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Dec 7, 2016
Nov 26, 2009
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Sep 10, 1986 (Age: 33)
Pittsburgh, PA
House Keeping at a Casino


Ten Wizard Saint ಠಠ_ಠಠ, 33, from Pittsburgh, PA

Sedaiv was last seen:
Dec 7, 2016
    1. St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
      St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
      Lmao carpel tunnel XD
    2. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      Ta for the +Rep my man. It's just a shame that Punk has gone home from the WWE :(
    3. Alicia
      I saw you played L4D2 so I assumed you did :ano
    4. Alicia
      Oh sorry :ano
    5. Lyanna
      Hi :33

      Dropping by to inform you that the final face-off for the FINALS of Miss 'Naruto' 2013/1024 Competition: Hinata vs Konan, has already started


      Click the link and vote now! :iria
    6. Jeroen
      You can download it from there.

      As for the Pirate Bay.. it's one of many sites that you can use.
      Although, I'm sure it will have everything you're looking for.

      Good luck with that btw,
    7. Evolution
      Happy New Year!
    8. Evolution
      Merry Christmas!
    9. Babby
    10. Babby
      What forums?
    11. Lavender
      I'm part of this Savior Crew on Social Club. I know you have GTA Online, so i thought i'd ask if you could join. Nothing obligatory though. All is ask is that you'll consider it.


      Just letting you know.
    12. SinRaven
      Will you do Chelia in the Miss FT competition like you did last year? :ano

      You have a few hours until the deadline is over.
    13. Lavender
      Maybe you already knew, but i wanted to let you know i've begun to start coloring TWD again. (With the holidays comic up and all)

      You can find some of my latest work on either Tumblr http://lavendeln.tumblr.com/or Deviantart, just look up Luddeking if you dont remember.

      Just felt like letting you know, with you being an TWD comic fan and all.
    14. Evolution
      Uhh, can't I just PM you here with the link and the other details?
    15. Evolution
      Hey, is your offer to review my fanfic and give constructive criticism still available?
    16. Gibbs
      Server is running maintenance. LF should be up in about an hour.
    17. Babby

      No idea. :zaru
    18. Babby
      Same like NF, though most of people who left FT section have come there, I am still here and there, so is Minty, RH, Zeref etc.

      Would be nice to have you there. :zaru

      If you do decide to join put me in your referral.
    19. Babby
      Oy Sedaiv, wanna come over to LuffyForums?
    20. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Concession accepted. I actually wanted to try and work past this, but if you're not even willing to discuss this properly or with some sort of maturity, then I guess this is pointless.
    21. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      1. Yeah, I do sometimes miss threads , but I'm only human. As many threads as I lock, there are still going to be a few which escape my line of vision. Also, while it's true I can let them die out, generally these threads would only die out after a lot of off-topic or spam posts. Better to close them before that happens then let people have the opportunity to potentially cause trouble and make me section ban/warn.

      2. Possibly. A lot of the time, I have to delete posts in mass bulk (10 or more in one thread), and I'll accidentally click an on-topic post. This is definitely my fault, but it's hardly an example of double standards.

      3. If you're not even going to bother trying to back up your claims, I'm not going to be able to acknowledge your point. If I was the sort of person to ignore things, why would I even reply or respond to complaints?
    22. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      1. To be honest, the fact that I even consider complaints is good enough. Most other staff would just ignore them, or leave them closed. I close threads based on my judgment, and while I acknowledge that not everybody will agree with it, that's just the way things are. I've began letting threads try and run for a few hours to check out what discussion they might generate, but generally they just end up in spam. Prime example is the JellalxMeredy thread.

      2. That's not how I decide what posts to delete, and you know it. I'll delete any post that's not relevant to the thread at hand; if it's constructive criticism, I leave it as it is.

      3. Figures.

      4. I'm unsure how this relates to apparently being an 'Internet bully'. If you want to bring up evidence, that's fine. I'll read and address what ever concerns you have, but so far, you've not really substantiated any of your claims.
    23. Sedaiv
      I'm pretty sure it was Azn who reported what's going on here to Atlantic Storm.
    24. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      I was directed to your conversation with Azn by someone else, so allow me to take the time to clear up a few misconceptions:

      1. Your locked topic was only example. There have been other instances where I have unlocked threads at the behest of other members.

