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  1. RockLee

    Sasuke & Naruto Powerlevel Functions (Mathematical Proofs Inside!)

    Sa(Na)= (Na ? SNE)^(Sh ? To)^Ma Where: Na = ∫(Na) SNE = Sasuke's Negative Emotions (inversely proportional to his Positive Emotions) Where: 5000<SNE Sh = Whatever Kishimoto wants it to do at any given moment To = 0≤To≤3 Ma = (1≤omgwtf≤3) ? 3 --- ∫(Na) = (Na+Rs+Sc)^SM Where...
  2. RockLee

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    For fear of getting spoiled, I've not read the thread. I'm still DLing the scan (thanks FH!). This is my favorite manga thus far, standing heads and shoulders above my current readings, which are the Shounen Trinity (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece). It easily stands on par with the likes of Death...
  3. RockLee

    [Uzumaki Naruto]Needle in a haystack or just plain consistant

    Hey, it wasn't that offensive, so no need to apologize. Hell, I'm not even a big fan of the dude. Just look at my name. Anyways, on with the topic! Or did I kill it?
  4. RockLee

    Minato didn't had the chakra nor strength to pull Kyuubi's soul out

    So, uh. Instead of believing what the manga told us as part of the intro, establishing the mythos of the Narutoverse, we are going to say "No way* is this possible!" and come up with an alternate explanation. If the manga says and keeps repeating that the 4th did the amazing incredible feat of...
  5. RockLee

    [Uzumaki Naruto]Needle in a haystack or just plain consistant

    Thank you, and those are perfectly legitimate reasons to dislike him. To say that he sucks or that he's boring is incorrect, though. Hell, if you dislike him, then he's not boring.
  6. RockLee

    Sasuke didn't had the strength to have beat Naruto at the valley of end!

    Errr, didn't Naruto purposefully aim towards Sasuke's headband, winning the personal victory but losing the fight? My mom. I'm not kidding.
  7. RockLee

    Oro didn't leave the Sannin battle because he was defeated...

    Heavens, one of the most conceited nins around declares that he's stronger than the man he's always looked down on? Well, then, we must take what he says at face value! According to the events I read in the manga, he tried to kill Jiraiya, and either couldn't or decided that Naruto took...
  8. RockLee

    frog/hermit mode Jiraya > Oro

  9. RockLee

    [Uzumaki Naruto]Needle in a haystack or just plain consistant

    So... Uhh... Read any good books lately? Because most characters ever fall into one sort of stereotype or another, it's a just a matter of knowing about and encountering these stereotypes. I'd disagree on your assertions of Naruto. While he does have the Shounen trait of "I'll win on pure...
  10. RockLee

    Sasuke didn't had the strength to have beat Naruto at the valley of end!

    Hey, guys, let's make it equal. If Naruto and Sasuke were two real little boys without magic wizard ninja powers not in a fictional universe and woke up in a perfectly balanced plane, who would win?
  11. RockLee

    What did the anime team do to Halibel?

    Yes. Because, as we all know, Bleach needs more balloons.
  12. RockLee

    Who is the strongest ninja?

    My mom. Please, don't do this and start the bloody "WHOS STRONGER" wars again, especially in the middle of a god damn fight. : (
  13. RockLee

    Sasuke Also Has The Ability To Summon Kyuubi.

    Possible? Yes. Probable? Not in the slightest.
  14. RockLee

    Naruto = Pure Ownage. 100% PROVED!!!

    Faced with the OPs copious use of truthiness, imagery, and ownage, I must submit that what he says is indeed true. Edit: Erm. SageoftheSixPaths, you realize that this is a joke thread? And if it isn't, it should be treated as such.
  15. RockLee

    Yondaime, criminal master mind?

    That would go against everything we know about Minato. Sure, why the hell not. And Sasuke and Itachi will sit down and play a friendly game of chess over a cup of tea and some noodles, thus deciding who wins and who dies, errr, loses.
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