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Rokudaime Sennin ?
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Oct 14, 2015
Mar 30, 2009
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September 22
Searching for a Path to Peace ?

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Rokudaime Sennin ?

六代目火影仙人, from Searching for a Path to Peace ?

Rokudaime Sennin ? was last seen:
Oct 14, 2015
    1. Invictus-Kun
      Yeah, Elo 1400, Im trining Kids and young ones for their games on Monday, Im also hosting Small tournaments in our place, but Im not russian, lol, why ask?

      You also play the game?
    2. Jaded Heart
    3. Jak N Blak
      Jak N Blak
      Oh my. Such kind words
      Thank you my good sir! Lol. The Jak is aware that the wait in the telegrams can be a cruel one...so to entertain I share those vids.
      I intend to bring some 'Naruto' vids in the next month or two. Don't wanna spoil what it'll be about so I'll stay silent. Haha
      Thanks again for the kind words sir.
    4. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Check it out
    5. CrazyVulpine
      Hiya Sennin :)
    6. Amanda
      No please, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I'm not interested in. Sorry!
    7. Amanda
      Thanks for the offer, but I'm well off, so no thanks!
    8. Amanda
      Yes, but I manage. Plus my chances are about to get much better, because I've finally finished my studies and will get the official papers any week now. Thanks for asking, though.
    9. Vegeta Uzumaki
      Vegeta Uzumaki
      Thanks, mate!

      Never surrender! :brofist
    10. Vegeta Uzumaki
      Vegeta Uzumaki
      I am gifted with many voices, soon I will make a Naruto remake Video with different voices.
    11. Vegeta Uzumaki
      Vegeta Uzumaki
      I am Ernie Modderfakker and yes I am the one with the voices, as you can see on my Youtube channel.

      Crane banned me perm for no reason :ippy
    12. Fruits Basket Fan
    13. izanagi x izanami
      izanagi x izanami
      Shinobi: Heart Under Blade
    14. NaS
      Basically you're saying fuck me old friend from mangashare.
    15. Amanda
      Thanks for the rep and the compliment!
    16. Ernie
      Fourth chapter is out :LOS
    17. Lishenron
      Too bad it didn't end that way.

      Next week should be promising however....if they dont dedicate half of it to a flashback
    18. geG
      I do, yeah. The version in my thread now is complete.
    19. geG
      Sure, but like I said it's not totally complete yet as I haven't checked it with a raw.

      I was planning on maybe doing translations each week until at least Mangazone starts using a better translator, like the person they use for their One Piece scans, but I dunno. We'll see.
    20. Icegaze
      I'm not that bold to actually subscribe, I'm afraid. :P
      I just "visit" sporadically.
    21. Icegaze
      Oh you bet I know about Narutopixxx. :hurr
      And I didn't need the Bathhouse to find the website. :hurr
    22. Melodie
      Thank you :33,No sorry i do not have it anymore it's kind of old :ano
    23. raizen28
      you have the name of a GOD! behold
    24. slickcat
      Oh its Ninja gaiden 3 teaser trailer...
    25. StareIntoMySharingan
      bwahahaha! time to tear this bitch up!!! >:]
    26. Naiad
      Its the finnish singer Tarja Turunen,she's doing classical and metal/rock Music=) thanks for liking my sig :D

      Greets :-)
    27. Klue
      Sweet, thanks. :awesome
    28. Nightblade
      ikr? her name's Yoo In Na.
    29. crimsonshade
      Vincent Valentine
    30. Lightbrand
      Ah...well not knowing your capabilities in reading Chinese, I guess I'll just refer you to the Wikipedia entry

      I'm sure that was written by the "hardcore" fans of the game (99% being Chinese who generally does not use Wikipedia that much because they have a "Chinese equivalent" of Wikipedia in China which is much more lax) which you can already tell by the lack of quality control in that entry. But it really is relatively unknown in the West and to be honest, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that's not "cultured" to it (IE: Chinese) because the game involves heavily with mazes, and I hated them with a passion, but the only reason I pushed through is because I LOVE the game (what a paradox).
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  • About

    September 22
    Searching for a Path to Peace ?
    Favorite Character(s):
    1. Naruto
    2. Nagato, Rikudou Sennin, Pain Rikudou
    3. Itachi
    4. Minato, Jiraiya
    5. Hashirama
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Chapter: 467


    A bridge towards peace; the will of fire still endures!

    Rokudaime Hokage, Rokudaime Rikudou Sennin Uzumaki Naruto

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