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Sawada Tsunayoshi
Last Activity:
Jun 21, 2018
Jun 13, 2013
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Sawada Tsunayoshi

Well-Known Member

Sawada Tsunayoshi was last seen:
Jun 21, 2018
    1. Gin-San
    2. TheScruffington
      I'll join if you mod me~ :wink

      Yeah man, I mean when I started out a few weeks into living on residence, I just went by myself for awhile. Then some of my friends saw me going every day and wanted to go too, and now we have a solid group of the three of us that go together all the time. Sometimes we're busy with school or other commitments, and it's just two of us that go, and sometimes we end up going alone. But for me it feels nice because it reinforces what I'm doing at the gym and makes me feel so much more confident.

      It totally is man. When I was in my first year of uni I went to the school closest to me. I didn't make a single new friend there because I didn't give two shits about the place. I mean I still had some of my buddies from high school that went there, but I just didn't feel like I should stay in the city anymore. Like I had to move on and find my own place. So I took a year off, and here now I have a place in residence at a new university in a new city. I actually feel like part of my school and the community. It's a really awesome feeling man. I'd recommend it to anyone.
    3. TheScruffington
      Oh, so you're at a different forum now? Which one?

      I recommend getting a workout buddy or even a group of them. It really helps you stay motivated. For those days when you're tired or stressed or just not feeling it, they'll be there to help you stop slacking off and get to the gym :p

      I know so many people in health sciences at my residence. I'm an English major and I don't know anyone else with my major haha.
    4. TheScruffington
      Nice man, what are you studying at uni/college?

      Didn't you start up OnePieceBay or something like that? How's that working out? I might be interested in joining, but I definitely don't have the time to be active on like five forums at once anymore haha.

      I've been pretty good after this semester man. Honestly, for the past year or show my life was a complete shitstorm and heading in a bad direction, but now things are looking up. I live on my own with 2 roommates at university, and next year I'm getting a house with my buddies. I work out pretty regularly, I eat healthier, basically I'm just taking better care of myself. And I'm being consistent with it too, it's not like I just dropped these after a few weeks :p
    5. TheScruffington
      Got my old account on here back.

      But yeah man, finals were rough. I just finished my last one today so tomorrow I leave residence and go home :p

      Gonna play a lot of League and all that on my break. Need to catch up on gaming and anime.
    6. TheScruffington (inactive)
      TheScruffington (inactive)
      Oh hey man!

      Yeah I remember you. I couldn't find you on AF just now, did you change your name on there or something?

      How've you been?
    7. TheScruffington (inactive)
      TheScruffington (inactive)
      I swear I've at least seen your username before haha..

      I honestly have no guesses right now, make it a little easier for me.
    8. TheScruffington (inactive)
      TheScruffington (inactive)
      I recognize the name but you're gonna have to jog my memory, sorry.
    9. Aries
      It actually starts this Saturday actually. Since the game will be split up into 5 sections you can play
    10. Aries
      Hey not to bother you but would you like to join this mafia game?
    11. ^Vegeta^Two^
      Hi hit me up with an email I wanna discuss something with you
    12. Impact
      Dat name :pimp
    13. Mei Lin
      Mei Lin
      I knew it was too good to be true :pek
      Now I have to dig through the old episodes for comfort
    14. Mei Lin
      Mei Lin
      Now I can always look at your avie, reminds me of good times :33
    15. Mei Lin
      Mei Lin
      What a bad ending for Tsuna in KHR, Wheres my TYL super cool pimp. :(
    16. Mei Lin
      Mei Lin
      I want you, ok I want Tsuna :tomato
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