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Sasaki Kojirō
Last Activity:
Oct 1, 2014
Jun 3, 2006
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Sasaki Kojirō

Active Member

Sasaki Kojirō was last seen:
Oct 1, 2014
    1. Sasaki Kojirō
      Sasaki Kojirō
      Oh just some post in the SNK vs SnK thread that was deleted for flamebaiting. Not a big deal
    2. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      What are you referring to?
    3. Sasaki Kojirō
      Sasaki Kojirō
      Wow that's the Gon transformation I guess. I need to catch up with the HunterxHunter anime.
    4. Roƅ
      My set is from Hunter x Hunter.

      One of the greatest Shonen ever.
    5. Kurou
      I see. Thought it was weird I'd never seen someone with the name
    6. Blunt
    7. Fiona

      Here you go :iria
    8. Zenith
      you should,that is a quality manga

      the heavens won't be laughing
    9. Sasaki Kojirō
      Sasaki Kojirō
      haha, you just really made me want more Vagabond scans.
    10. Zenith
      do you want me to cut you down Sasaki Kojirō?
    11. Xelloss
      I don't mind but if any of the threads turn into a shit storm I would close them
    12. Xelloss
      This kind of threads can turn into flame wars I would rather say you avoid them, specially since you touching very passionate factions of the obd.
    13. Soca
      love your journal there I was laughing all the way :lmao
    14. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      But of course
    15. Kenneth
      thanks :3

      i don't like to tell others how i do it, not even close friends
      sorry, it's nothing personal
    16. Dango
      And since when has flattery been a bother?
      Thank you, I rarely hear that and I'm not good with compliments, but this made me smile.
    17. Bender
      Rorschach ftw :laugh
    18. Sasaki Kojirō
      Sasaki Kojirō
      I've got this OCD thing about about reading something from beginning to end...same reason I havn't read FotNS.

      Thanks for the tip though I'm downloading the first couple episodes of the anime right now.
    19. The Imp
      The Imp
      I haven't been able to find any other links for phoenix. Volumes 2-5 are the only ones I have. They are stand alone so you won't be missing any part of the story. There are links to the anime in the anime dump that cover all 12 volumes and I've heard it's a decent adaption so it's worth checking out.
    20. Sasaki Kojirō
      Sasaki Kojirō
      Wow I haven't read TT in a while. Last I checked they had just finished this convoluted flashback and they were about to have the school tournament.

      I should check if Bob became a badass after his haircut sometime...
    21. ~Avant~
      The dude in my set, is the main character from Tenjou Tenge, Nagi Souchiro, in his Susano-o mode.
    22. Sasaki Kojirō
      Sasaki Kojirō
      No Im just retarded apparently...

      Thanks though, I like your paintings
    23. tom
      actually you probably have sigs turned off

    24. tom
      it's in my sig :)
    25. Deer_Hunter_
      I had 2 albums of him rain dogs and Swordfishtrombones I think they are one of the best things the 80's produced thanks for the rep, you should have a very good musical taste
    26. Hibari Kyoya
      Hibari Kyoya
      u a slam dunk fan :gar u shud join


    27. hgfdsahjkl
      vote for HxH manga of the month
    28. Sasaki Kojirō
      Sasaki Kojirō
      Didn't notice the new thread...It would be nice if Rippers puts out a scan some time in the next month too.
    29. The Doctor
      The Doctor
      Hey man, have you nominated a manga for MotM yet?
      Nominate Alita. We might get a chance to go to the final poll.
    30. Sasaki Kojirō
      Sasaki Kojirō
      No...I wouldn't say top favorite, even in HunterxHunter I like Killua, Hisoka and Kuroro Lucifer better.

      I do find him very entertaining and badass though.

      My very favorite characters would get raped by near anyone in the OBD
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