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Jul 6, 2020 at 1:56 AM
Aug 4, 2012
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Well-Known Member

savior2005 was last seen:
Jul 6, 2020 at 1:56 AM
    1. Kamille Bidan
      Kamille Bidan
    2. ShadowSoul
      whats the anime in your sig
      1. savior2005
        Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, although that sig is from the second movie.
        Oct 1, 2018
      2. ShadowSoul
        thanks homie
        Oct 1, 2018
        savior2005 likes this.
    3. Santoryu
    4. Phenomenon
      I was a bit confused at first but anyway thanks for the rep.
      1. savior2005 likes this.
      2. savior2005
        No worries, I was just messing around a bit.
        Sep 10, 2018
        Phenomenon likes this.
    5. Ayala
      I meant rep
      1. savior2005 likes this.
    6. Ayala
      Thanks for the rap man :)
      1. Santoryu and savior2005 like this.
    7. BigPoppaPump
      Where's your sig from? The blue hand drill guy.
      1. savior2005
        tengen toppa gurren lagann: movie 2 lagann-hen
        Jul 14, 2018
    8. Speedyamell
      It really does feel weird :cattired
      Thanks for the rep tho :cathifive
      1. savior2005 likes this.
    9. Zero890
      Thanks for the rep :)
      1. savior2005 likes this.
    10. Android
      Thanks for the rep bro, I owe you.

      I change my profile pic all the time, which one you were talking about ?
      1. savior2005
        Current one, something about picture of Adult Naruto's summoning jutsu that I like
        Jun 17, 2018
    11. Gin Ichimaru's Shadow
      Gin Ichimaru's Shadow
      Thx for rep, again:). I post things, that I find on the Internet, in order to bring happiness and joy to people's lives:)
      1. savior2005 likes this.
    12. Gin Ichimaru's Shadow
      Gin Ichimaru's Shadow
      I decided to follow ya, my man:).
      1. savior2005 likes this.
    13. Gin Ichimaru's Shadow
      Gin Ichimaru's Shadow
      Hi. Thx for rep. I couldn't answer, coz I was sleeping.
      1. savior2005 likes this.
      2. savior2005
        It's all good. Same to you, thx!
        Jun 4, 2018
        Gin Ichimaru's Shadow likes this.
    14. Gin Ichimaru's Shadow
      Gin Ichimaru's Shadow
      Good timing. Thx for 600th positive rating:).
    15. Buuhan
      Thanks for the rep, trust me the wank for that character is serious sometimes. I understand:blackhug
      1. savior2005 likes this.
      2. savior2005
        No problem
        May 23, 2018
        Buuhan likes this.
    16. Gohara
      Thanks for the rep! I always say that most of the things that we disagree on are about the rankings of the Admirals. Lol
      1. savior2005 likes this.
      2. savior2005
        Lol, yes you are correct about that!
        Mar 10, 2018
        Gohara likes this.
    17. Santoryu

      what's the anime in your sig?
      1. savior2005
        It is My Hero Academia. Check it out, it's a good anime/manga and they are about to release season 3 soon
        Mar 8, 2018
        Santoryu likes this.
      2. Santoryu
        Thank you :hurr

        Quite a few have suggested it, but I didn't want to invest my time into another potentially long-running Shounen series. Might give it a shot, though.
        Mar 8, 2018
        savior2005 likes this.
      3. savior2005
        No problem. It's not that long, and you can always take it one episode at a time (unless you're like me and you end up bingewatching animes lol) if you end up deciding to watch it.
        Mar 8, 2018
    18. Buuhan
      Thanks for the rep!
      1. savior2005
        No Problem!
        Mar 4, 2018
        Buuhan likes this.
    19. Gohara
      Thanks for the rep! I'm sure that we would agree on a lot of non-Admiral match ups. But Admiral match ups make up most of the discussion on the forum. So that's why it might seem like we disagree a lot. :p
      1. savior2005 and NW like this.
    20. Gohara
      I might have said no to low difficulty, but that's more than no difficulty. Also, I consider Shanks to be Pirate King level. I think that Pre Time Skip Akainu would give most Yonkou mid to high difficulty. I've always listed the Admirals in my top 25 of favorite characters in the series (with Aokiji being in my top 10). Shanks is the only Yonkou that ranks in my top 25 of favorite characters in the series. :p
    21. Gohara
      Since the thread has been temporarily locked, I just thought that I would clarify an opinion that you thought I have. I do believe that Shanks is significantly more powerful than Pre Time Skip Akainu, but I don't think that he would win with no difficulty.
    22. Kenpachi TZ
      Kenpachi TZ
      Heyo. Might I know where your sig is from? :mako
      1. savior2005
        its from Gintama. during the shinigami arc
        Aug 6, 2016
    23. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      That, admittedly, might have been a post caught in friendly fire. Let me check and see.
    24. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Sorry, your post might have been caught in friendly fire. What was the post?
    25. gold ace
      gold ace
      Keep on hating on Sanji :skully
    26. Nova
      Thoughts on my Avatar and Sig? :maybe
    27. Yuki
      Yups. :p But yea. Gotta go...
    28. Yuki
      Guess from my time. :p 4:40 in the morning. xD

      So yea i gotta go. ;-; Way too tired now.
    29. Yuki
      No point really. You either post down there or you don't. :p I am sure you've been down there more than once and if nothing stands out than nothing stands out.

      Good place to get sets though,. :p
    30. Yuki
      As say the rules of the internet. :lmao

      Well the One Piece section is mostly guys... the FT section has two or three girls.

      But if you post in the District or some of the other sections below Bleach, you'll see a lot of girls hanging around.
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    MARK MY WORDS...! This drill, will open a hole in the universe. And that hole will be a path for those behind us. The dreams of those who have fallen! The hopes of those who will follow! Those two sets of dreams weave together into a double helix, drilling a path towards tomorrow! And THAT'S Tengen Toppa! That's Gurren-Lagann! My drill is the drill, that creates the HEAVENS!
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