      2. Zaregoto's ban was unrelated to spamming; he was banned for being a duplicate account of another user. In your case, your secton ban was also unrelated to what happened at the end of that conversation thread. It was for making numerous off-topic posts in the Twitter thread and a few other ones.

      3. In that particular conversation thread, I made a preemptive post saying which post would be the winner before the 2000th post, because I didn't want the thread approaching that many posts, since that's the time Tazbot comes and recycles the thread. I didn't name the title of that particular thread, and the one time I did make a mistake and win as a result, I let the community pitch in ideas for the title and poll instead of choosing one myself.

      I don't really have anything to say about four, though, since I don't remember what you're talking about.
    25. A. Waltz
      A. Waltz
      1) He's considered the points of people who have so called different views, he's reopened threads in the past based on requests from members. He doesn't view people that agree with him as being "above" others. Look at me, my thread still got locked even though it defended the dude. :p

      2) He didn't kick out Zare, he wasn't even a mod then! He only sectioned banned you & Bushman because you guys were spamming a lot.

      3) Got any examples?

      4) He doesn't act like a victim. I'm the one complaining about his maltreatment. lol. Give me evidence of him acting like a victim.
    26. A. Waltz
      A. Waltz

      I am not afraid of such fate, my dear Sedaiv. It is to be expected. And as you said, it needed to be said. Tis a shame you equate locked threads with validity for immobilization. Maybe then there'd be more leaders in this world. And less mouths flapping away at the mud from the rain gutters.

      That's how the Nazi party took over, aint it? With all the disparity there came bright minds ready to take control to mind their messed-up mind's agendas.

      Anyways. What you describe is not a Nazi. Nazi's didnt have the internet or forums. It is extremely insensitive to suggest that anything Atlantic Storm has done can be warranted such a title. You honestly do not know what a Nazi is if you think that using the title in such coy way is excusable. To compare a socialist regime that murdered over 5.7 million Jews to a guy on the internet that voluntarily helps an online community be less of a shit hole than what it actually is is really fucking disgraceful.

      It's such an insult, honestly.

      Please apologize to him. I seriously cannot put into words how much of an insult that is. To even just see someone make that comparison. Please, just apologize, and never in my sight make such a comparison again. I won't condone such disrespect to those who actually did live through the greatest event in the cruelty of man.

      Thank you for reading. I agree he can be strict at times, but he does it for the better-being of the section. He means no harm. This really hit a personal mark with me. I politely ask you apologize. Thank you.
    27. Laix
      of course :LOS half a picture, the rest is too naughty :hehee
    28. Araragi
      1) Yes he is. I can't even mess with people without getting the thread closed. It was more fun before :(
      2) Oh yeah. I see it
    29. Araragi
      The earliest set I've seen you with when i joined was the one with happy and Natsu's working out In the Ava. And Ezra groping herself in the sig. I'm sure it wasn't there last year.
    30. Araragi
      Sedaiv, bro. I haven't seen you or FT section in a while, and I came back to see you with a respect/disrespect list. I don't disagree but lol@bushman in respect list and jet pistol in disrespect.

      I won't even mention and ask why I'm not in either :pek
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    Sep 10, 1986 (Age: 33)
    Pittsburgh, PA
    House Keeping at a Casino
    Favorite Character(s):
    Anko Mitarashi
    Naruto Uzumaki
    Rock Lee
    Kisame Hoshigaki
    Madara Uchiha
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: Long Time, No See! Jiraiya Returns!
    Chapter: Declartion of War
    Pro Wrestler, Ametuer Pornstar

    Video games & cartoons


    Read & Rate my Fan Fictions or GOTO HELL! =D

    My Anime List

    Respect List
    Ms. Jove
    Mist Puppet
    The World/Boss
    Sin Raven
    Bushman (SAMUS FTW!)

    Disrespect list
    Atlantic Storm
    Jet Pistol
    Annoying Meowth Sensei
    Atlantic Storm (Worth being on twice)
    PwnGoatPandaman (or whatever his name is, f you Justin Beiber)

    Erza's Boobs

    Fairy Tail Section's Ten Wizard Saint
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