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Apr 16, 2013
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    1. Mbxx
      Your E-Mail is bouncing. You need to change your email. Thaaaannnnkkkkks. Check spam folder in case you cannot find the new confirmation mail or ask me / other mods / admins.
      1. sakuraboobs
        Feb 4, 2018
    2. Amanda
      You have the best set of all time... of all time! :love
    3. Choco
      At this point, I don't think she will appear at all :skully Kishi doesn't seem to like her at all. All of Taka made an appearance but her.

      I would laugh too. And especially after people kept claiming she respects herself and got over Sasuke. It would be hilarious.
    4. Choco
      They claim the gaiden is bad for SS but we're the ones asking for more and they're begging for it to be over :rotfl

      Kishi isn't done with them yet. Lol @ those in that thread going "B-BUT WHAT ABOUT KARIN??"

    5. Choco
      We asked a Japanese fan and she said it doesn't specify if it's ending next week so I guess not. These idiots will suffer some more :LOS
    6. Choco
      They're more obsessed about the "darling" comment than us too :lmao I can't wait until next week, the butthurt will be enormous, this forum will crash.
    7. Choco
      They're obsessed. I find it funny how they still read this manga just to whine and bitch about it every week. They complain how SS is "abusive" but when Kishi outright shows SS caring for each other, it's "forced" and "OOC." Bunch of loonies :catskully
    8. Choco
      They're so interested in me, I'm flattered :catslut
    9. Choco
    10. Choco
      "still doesn't change the fact that SS is shit!! you thathuthaku fans ignore everything because sexxx"

      Mark my words. Can't wait :skully
    11. Choco
      :lmao They're so pressed from a simple "darling"
    12. ch1p
      The NaruHina / Bolt thing have made me convinced even more so that the VAs were in on it. They knew this whole clusterfuck would happen. :lmao And they even start that interview saying that Kishi spoiled the ending for them 15 years ago. :lmao
    13. ch1p
      that shannaro one too. :cat
    14. ch1p
      shade to OD :cat

      yeah, but they're still trying with the experiment angle because they used his DNA. it seems obvious from celebi uchiha that if she was an experiment she'd be fucked up tho.
    15. ch1p
      that shade :cat
    16. ch1p
      I think Kishi was pushing with the experiment this chapter.
    17. ch1p
      chapter 1: asexual / gay sasuke is dead :cat

      chapter 2: forever atoning sasuke is dead :cat
    18. ch1p
      Urgh, you know that this lot is gonna get owned, and then come up with more fail theories. It will never end. Their loserdom is forever.
    19. Cord
      Hi. If you don't mind, I've reopened and updated this poll and added Mitsuki in the options. Also made the poll open indefinitely, so people won't have to complain for the lack of Mitsuki and create a similar thread just because of it.
    20. Zale
      The harder the journey the sweeter the reward. :catflower
    21. Zale
      I hope you'll like it :heart
      The best thing that you can do :hurr I'm also not able to watch an anime without reading its manga, I'm a canon fetishist. :catflower
    22. Zale
      I see you too :hurr grrreat taaaste siiisteerss :mahoucat

      I love it. It's great! I absolutely enjoyed it and it's one of my all time fav. , the characters are really growing on you. But I would advise you to rather read the manga, then watching the anime. The anime is incomplete and modified... :catflip
    23. Zale
      especially with that catmotion :mahoucat

      Same here. SS is and always will be my number one. There are few others I deeply care for: Ed x Winry (FMA), Ichigo x Rukia (Bleach), Sango x Miroku (Inuyasha), Yoh x Anna (Shaman King) and Kyo x Toru (Fruits Basket). Apart from them there are still pairings I ship, but they don't "effect" me. :catsupine
    24. Rima
      They're trying to get us to change our mind and ship their ships. I hate to break it to you, but that's never going to happen. You can throw all the insults you want. It's not going to change my mind. :lmao
    25. Rima
      They're upset by the simple fact that we ship SS. :lmao
    26. Arisu
      :catskully *high five
    27. Zale
      It should be possible. :maybe

      It's a masterpiece!! Now we are great taste sisters! :catwalk

      Are there any other pairings you like? :catblush
    28. Zale
      I still need an anti SP-FC :lbj
      They fucked up so many Animes...Naruto, Tokyo Ghul, Bleach, Great Teacher Onizuka,.... Seriously how difficult can this be, just going after the Manga!? :catflip

      #fuckSP #madhouse4ever
    29. Zale
      Yeah. The movie. :lbj

      I want SS/SSS in the manga, not in some shitty SP movie. It's neither canon (yeah I don't see the last as canon) nor are they able to handle SS #fuckSP :catslam
    30. Zale
      Let's hope for the best! :heart
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