post in the Battledome more.

      You remind me a lot of Waking Dreamer, by the by :lmao
    15. The Immortal WatchDog
      The Immortal WatchDog
      No problem.

      The Mongols a bit after Kublai would be a closer match, when they started to fracture..you had one or two hordes who certainly could still stomp Westeros but the rest were a fustercluck of disunity and brawls.

      Or the Eruopean powers of the time -minus any large pre-Renaissance empires. Might be good

      or France or Britain post the hundred years war.might be where it gets to be a one sided stomp again though less for the numbers game and more for how gleefully the French canon'd the fuck out of infantry in Italy and other places :lmao
    16. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      I do not recall such no. Not saying it can't be true but I don't remember that. Rhaegar being considered untouchable at the tourney I remember however from Ned's memor. The Robert part is what I don't remember.
    17. Lavender
      Loving the set, bro.

      Did you color it yourself? :iria
    18. Extravlad
      Prime Robert vs Jaime?
      Hard to say, Prime Robert is hyped to be extremely strong, but he is not using a sword.
      I think he's overrated sometimes, Rhaegar wasn't that great of a swordsman, he wasn't bad, above average for sure, but I wouldn't compare him to Jaime.

      I think Jaime would take this.
    19. KaiserWombat
      Done and done.

      Poll layout was formerly: 2-2-0-0

      Poll layout is now: 0-4-0-0
    20. KaiserWombat

      Just before I go and edit that poll, I just wanted to be sure: I'm not to add on extra scenarios here, but only editing the existing scenarios more to the layout you posted to me via VM, correct?

      So that both scenarios is replaced by all scenarios, while only the first scenario is superseded with the majority of scenarios.

      Or do you want the only the first scenario option(s) to remain?
    21. Grimm6Jack
      I wasn't proven wrong on shit... And Luppi's ability isn't Ice so he can't freeze her duh
    22. Grimm6Jack
      Hitsugaya has a better ability to use against the majority of characters. Luppi's ability is way too simple, but it could work against Hitsugaya regardless.

      In terms of raw spiritual power... Well, I don't see why they wouldn't be on the same level. There's nothing proving otherwise.
    23. Grimm6Jack
      Luppi didn't sucker punch anyone... Hitsugaya was actually the one who sucker punched Luppi.
    24. Grimm6Jack
      .. Me making a thread is not going to change anything... Hearing people's opinions is not the same as getting confirmation of something.

      And I never said Luppi was overall stronger than Hitsugaya, but that he in certain scenarios can defeat him.
    25. blackguyinpinksuit
      Well calcs reign supreme there so if somethin "defies" them they can be pretty relentless with their attacks/responses. Just gotta tank it and not take it too hard.

      I did not even know about the downgrade myself in full detail though i think saw something about a bleach value getting debunked. Bleach always getting the shaft when things look up. I'll try and find it though.
    26. Catalyst75
      Give me a moment to look for it. I think the reason it was debunked was because there was no definitive area, just a description of "an area many times larger than Karakura Town".
    27. blackguyinpinksuit
      Never a problem breh.
    28. Freechoice
      Oceans > Rivers.
    29. Grimm6Jack
      Pretty sure Barragan didn't want to test anything... I don't remember much of the BG9 fight so you may be right about it so I'll trust your word on this.

      And still with that opinion quality thing? Already told you I deliberately posted that to see some reactions. Sorry that I made you get so emotional over this...
    30. Grimm6Jack
      Ah, you're issue was about the "quality" post I made? Well, I do shit like that all the time, most of it to see people's reactions to it. Altho to be honest, the posters who have a better understanding of Bleach did vote for Soifon taking most lol.

      Anyway, never said Bankai Kensei can defeat Bankai Sui-Feng. It depends on circumstances. She however can one-shot him and I don't see any way he can avoid her Bankai when Barragan who's a speed demon had to slow down the explosion to get away from it and BG9 failed to dodge it and BG9 is someone who tagged Sui-Feng.
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    Jan 9, 1989 (Age: 31)
    Graphic Designer
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    In a committed relationship with my 2d waifu
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    Currently respeccing my life / character build...


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