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Jan 8, 2020
Sep 23, 2010
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Shaz1 was last seen:
Jan 8, 2020
    1. Radon87000
      So why you banned again?
    2. Indra
      >Sasuke never contacted Sarada even though he has a phone, his mission includes mapping out new areas, and he contacts Naruto frequently *possibly* due to Naruto recognizing his Hawk summon.

      lmao this is great
    3. Indra
      chapter ruined SS again :skully:
    4. Radon87000
      The masked dude and a blonde Onion Head shaped Uchiha.Scans leaked didnt you see em on NF?
    5. Radon87000
      Still its kinda surprising they revived the Akatsuki again.That organisation is running a little long in the tooth now
    6. Radon87000
      Did you see the recent spoilers ?.Salad is the MC and its all shitstorms everywhere lol
    7. Indra
      It is a bit boring there. Your rival Six 06 misses you XD
    8. Indra
      We miss you there man.
    9. Indra
      I got banned for saying ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    10. Radon87000
      lol your alt got banned.What happened to your main?
    11. Indra
      Did your main get an extension?
    12. Indra
      Just one more week left till SS gets destroyed
    13. Indra
      NS in terms of development
      NH wins just because it IS Nh. They are perfect couple, why? Because they look normal as fuck together.

      SS is just shitty as hell.

      I have been thinking this since Part 1 NARUTO. Never changed.
    14. Indra
      Endles was like
      "I don't even ship SasuSaku. I supported it because of how bashers it got, and chapter 699"

      Yeah and I'm Super Sayian :skully:

      Watch this shit get retconned and watch Endles be like "SS is the best thing since shaved ice" :zaheer:
    15. Indra
      Mods know they want to talk ish too. That relationship is utterly disgusting.
    16. Indra
      Spam/trolling for one day.

      Mods got fed up with my SS bash
    17. Indra
      I just want to see SasuSaku get thrown into the ground, and pissed on. That would end it right there :bdpf:
    18. Indra
      Agreed. I hope the story focuses the story on him next. I hope it does.
    19. Indra
      Which is why I both hope they glorify his problems with hsi father, his prodigy status, and his internal struggles together. If not, I'm going to be very disappointed. Those three combines knock ShitSakuandShitKarin on the floor with their glasses baby.
    20. Radon87000
      If SK Is canon,then Salad has both Senju and Uchiha genes so yeah she has the potential to be amazing
    21. Radon87000
      Yeah coz I got banned thrice neither of which was more than a day.Someone has a grudge against you.Better watch out even on May 11 because the next one may possibly be 3 months or so
    22. Radon87000
      Also continous threads being made on NB that Sasuke is still a virgin.These 2 weeks will be something else

      Its a pity you are banned otherwise you coulda had a lot of sarcastic comments to post in em
    23. Radon87000
      If SasuKarin becomes canon its a very odd combo :p

      It used to be NS+SK and SS+NH

      Bet no one though it would be NH + SK :nuts
    24. Radon87000
      But even most of the guys like your Swagbito Umadrbro and Kira admitted they used to say that as a joke not believing it to be real lol
    25. Radon87000
      Also fun fact?The mods of Naruto wiki are having a battle of words whether to list Sakura as a mom or not :p
    26. Indra
      Sarada was portrayed as an interesting character. Bolt is still undecided
    27. Radon87000
      But it also shitted on Sasuke because the guy clearly doesnt even care if he has a family.It invalidated that forehead pokeWhy did they even make it canon?
    28. Radon87000
      The most horrible part was when her daughter herself questioned "You think?Are you his wife or not?"

      SS actually got worse treatment than what a crack ship would get
    29. Radon87000
      Yeah it was a very sad ending for her though

      Sasuke stayed away from his family for 12 years.Thats irreverisible damage to the ship.Seems it only happened because NH happened and ironically Kishi needed a kid from Sasuke to do drama

      Never thought the mini series will cause such a shit storm

      You should check out the SS FC here from Page 17.Even there many are giving up.
    30. Indra
      I hope Kishimoto can stop riding Uchiha D for once and make the MC AN INTERESTING FUCKING CHARACTER.
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