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Rocket Bear
Last Activity:
May 5, 2013
Jan 28, 2007
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Rocket Bear

wears training weights.

Rocket Bear was last seen:
May 5, 2013
    1. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      I miss you :x
    2. Ito
      What's your avatar from?
    3. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      you like men :O
    4. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      I want to marry Rafa :wtf
    5. kingbayo
      thanx for the rep brudda
    6. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      Rafa > Federer
    7. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      you were at the world cup? :O
    8. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      where is you :cry
    9. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
    10. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      Is that a yes?
    11. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      I was looking at my old cp reps and I saw you. I miss you. Please marry me?
    12. Karsh
      Well that's not necessarily a bad thing, I'm glad you enjoy what you do :3

      It really was amazing, I'm so glad I went! :ohpek

      Thanks my last one was yesterday (I am sooo happy- I got so stressed xD) and we got wasteeeed but I have no idea how they went- let's hope well :lmao
      That's great I'm so glad for you Russ! :<3

      Oooh when's the convention?? LA... you MUST do wild and crazy things with the buds and go to all of LA's attractions so that you can tell MOI all about it! :LOS :p
    13. Karsh
      I giggled! :<3

      Oohh is it the same study and job? Or did you change?
      Nothing's dull hun if you won't let it be :LOS
      Lol wordly adventures! Well I've had fun this year too, for example as a class trip we traveled to the Dominican Republic and I did such things as get a motorcycle taxi through the mountains by a local I befriended, jumped into rivers from small cliffs and tought children at schools and so on :p
      Yepp still up here and finishing off my first year here! I'm in the middle of exams- you?
      Miss our talks :p
    14. Karsh
      Hey you how are you???
    15. Qweebinzayz

      Glad you liked it.

      lol, you think they actually have a boxset of that? :lmao
      I'd definitely watch it though, if you find/get it.

      But yeah, you can't deny Mr. Referee is pure win lol. Classic voice.
    16. Qweebinzayz
      Holy crap, check it out!


      EDIT: K, so I checked the link, and it's being really gay atm, so just copy/paste this if it's still not working when you read this.


      Don't ask, Just enjoy!
    17. Karn of Zeon
      Karn of Zeon
      dude what happened to your set. And why are you sealed:argh
    18. Damaris
    19. Qweebinzayz
      Coolio, thanks.

      That's awesome that they were actually by the same group after all! What luck!

      "Dire Straits Jesus Trucks".. :lmao
    20. Qweebinzayz
      Oh my god..

      How did you find it?
      Did the stuff you wrote down help at all?

      Cuz I'd want that song too.. lol.

      Also, I noticed you nulled your rep..
      I hope you don't mind, but I'm copying you lol.
      I like the idea :zaru

      And, just a recommendation, but..
      Play the song (Jesus Trucks, that is) and then just look at this. lulz will be had (Especially during the beginning of the song). The trick is getting the timing right so that at least one of them hits the ground at the beat (They match perfectly) :lmao

      I seem to have better luck with Marisa, go figure :zaru
      -_- Yes, I'm tired lol.
    21. Qweebinzayz
      Hey, just thought I'd give you this link to Red Vs. Blue.. (The Halo thing).
      lol, I just saw like the first 10 episodes or so like a few days ago, and I thought they were pretty funny.

      I hadn't seen any of them before now lol.
      Anyways here's the Link!

      Once the rookies get there it gets alot funnier I think lol. Try and give it at least a few episodes before you give it up :lmao (Links to all of 'em should be to the right)
    22. Qweebinzayz
    23. Qweebinzayz

      Seriously? lol.. Your least favorite? That's pretty funny. I consider it to be in my top 5 faves :lmao

      I can't really think of anything that anyone did that pissed me off lol. Pretty much all of the characters were great imo. I didn't really like Aria all that much, but Cecily, Luke and Lisa were all awesome I thought. And I didn't think the story was bad.. They could've done better, but I really liked it overall. lol at the blonde Siegfried minion though. I don't really get why it's that big of a deal. Code Geass did worse with all the freaking Knights of the Round or whatever. Some of them even died lol.

