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Sep 29, 2020 at 10:47 AM
Aug 18, 2010
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June 22


Hajimemashite, Male

@Peter Pan Alice and Peter? :hmm May 11, 2016

Saishin was last seen:
Viewing forum The NF Café, Sep 29, 2020 at 10:47 AM
    1. izzyisozaki
      Allora hai un lavoro stabile? Pensi di tornare all'uni o continui a lavorare?
    2. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      He tried to kill me, so he's not invited. :C
    3. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Don't worry, she's invited too. It will be the best threesome ever. :villa
    4. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Then I'll invite Auska over and it will be awesome. :villa
    5. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Fuck that. I'll just start the Fifth Impact and call it a day.
    6. Divine Death
      Divine Death

      I meant his whole body exploded, head and all. :cry

      Indeed. :awesome
    7. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Be thankful you didn't lose half of your organs instead.

      But he exploded right in front of me. :cry

      As fine as one could possibly hope to be. :awesome
    8. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      HELOOOOOOO!!! :gar
    9. Roman
      Griffith ? un pezzo di merda
    10. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      And if you're really unlucky, it'll cost you your whole body. :cry

      But as it turned out, it wasn't the brightest of ideas. :sniff
    11. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      But it'll cost you an arm and a leg. :uwah

      I will start the Third Impact for Rei-chan :wtf

      Done and done. :gar
    12. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      You can't have any. :villa

      Yes. The power to not run away. :wtf

      I'll get on it later. And while I'm at it, I may post it on the Eva FC. Would that work for you? :awesome
    13. Shukumei
      Sorry for taking so long to reply :ano

      Oh wow - maybe I'll watch that show (Grimgar). :hurr Thanks for showing that to me.

      D.Gray-man is pretty good, actually - though the first half of the anime has too much filler, and rearranges when everything happens. :sweatdrop I've read the whole manga as well, at least what's out, and am looking forward to the new anime. I <3 Allen :hehee

      Yeah, I might be able to get a job in fast food, though I don't know how long I'd be able to keep it. :sweatdrop I'm pretty absent-minded / inattentive and terrible at doing things quickly and correctly, without forgetting - let alone being able to multitask. I wasn't like that when I was younger, but side effects from medications have really changed around my ability to think quickly, to not be clumsy, to pay attention and then remember, etc. So my friends and family are recommending I try to get a job where I would be more able to keep up.

      I'm going to apply soon. :sweatdrop I'm just trying to get myself together first - lately I've been in bed for 12-14 hours each day (though it takes ages to fall asleep), going to bed around 3 or 4 a.m., and eating nothing except desserts and snacks. I feel like a zombie, and lots of aches and pains aren't helping either. Once I feel a bit better and manage to get myself in shape, I'll go back to job-hunting.

      Why wouldn't you be able to make it back to college? :(

      I've been to more of those cities than you have? :geg It was enjoyable to be in Italy and watch the 2006 World Cup final with Italy vs. France while there :zaru We weren't in Rome right then, but I can't remember the town we stayed in. Some of them were convents / lodging run by the Church, at least in Venice and Tuscany. I got lost when I was in Venice, though, since I always ignored the buddy system and went where I pleased. I ended up making my way back to the convent using graffiti and street performers as landmarks that I was able to remember. :sweatdrop

      My pictures are all safe! I've copied them back to this computer. Phew.

      You should visit America! But it would probably be expensive, especially the airfare and lodging. :argh Do you have any idea of what kinds of places you'd like to see? It's way too huge. :argh Famous landmarks and cities, scenery and national parks, all the local cuisine ... what kind of things would you be interested in seeing? :hmm You could come and laugh at our soda sizes - a small is 16 oz., and some stores have a "super size" or extra large that is 42 oz. There are even convenience stores which have 128-oz. soda buckets :zaru Look at this. :haha

      The bookstore doesn't even have a name, though it's really big - it's just a "book cellar" where every room in the basement of a certain (Protestant) church is filled with bookshelves and crates of books, floor to ceiling. They resell used books for cheap prices as a fundraiser, to try and keep the church running. Often they don't have enough money, as there aren't enough members at the moment to only rely on donations - but they're trying to get by.

      I see that Chandler went to Japan. :awesome The Walking Dead is about to start airing again, and I haven't watched the previous episodes (from this fall?) yet. :geg

      I've heard of God Eater, but haven't watched it yet because it's on hiatus and the remaining episodes don't start airing until March. But I haven't been able to start anything new lately, or finish old marathons. I'm in anime limbo. :sweatdrop
    14. izzyisozaki
      Che bella notizia! Che fai di bello? La Spagna ? muy bonita! Lezioni iniziano di nuovo domani..
    15. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Good news; I finally have my Blu-Ray copy of Evangelion 3.33! :gar

      EDIT: And to prove it;

    16. Divine Death
      Divine Death

      Yes. May also re-watch the first 2 movies to refresh my memory.

      Can't wait! :ruri
    17. Amanda
      Well hello Sai-san.
    18. Divine Death
      Divine Death

      Something that really should've been here years ago, and involves giant robots. :tomaflirt

      Now to wait for season 2 to happen.
    19. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Haven't seen/read it, but I hear it's awesome. Am I right? :awesome

      I ordered both FMAB BD sets as soon as I read the news, along with something else...:hurr
    20. Divine Death
      Divine Death


      Well, looks like I WILL have to get these soon. Damn you, Aniplex! :cry
    21. izzyisozaki
    22. Roman
      Non lo so veramente :mikebatman
    23. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Sort of, but it doesn't work.
    24. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      If you're talking about dial-up, no.
    25. Haze
      okay, nevermind then :catthinks
    26. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Doesn't seem like it.
    27. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Yes. :argh

      I would, but I can't use the Internet, as I apparently used up the bandwidth again. :cry
    28. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      It's a snowstorm out here!!! :argh
    29. Haze
      it better be delicious :catcane
    30. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Fine! I will! :yell
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