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Last Activity:
Feb 23, 2013
Aug 11, 2011
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Sakura's big Bro', from Vienna

SakuraRocks was last seen:
Feb 23, 2013
    1. SakuraRocks
      ok thank you! :)
    2. Rinoa
      I'll move your Sasuke thread to KL due to potencial spoilers in the posts about the last chapter and since the OP already has manga spoilers fits better in the KL section.:)
    3. Dejablue
      I'm sure there is an Anti NejiHina FC. go the the fanclubs section of this forum and look through the directory. It's stickied near the top.
    4. Azure-storm
      Sup Sakura-chan. :33
    5. Azure-storm
      No problem. :)

      But could you reply in my profile so I can answer back easier. :amuse
    6. SakuraRocks
      well thanks for requesting! :)
    7. Azure-storm
      Thanks for accepting the invite. :hug
    8. Azure-storm
      Want to be friends Sakura. :iria
    9. SakuraRocks
      nothing much,... just posting on the forum!:p
    10. CarDonaII
      hey waz up:amuse
    11. SakuraRocks
      Thank you, I'm fine! How are you, Hinata-chan? :hoho
    12. RonyxJ
      Sakura-chan. :iria

      How are you today? :hi5
    13. RonyxJ
      Why thank you very much. I see you like Sakura-chan. :amuse
    14. RonyxJ
      Hi. Do you want to be friends. :yay
    15. SakuraRocks
    16. SmilesMcgee
      Thanks for the rep!
    17. SakuraRocks
      I asked for it politely but "come again" probably wasn't the best way to put it,... next time I'll write: "could you please repeat the question".. Maybe this will lead to less misunderstanding.

      I never meant to be harsh..
    18. MoN?S
      Well, my bad for assuming. However, since you said you're thirty and most of the people on here are in their teens, one can assume that it's probably not as easy. Especially if they live in a spanish-speaking country. That doesn't mean it was right for you to point it out and say that others can't understand it. We can because we try to. We pick out the pieces we understand, and if clarification is absolutely needed, ask for clarification politely. Simple, okay? I negged you because I thought you were impolite. I can see from your defensive, acidic tone that I wasn't wrong.
    19. SakuraRocks
      Well thank you!

      But I don't feel like I made a mistake! I just told a guy to improve his english! At the end of day it will only be for his own good!

      I hope you get my good intentions,..
    20. Louchan
      Don't worry about it. :33 We all make mistakes like that once in a while.

      And you're quite welcome. :<3
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    Favorite Character(s):
    Sakura, Naruto, Hinata
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 140 + 141, 166
    Chapter: 437


    NaruHina & SasuSaku FTW!! XD
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