      I'm surprised you liked the ED so much lol. I thought it was funny. Especially when the episode ended in like some dark way, and then it pops up, and it's just like, "YAY!" :lmao
      I didn't like the OP much at first, but it definitely grew on me alot. Both are great.

      Odd that we could have such different opinions on it overall though :zaru

      lol @ Kannagi. So you're saying you didn't like it?
      I'm actually kind of surprised. I'm not sure I'd like it much myself though either, tbh. Anyways, I think Xam'd sounds like a good idea. Time to take on a 24-some episode anime again :shakefist
    24. Qweebinzayz
      Hey, just thought I'd stop by and give you an update on my.. animeness.. :hurr

      So I recently finished Seiken no Blacksmith.. Just took me a couple days to finish it.

      I think I remember you saying you saw some, but didn't like it much? Maybe that was another anime.. I can't remember ;_;

      I won't say anything about it plot-wise if you didn't finish it or something. I gotta say though, I loved it. Characters, music, art style/character design. It all mixed really well with me for some reason. I thought it was quite touching lol. I almost cried a few times. My only slight problem with it was the plot took awhile to kick in, and it seemed to leave a lot of crap without an explaination. lol.. I won't say anymore for now, but yeah. Did you end up finishing it? If you did, how did you like it?

      And now I return to trying to think of another good anime to watch.. Soul Eater and Eureka 7 are always there, but fifty-whatever eps seems kinda daunting after K-ON! and this.. ;_; I may try one of those Higurashi.. whatever they are lol.
    25. Qweebinzayz
      Yeah, I suppose. Though if you know everyone's special uh.. powers, it's pretty easy to guess what went down lol :quite

      Also, just wanted to say I got MW:2 for good this time. Found it on Amazon for like $20 new, so I finally bought it :D:

      Oh, and also some new info on Halo: Reach was announced, and my god it looks so beast. There's a thread in the GD if you're curious.

      Onnneee more thing. Starcraft trivia is back up, and you don't need a mouse to play lol. Feel free to join. It's fun.

    26. Qweebinzayz
      Heh, glad you liked them. Scatman freaking rules.

      So you saw all three parts of the touhou anime? Like, the whole first episode? If you did, then that's all I've been able to find so far, unfortunately. (I've found HD versions of the first episode though lol).

      I remember reading that it was 3 episodes, and I'm pretty sure they've been released.. I've seen gifs of them, at least. Not sure if they've been subbed or whatever though. I'll keep trying to look for them; and let you know if I find 'em.

      I'm surprised you liked the animation. At first I didn't like it much, but after I saw it a few more times, I got used to it. I suppose it does fit "Touhou-Style" lol.
    27. emROARS
      May I ask who's in your set?
    28. Qweebinzayz
      Hey, just droppin' by to give you a few vids :hurr

      Days Go By

      Scatmans World

      Everybody Jam!

      And last..

      Touhou Anime

      lol, first three are music videos that I liked. I know the first one from DDR, and thought it was pretty cool. Second two are just cool Scatman songs.

      And don't feel like you need to see the Touhou anime. I just like it alot; and thought well if you ever feel the desire to see some of it.. there you go. It's just part 1/3 of the 1st ep. but I'm sure you can find the links just by scrolling down er whatnot. The whole thing is 3 episodes, and completely fan-made, apparently. Pretty freaking entertaining if you ask me.

      lol u enjoy nao.
    29. Qweebinzayz
    30. Qweebinzayz
      lol, I got 16/20 80%

      I missed all the ones I guessed on..
      Both the basketball ones and, both the racing like ones.
      I either knew all the other ones, or they were just completely obvious lol.

      And whats with those ugly running things.. -_-;
      It's a pain to go to my page and see them there.
      John just did like the exact same thing 2 days ago. And they were almost gone.. ugh :apathy
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