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Sep 24, 2020 at 4:16 AM
Feb 18, 2005
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Nov 21, 1987 (Age: 32)
Netherlands, Limburg, Gennep
Artist/graphic designer


eltiT resU motsuC, 32, from Netherlands, Limburg, Gennep

root was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Sep 24, 2020 at 4:16 AM
    1. SoulFire!
      Thanks! :heart
      1. root
        You're welcome!
        Oct 15, 2018
    2. Yin
      Wakin' up thinkin you named yourself after one of the Guardians Of The Galaxy, I never got to see the 2nd movie.
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      2. Yin
        Yeh I just wanted to see if you knew who I meant is all.
        Ps: I need to go see Infinity War rather, konichiwa!
        May 2, 2018
      3. root
        Ps: I heard its surprisingly entertaining for the insane amount of characters they crammed in there.
        May 2, 2018
      4. Yin
        I assumed as much eehee.
        Something ought to be good in it.
        May 2, 2018
        root likes this.
      Hi, i saw your reply.

      If you wanna talk about nutrition i'm available at any time.
      I eat meat btw, trying to quit.
      1. root
        Haha. Thanks for the offer, I'm good. Just thought it was cool to see your out-of-nowhere heartfelt rant against fish torture. I eat meat like two times a week, sometimes less. The rest of the time just replace it with nuts, mushrooms or soy stuff. It's not that hard to just eat other things instead of chopped up animals.
        Nov 1, 2016
    4. Uraharа
      Geen probleem. Ik weet ook niet waarom het is gerushed. Kan Kubo zijn, kan WSJ zijn of beide zoals je al zei. Maar de argumenten die hij gebruikte waren echt bullshit.
      En ik verkies deskundigen boven nono's op het internet.
      1. root
        Yup. Waarschijnlijk zullen we het nooit helemaal zeker weten. Och ja. Ik heb wel zin in de laatste chapter en om te zien of Kubo het nog een beetje goed afgerond krijgt.
        Aug 1, 2016
    5. Uraharа
      Wat moet je avatar eigenlijk voorstellen?
      1. root likes this.
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      3. Uraharа
        Ik denk dat HxH nooit zal eindigen man. Togashi zal vast pas weer in 2018-2019 terugkomen voor 10 chapters en houdt het dan weer voor gezien. Die man begint ook wel aardig op leeftijd te komen

        Over Nederlanders, het zijn er best wel veel hoor.
        Jul 13, 2016
      4. root
        Ja ik weet dat er aardig wat nederlanders zitten hier. Ik kom alleen niet veel buiten de Konoha TV sectie en dan nog typen ze allemaal engels D: dus lastig te spotten..

        Hmm... wie zal er eerder klaar zijn, George Martin of Yoshihiro Togashi
        Jul 13, 2016
      5. Uraharа
        Martin. Togashi moet het hele verhaal gewoon in paar A4'tjes uittypen en 't aan z'n assistenten geven.
        Jul 14, 2016
    6. RockSauron
      fair enough lol
    7. RockSauron
      Well I'm assuming, unless they just do a Storm 5. But I don't think they can jsut keep making more Storm games... and even if they do, the story mode would need to change since it'd be a while before Boruto can cover an entire game.

      And I would like action adventure stuff like zelda in general, though naruto games would be cool with that too. never played though since they're 360 only.

      All I would be able to maybe help with is rpg maker since working with unity was a bit confusing for me. But it would still be cool if you tried to do that, get some help from some other people maybe, or even if you just need to use one of those game templates I've seen around. I dunno, lol
    8. RockSauron
      Well, I'm mostly the same as I am in that section so go me?

      And I too also have ideas, but only a beginner's knowledge of RPG Maker and I know what a big undertaking that'd be. Ah well, guess we can only hope that CC2 says screw it and makes an even bigger focus on single plaer for their upcoming Naruto reboot. Or makes a Storm 5 with the single player style of 4 which I feel might be able to work... maybe
    9. RockSauron
      I'm a regular voice of reason? Well huh. Thanks! Though I dunno if i'd go that far, I mostly just wanted a Naruto RPG be it real or fan, but still thanks a bunch
    10. Garfield
      You're quite obviously the root account of NF, I was just changing permissions of all NF to be open to all. Forgot the -R tag at the end obviously.
    11. Garfield
      chmod 777
    12. The Undying
      The Undying
      Thanks for the rep + comment! And yes, I'm a huge fan of FFXII and the Ivalice games.
    13. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
    14. Itachі
      Yeah. I just use one of the presets on Sony Vegas. I didn't mess around with it too much. Expect them to at least make sure the file is a decent size.
    15. Itachі
      Thanks. I wanted to see all of the specs of the Taka fansubs. Bitrate seems to be the main factor in file size. I used Xilisoft converter with the same settings as the Original file but the quality went down dramatically. Thanks for the advice I'll change the Bitrate next time.
    16. Itachі

      Hey. Is this okay? Like the file size? I know you do this stuff so wanted some advice from a Seasoned Veteran.
    17. MrSackBalls
      Hey sorry to bother but were you the one looking for the soundtrack on original Naruto episode 142 from 0:30-6:00? I just wanted to ask DID YOU FIND IT?! plz help me out ;D thanks!
    18. Laffite
      As I've already said, you are benevolent and godlike. I lost a bunch of data off my externaql hard drive and one of the things was this bleach edit of yours that I downloaded a while ago. I'm so grateful for you reuploading these, if there's anything I can do lemme know. Thank you again my brother and I are extremely happy now.
    19. Laffite
      Root I need your help! Do you have that bleach 310-343 edit you had uploaded it on the bleach forum before but it was a megaupload. Do you still have it by anychance??
    20. creative
      this is NF's game forum. apparently pokemon is so huge it has it's own column:p
    21. Kronin
      Thanks for the rep Lamamee :)
    22. root
      Yeah, I just kinda picked a random post to rep you on : )

      I'm familiar with your walls of text.
    23. NeBy
      yo, lamamee :-) Thanks for the rep. however, that post (in 'discarding plotlines') wasn't really epic; it was more for casual fun. You should see my GWoT's. :grin

      And you can! Here, look at this: http://forums.narutofan.com/showthread.php?t=594967&page=8

      It's a bit more epic. :p
    24. root
      : ) yay, visitors
    25. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      You're welcome man
    26. Zaru
      v Lol adbot
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  • About

    Nov 21, 1987 (Age: 32)
    Netherlands, Limburg, Gennep
    Artist/graphic designer
    Favorite Character(s):
    Naruto and Sasuke. Oh, also Shikamaru and Gaara... Not to mention Sai and Yamato
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    episode 133 and shippuden ep 82.
    pretty much spend all my time gaming, drawing, and petting dogs


    Shippuuden episodes edited to remove the filler arcs
    Find my edits, and other Naruto editing projects, beyond those three links up there.
    If the links are dead, just throw me a pm.

    Boys on the Run
    A manga by Kengo Hanazawa, scanlated by Daniel Lau. Also, I work on this.

    Previously I was 'Lamamee' on here. Also known as RobinOttens on the rest of the internet.
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