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Nov 1, 2017
Aug 12, 2006
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Saufsoldat was last seen:
Nov 1, 2017
    1. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      WTF? I thought you were in Atheist Heaven or something?
    2. Mael
    3. Bioness
      How are you doing? I haven't seen you in a while, Saufsoldat.
    4. Black Superman
      Black Superman
      I don't see what's racist about what I said. Show me all these black college students that get together and dress up in yellow face and bullshit like that, you hardly hear about that sort of thing because they know better. White kids are constantly pushing the controversy button like immature brats because they don't respect other cultures. Society doesn't humble white kids the same way it does for other children. Don't hate me, I didn't create the game.
    5. Seika
      Lol thanks...I guess.
    6. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      Then why did you neg me? That's how MacFarlane is like, and he deserves all the criticismo he got from the oscars.
    7. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      Thanks for the neg, you're sexist aren't you?
    8. MayuriKurotsuchisaNazi
      Thanks for the neg. I'll wear it as a badge of honor, to be negged by a brainwashed clown who sees Iran as a bigger threat than a real empire.
    9. Patchouli
    10. Patchouli
      I still love you. :33
    11. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      Talking to one of your German sisters who moved here when she was 12 on okcupid. I thought all Germans were like super geniuses or something.
    12. Darth inVaders
      Darth inVaders
      What personal beliefs did I try to pass off as facts? All I posted were facts: here I pwn the whole argument http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?p=47924317#post47924317 ... with more facts lol

      Btw The only reason I ever neg someone is for personal attacks
    13. Roman
      And he did so within the context of chasing Martin. How one can be so dense to not put two and two together is beyond me. I can only conclude you're doing it on purpose to promote your argument like you always do. We're done.
    14. Roman

      I'll give you that he called him an asshole, not a coon, altho the core message isn't changed significantly. AND he called him a coon on two separate occasions during the call.
    15. Lyndon LaRouche
      Lyndon LaRouche
      Hello, eric. How are you?
    16. Patchouli
      I have a question concerning that funeral thread.

      My intention here is not to flame or justify the thread being in the Cafe, I'm just asking because you're a Cafe regular. What constitutes real news? I don't understand. The source wasn't a blog, it was a real news source. The subject matter was the death in the family of a relatively popular political figure (granted, he's just a comedian, but he has had his impact on politics).

      I don't get it. :-(
    17. Smiley
      Yes, if I decide that it is, but that has nothing to do with the thread in which Hawking received hate.
    18. Smiley
      Sure they did. Let's mindlessly argue about the blatantly obvious, dog.
    19. makeoutparadise
      was machst du denn hier drau?en in der K?lte regen?
    20. makeoutparadise
    21. makeoutparadise
      Hello Suaf *hug* mine fruend
    22. ♠God♠
      Are you dutch?
    23. av
      You win on that count. My understanding of Oslo II was incorrect.
    24. av
      haha, come on +160k since 2000 is a pretty huge increase, but yes, it's not "exponential," if you want to pick at words.
    25. Saufsoldat
      1. When did Israel agree to leave Area C of the West Bank?
      3. :facepalm B'Tselem is biased? :facepalm What is this, I don't even...

      Don't talk about basic history and then make up non-existent treaties or promises.

      People from Lebanon and Egypt are bombarded by blatantly anti-semitic government propaganda on a daily basis, I wouldn't expect them to know jack shit.

      And I can indeed deny that the number of settlements has increased exponentially. Either you don't know what exponential growth is, or you're just plain ignorant of the reality of the situation.
    26. av
      1. There is nothing to be educated about - Israel is occupying land that it clearly and formally agreed to leave, it's best and virtually only argument being security concerns.
      3. I am disregarding your first source as potentially utterly biased. To be honest though, most of my evidence is pretty anecdotal - I have a lot of Russian Jewish friends who go to Israel on a regular basis, and that's the primary source for my view, along with basic history quoted in #1. Well, that, and a couple of guys from Lebanon and Egypt who generally take the other side in the arguments, as you might imagine.

      I will have to get back to you on a.) The number of killings. b.) The firearm situation. c.) Settler statistics - though I don't know if you can deny that the number of settlements has increased exponentially. Quick Search
    27. av
      1. I didn't specify - I don't care if it's in Gaza or the West Bank.
      2. I didn't say a single thing about the blockade.
      3. Haha, come on - yes, you do have to comment on why Palestinians get shot on a regular basis in the West Bank. You DO have to comment on why it's so easy for Israelis to get weapons and why it's virtually impossible for Palestinians. Assuming you are interested in commenting.

      edit: Keep in mind that there are ARMED settlers taking land from UNARMED Palestinians, in the west bank. Said settlers genuinely believe that it's their "god-given land." You don't see a problem?
    28. av
      Hey Sauf, I remember you from back in the day. Feel free to help correct said "ignorance," whether through here / pms / in the thread.
    29. trollface
      No, you are dreaming the exact dream they want you to dream. Read 091298645X

      or at least watch this:


      Then I will consider you educated enough to comment.
    30. Qinglong
      You're arguing over zoophilia

      You're a fucking degenerate

      Thankfully NF carebears to people like you so make yourself home in the Cafe
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