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rockstar sin
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May 10, 2016
Dec 30, 2005
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    1. cry77
      delete your account!
    2. Bender
      Aye sup Rock star bro :amuse

      It's Blaze(got my name changed).

      How's it going man?
    3. Newton
      yo man, its been a while

    4. ~riku~
      i liked it when you had a star in your name
    5. pfft
      where have you been?
    6. King
      Peace, Rockstar.
    7. Gary
      Nah, I grabbed most of his work off mediafire the other day.
    8. Gary
      Thanks bro.
    9. Gary
      You're a Kanye west fan, aren't you Sin?
      I was thinking of listening to something by him besides his latest album, anything specifically you recommend?
    10. shit
    11. NudeShroom
      Merry Christmas, and yeah both of those two literally have some crazy skills that aren't shown all out on the show. Mike's body moves like frigging water, it's just crazy. :argh
    12. Alien
      Excellent. :pimp
    13. Alien
      Your ava is droolworthy

    14. Dman
    15. Dman
      true true

      i find myself needing spellcheck like always:(
    16. Gary
      Well now that's a bit of a different story.
    17. Gary
      No, on the basketball courts it was "Deadly Sin."

      God, I hate my life now.

      Stay classy, Sin, stay classy.
    18. Mider T
      Mider T
      Just to clear things up. You think I'm the kind of person who IRL I try to help, so I had to say I wasn't.
    19. Mider T
      Mider T
      The logic is sound, but really the banana persona isn't to hide. I've had before I started traveling the forum. Also, I had to make the Ram thing clear:pek
    20. Undercovermc
      You never have better ava's than me. Stop lying to yourself.
    21. colours
      you need to go see who i based you off of ;p
    22. NudeShroom
      I think she lost weight between seasons. And yeah, the character that they give her makes her a bit less hot. :lmao She really is like a teenage girl, trying things that don't suit her.
    23. Sunuvmann
      What's your avy from :U
    24. NudeShroom
      Also, Puck. I actually really like Puck, and I want them to tell us more about this damn Juvy thing. I was actually cheering like "Yay, development!"
    25. NudeShroom
      Yeah, it's pretty much that, leaving behind all the other questions: How does Tina and Mike actually WORK? Will Mercedes ever have a real purpose other than token black chick? WHAT THE HELL IS QUINN DOING? <- a big one I'd like to know.

      Mini-me is sorta fine for me. I do like that we know Sue's motivation at least. However she really doesn't need to always connect it back, considering it is kind of something she kept private for the first whole year of the show.
    26. NudeShroom
      Yeah. Kurts plot is okay, but as happy as I am that the gay guy is getting attention, it's sort of whoring itself too much to the massively gay fanbase. I mean, "Baby It's Cold Outside" is being voted best performance from the Christmas album and it had absolutely NO connection to the actual show, and really wasn't all that spectacular.

      I mean, yeah, I wanna see the gay guy become happy. I don't want them to make it some crystal clear perfect relationship out of nowhere though.
    27. NudeShroom
      That was probably one of the best episodes we've had this season, moreso one that I think I can actually identify with the intentions of the series. It definitely had that misfit heartwarming feeling, and the attempt to go school caroling was cute. :lmao Jane Grinch and Brittany Lou was also quite epic.
    28. NudeShroom
      Haha it's not the worst I'll admit. Even though I'm not big on it since Artie & Tina was cute and Brittany is just a ball of random confusion, I do think the way he treated her was way better than compared to how he treated Tina in the first season.
    29. NudeShroom
      Oh no, found it in a Brittana thread on 4chan.
    30. NudeShroom
      Excellent. :wtf

      Also, lol: xGigi
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