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Dec 16, 2012
Sep 13, 2008
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Mar 25, 1985 (Age: 32)
In a magical land where the love is free and sex i
Training co-ordinator

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has the tendancy to bite x, 32, from In a magical land where the love is free and sex i

Saphri was last seen:
Dec 16, 2012
    1. Kakashifan727
      no prob. :awesome
    2. Lupin
      I haven't seen you in awhile. The KKxR FC has been dead.

      ~Nickzxc (had a name change.)
    3. Akatou
      you wouldn't bore me :del I hope your life's fine and not stressful and that work will get better :( ah man are clients driving you mad again?? :pek

      IT'S SO HOT HERE TOO - above all it was so cold up to a week ago, and no BAM, 30 degrees :argh but I'm enjoying it. Swimsuits and warm nights :iria

      I hope all's well, really - don't get me worried! I hope your family's fine and that your gorgeous hubby still indulges in cosplay :hurr
      YOUR DEVIANTART ACCOUNT, it's awesome. awesome. awesome.
      You're so good - I'm surprised at you not studying illustration at all, since you're that good. You have such a personal style :iria

      And thanks :love

      But I hope you'll be alright with everything now?
    4. Akatou

      Well, things with me are fine. I'm also rarely on, tbh, real life is pretty...uh, real. Comprende.
      I passed my exams and am official a fine arts student. Now holidays. So nothing much I guess :LOS more time for NF

      YOU? :iria
    5. Akatou
      ARGH :arg

      why hello there :hug
      HOW ARE YOU??????
    6. Akatou
      :laugh hehe no sorries! I imagine you're super busy!
      I am myself lately - let me join you with that coffee :coffee

      I'm well, preparing portfolio for exams in fine art and cultural analysis - actually, scratch that, I'm not well, I'm shitting myself and working my arse off :del viva la accuracy.

      You? Work being tough? Hope all's well in liiife~ with your hubby and artwork! Produced anything new? Hope the tiredness isn't being too tough - here's to another coffe :coffee

    7. Bushin
      Hi there Stef! :X3

      How are you? Haven't spoken to you in such a while... Had a bit of an "internet-lessness" spell. How is 2010 treating you? Good I hope.

      Been very hectic start at work this year. Very busy. But I shouldn't complain I guess...:ano
    8. Lupin
      I feel bad for the newbies who got red-ded by me. I was in a bad mood. :ano
    9. Sayuri No Moe
      Sayuri No Moe
      hey there, sweetie. Hope your headache is more bearable now...! Kisses! :(
    10. SammyQuill
      You're very welcome. And I really meant it, not just saying. Saph + pink hair = HAWT!
    11. dondigit
    12. Akatou
      Hii Saph! Merry *coughcoughLATEcoughcough* Christmas, and happy new year!!! Hope everything's ok your part of the world...and that you're not so busy as not to be able to catch up on stuff (i.e. the manga, fanfics :hurr)
      take care mah dear!
    13. clearheart
      Whoa, it's a Saphri! Yum. <3
    14. Lilith11
      Lols, I believe you XD Wow, you married when you were 18? That's... quite the young age to marry. Lols, there's this guy in our school, he's a freshie, 14, and he's engaged already.
    15. Lilith11
      ... I heard this from someone AND YOU'RE MARRIED ALREADY?! Dang... a lot of people at the KakaSaku FC are cougars.... O.o Lolz XD
    16. Lilith11
      Hmm... I have heard that you are another one of the pedobaits at the KakaSaku FC... XD
    17. Akatou
      yeah I also hardly have time to read or anything lately, let's not talk about forum activity :sweatdrop well, hope you're ok!
      oh and yah, I almost squeed, and realized I was being a silly exagerated fangirl, and then decided I dint' give a damn :hurr
    18. Akatou
      Haa you have to catch up...it kind of involves hokagedom although hmmm not really clear.
      Actually, it's just a good base for stories involving a certain pink haired person :hurr
      PEOPLE might say I'm IMAGINING THINGS! ...so what if I am :hurr
    19. Akatou
      Hi Saph! Long time not heeear!! How are you? smile-big
      Have you read the last chapter?

      :hurr you'll know why I ask if you did :hurr :hurr
    20. Bushin
      Hi there Stef. Just dropping in to wish you and yours a great holiday season and/or Christmas. May 2010 be a big year for you! I'm on a break from NF till January next year - so see you then!:amuse
    21. Bushin
      Very awesome indeed. The outfits looked so beautifully detailed. :X3 You officially have my stamp of approval.:thumbs Looks like the night got a bit "hectic".:LOS You got to love cosplay + alcohol!:datass Thanks for sharing Stef!
    22. Bushin
      Stef!:high Nice to hear from you again friend. Pics? Sure, send them my way - have been looking forward to them for a while... No worries, I'm also very busy on my side. The end of year rush.:argh

      What are your plans for the holidays?:huh
    23. Slinkymilinky
      haha, my boyfriends a twat, Have you ever seen the inbetweeners? if you haven't this will make no sense but:
      I was like "wow, me and saph are getting worked up over this ball thing"

      he was like "Why, it'll be fine!"

      I was like "I've never met an internet friend before"

      then he started poking me in the ribs going
      "Frrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeennnnnnd, special internet frrriiiieeeennnd, friiieeeeeend!" :notrust so I slapped him and he went "Seriously, its going to be fine!" :P

      I reckon if I get enough drink in me my boy will try and convince me waltzing is a good idea...i must...resist! I am looking forward to CN's dance! :P
    24. Slinkymilinky
      Hahahaa! its a good thing that I have practiced a signature for 'SlinkyM'!!!

      -oh my pretty SaphSaph, please don't worry, we will have such fun!
      I am nervous because
      1: I am worried everyone will think I am fat! (there is a reason cosplay looks the best on skinny Asians!)
      2: I am worried I may act like an overbaring twat and scare you further!
      3: That everyone will force me to dance!!!

      :rotfl its going to be awesome! and I am going to get one of those professional photo's done in the 'enchanted wood' and hope to get you and CN in it with my crew too! :laugh
    25. Bushin
      Just dropping by to check on you! You doing ok? Everything cool?:huh
    26. darkblossom
      Laziness is nice, but sometimes debating is just fun. And yes, better to love than hate. :hurr
    27. darkblossom
      You're welcome. And it's good that I didn't offend you. I don't like being on bad terms with people. A good debate is always nice, although I'm not good at debating. :amuse
    28. SP
      You're welcome. I might have to try that sometime. :kukuku
    29. Bushin
      Thanks a lot Stef! You always make me feel special.:ano
    30. Bushin
      Your too kind...:cry
      Cake AND sexy ladies!!!???:kukuku

      ...........................................sorry, zoned out a bit there:amuse

      I'm getting ready to take on the traffic. Man I hat traffic!:yell The bane of my being!:argh:gun 1 hour home - if I'm lucky...

      Anyway, I'll soon be off. I'll check in again tomorrow. Have a great evening!:salute

      (PS: how much do you have to go until you hit Luminary?)
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  • About

    Mar 25, 1985 (Age: 32)
    In a magical land where the love is free and sex i
    Training co-ordinator
    Favorite Character(s):
    Hatake Kakashi
    Haruno Sakura
    Uzumaki Naruto
    Uchiha Itachi
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode:Not really got one. Just so many to choose from!
    Like wussit to ya, huh punk??

    I has lotso hobbies. :p


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