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Last Activity:
May 31, 2016
Jun 22, 2010
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June 19


~Winged and Burning~, from Asgard

Seraphyna was last seen:
May 31, 2016
    1. Zyrax
    2. Zhariel
      I accidentally removed all my friends at one point, thinking they would stay as friends but not show on my page. Oopsy :amuse

      So, will you be around more?
    3. Zhariel
      Hmm, I miss talking to ya! And also, I'm very very proud of you!
    4. duongvjp
      you mean "Picture diary of wolve couple" right? ^//^ i love them too but now i'm drawing a calendar ^^~ hope you like it when i've done 12 month i'll submit in DA ^^~
    5. duongvjp
      Oh yeah of couse i remember(asually it's because of your avatar XD)
      ehee welcome :)
    6. Zhariel
      Was for a good reason! :)
    7. Air D
      Air D
      You're welcome!
    8. Tsukuyo
      Though that's only light smut. :hurr For KidMaka, my awesome Soul Eater OTP. :ohpek

      Aww...:hug I hope you're not having any problems. :sniff
    9. Tsukuyo
      Yuki-chan. :<3

      I'm pretty fine, read some smut not a long time ago. :tomato :lmao
      How about you? :wtf

      Yeah, it's very quiet there...I'm more active here nowadays. :33
    10. Tsukuyo
      From SNP. :hehee
      Sometimes we chatted in the chatting thread with Daylite. :lmao

      I'm Haruka there. :33
    11. Tsukuyo
      You probably don't know me, but I do know you. :hehee
    12. Tsukuyo
    13. Legendary-flames
      No problem. :33 I really like your story. The feminine mind sure knows how to
      spice up those kinds of stories really good. :X3 Have you written any more?
      Would love to read them. :X3
    14. Zhariel
      Hey, good to hear from ya. I been doing okay, just working and stuff. Glad things are going well for ya :)
    15. Zhariel
      Been way even more than a while. If you pop in, let me know how school is going?
    16. Zhariel
      Been a while, hope everything has been great :p
    17. Libax
      Glad I could help, and the Selah version was really beautiful.
    18. Kyōraku
      Sorry then :)

      Good day to you too
    19. Kyōraku
      We all know that everyone does it :LOS
    20. Kyōraku
      I leveled up your Itachi so you can fap to him better
      Now give me cookies :pek:gun
    21. Zhariel
      Blegh, I have a meeting tomorrow morning, I need to be up early. Means I get to go to work for an hour, come home, then leave again in not even 3 hours.
    22. Minorin
      You gave me a bit of a shock, my gaming username being Seraphinya...
    23. Zhariel
      Yeah, I work for the corporate monster known as Gamestop. It allows me to at least relate and socialize with strangers though, they really encourage you to be as interactive as possible, my manager hired a team of ppl specifically for that. And yes, it's 11:40 pm. What time is it there?
    24. Zhariel
      I had work, but I was in a super good mood. So I found myself dancing a bit to the music playing, and being very energetic and friendly with customers. One little kid was like "Gamestop is the best place in the world!" as I rang him up, and I was like "Wanna work here? We'll hire ya as Xmas help, how's that? " And he says "I'm gonna buy like 100 games!" and me and his parents laughed, and I was like "...It's cute that you think we get paid that much. I'll get you a job at corporate, you can pick our new pay rate!"
    25. Zhariel
      So how was your day?
    26. Zhariel
      Hey there, are we FINALLY on at the same time?
    27. Zhariel
      No problem, I'm sure you'll be perfectly fine.
    28. Necessary Evil
      Necessary Evil
      heya ! how are you Seraphyna ? <3
    29. Zhariel
      Med student? Impressive. My cousin went through all that, so I know how stressful and time consuming it can be. And be careful walking home, get mace or pepper spray!

      My laptop just needed a new battery and ac adapter. But because I was using my warranty to get it, they make it a whole wait and stuff.
    30. Zhariel
      I know you're a Neji fan, so this is for you. When I get my laptop back, I will make avatars from it if you'd like.
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    June 19


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