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Jan 26, 2020 at 8:58 AM
Aug 18, 2010
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June 22


Hajimemashite, Male

@Peter Pan Alice and Peter? :hmm May 11, 2016

Saishin was last seen:
Jan 26, 2020 at 8:58 AM
    1. Haze
      a-are you making that for me?
    2. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Then watch this in return :yell
    3. Roman
      La rosticceria siciliana in genera ? da morire :catdrool
    4. Roman
      No, ancora ne ho che potrebbe anche avanzarmi a dire il vero. Sono bravo a contare i soldi almeno. Questo dopo aver risparmiato ?250 per una cosa che far? presto in futuro e dopo aver comprato un biglietto per tornare in Sicilia a pasqua :lmao
    5. Roman
      Anch'io trovo tutto su tumblr :lmao

      Per ora no. L'ultimo che ho preso era il primo e secondo volume di Ranma. Pi? tardi in settimana forse prendo il secondo se mi rimane qualcosa in banca :catroll
    6. Roman
    7. Roman
      Ohh, bella gif di Genos :catblush
    8. Roman
      La tag normale per le immagini ? [img ][/ img]

      Devi mettere la tag per il grassetto [ b][/ b] dentro la prima parentesi dopo img

      [ img[b ][/ b]] senza niente tra [b ][/ b]

      poi inserisci l'immagine e finisci la tag come normale [/ img]

      sempre senza spazio
    9. Roman

    10. Roman
      Ok, pi? tardi in settimana lo guardo :catboogie

      Per il tag:

      [ img][ b][/ b]]...[/ img]

      Senza spazi ovv
    11. Roman
    12. Haze
    13. Divine Death
    14. Roman

      Non ? poi tanto male l'apertura. Semmai il narratore lascia molto da desiderare. Ma forse lo dico perch? l'anime non l'ho visto.
    15. Divine Death
      Divine Death
    16. Divine Death
    17. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      It'll make sense when you see it. :awesome
    18. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      It also has Meat. :hurr
    19. Shukumei
      Did you have to take the laptop apart to access the fan? :hmm

      How's the new job so far? :hmm

      Black is cute ... though I think his evil form was hotter than "William", though he's cute. :sweatdrop Have you ever seen or read D.Gray-man? :hmm My memory! :ano

      I'm sorry to hear that about Italy :argh I knew about some of the issues with Greece, but didn't know Italy was having such a hard time as well, though in different ways.

      Yeah, I'm going to try for the lower-level non-skilled jobs. That's probably what I can aim for; without a college or trade-school degree it'll be hard to find anything better. I need to relearn certain skills before I can go to college, though: self-discipline, study skills, time management and such.

      What does renewing your license entail? :hmm Do you have to retake a driving test? :argh

      When I was in Italy, I remember visiting Venice, Pisa, Volterra, Florence, Rome, Pompeii, and the Vatican. I was on Mt. Subasio at some point as well, and went rappelling off a tower there. I need to get those photos off my external hard-drive ASAP — the HD was dying over a year ago and I haven't turned it on since. :geg

      In America I've traveled mostly around the northeast region (New England), as well as across the border into Quebec. I've done some traveling further south on the east coast when I was younger, though I didn't go too far west. At one point I flew out to the midwest and traveled around those states for at least a week, visiting national parks and such. The Eurotrip and western-America trip were in a group of 30+ people, but eastern America was my family and I. I need to get those western pics off my external hard-drive as well, come to think of it. :geg Shit - if they're gone I'll be disappointed.

      Here there are too many options. On one hand, seeing and touching on the place is good. On the other, being able to read online reviews of those items before buying them is also good. Usually the only things I've bought online are books, music, and video games. I've imported Japanese (untranslated) manga when stuff wasn't getting scanlated. :geg

      It's not quite that kind of book store - it's more of a "book cellar", where donated books are resold for really cheap. We go through a lot of inventory, but it's the mystery and suspense books that seem to sell the fastest. There are many rooms, and too many books to fit on the shelves - but no manga.

      The singer in that Jordan Sweeto video is quite cute. :hurr That second video is funny.
    20. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      On another note, have you seen Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (or Haganai, for short)?
    21. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      That's usually the case. Nothing to lose sleep over.
    22. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Well, 25 episodes. The recap episode is not included. But I didn't watch that the first time, anyway.
    23. Zyrax
      Hi Saishin .
    24. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      You know what else I got last month? These:


      You're welcome. :gar
    25. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Don't force me, or I'll make you eat Sanae's Rainbow Bread. :yell
    26. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      I don't own Brotherhood yet, but someday.......
    27. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Good. :maybe

      No. It's the older 2003 series.
    28. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      Did I blow your mind? :maybe

      I know, right? :awesome
    29. Shukumei
      Happy new year! :awesome

      Not really an expert; I ended up worrying about it being a more complex problem than it was. It turned out to just need a (very thorough) dusting, using compressed air and some tools. It's probably about time to clean it again. :sweatdrop

      Black survived, and he and Leo hugged each other :33

      Congrats; I hope your new job goes well!

      The insurance is complex, and I haven't fully researched it.

      How's the economic crisis in Italy affecting things other than jobs?

      I've had my driver's license for half a year now. I had thought about trade school, but that would mean I'd never go to college and get a degree. Both are expensive, and I'm not sure there's a trade I'd be willing to study and lock myself into that line of work for ages. I haven't given it much thought lately, and am conflicted, so I'm just trying to apply for lower-end requests here and there in the meantime. I have to write up a resume and cover letter. :argh

      Pollution :argh That's one reason I'm hesitant to live in a larger city. I've been to Italy, though, a decade ago (in teh summer) ... Venice smelled like sewers, but I don't particularly remember air quality issues with Rome. Is this something more recent?

      Have you travelled around Italy a lot? :hmm

      Too many options means I take forever to pick something. :geg Italians came last in Europe for ordering items online? :hmm Have you ever imported goods from another country?

      Ah, that's good.

      I should really get to watching Iron-Blooded Orphans. :sweatdrop I've been watching less anime lately - just keeping up-to-date with Haikyuu, Fairy Tail, and (now finished) Noragami S2. I haven't watched the Gundam show in several days.

      I help out at a book cellar that a friend of mine runs, though it's only once a month. It's mostly sorting through new donations, shelving books (never enough room!), cleaning/maintenance, lifting and carrying the heavy things, etc. Everyone else there is a lot older than I am, and often less healthy (former chain smoker with terrible lungs, or someone really obese), so my youth (and height) come in handy for the more physical part.

      Have you listened to any interesting music lately? :awesome I've been trying to broaden my tastes.
    30. Divine Death
      Divine Death
      It's someone who can shoot juice up someone's nose. When you do, you become the Fuko Master. :gar

      You should. :awesome

      At least one anime (Fullmetal Alchemist on Blu-Ray), more gift cards than I know what to do with, and other small things.
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