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Jun 23, 2018 at 11:22 AM
Oct 14, 2017
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May 8, 1990 (Age: 28)


Well-Known Member, Male, 28

Says awaiting Mod approval..but y? Nov 14, 2017

Shazam was last seen:
Viewing thread War Arc Kakashi vs Tsunade, Jun 23, 2018 at 11:22 AM
    1. The Pirate on Wheels
      The Pirate on Wheels
      Thank you.

      But I'm definitely not sticking around. I still don't have any interest in this series and I have even less in discussing it with people. Particularly in NDB context where they favor ultra literal interpretations I've never been a fan of. I just wanted to see who was around, and engage in a little nostalgia.
      1. Shazam likes this.
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      3. The Pirate on Wheels
        The Pirate on Wheels
        Part of it is that it's also a very NBD-centric problem, and a manga problem. My interpretations are almost entirely literary, and I used the areas where feats and statements and portrayal overlap to make my arguments. That way I could translate my literary views into something coherent for the NBD's rulebook. That only works when the manga is properly coherent, but it hasn't been in a long time.
        May 23, 2018
        Shazam likes this.
      4. The Pirate on Wheels
        The Pirate on Wheels
        Feats, statements, and portrayals are all over the place, as is the power scaling and variances, because the series doesn't care about being coherent or consistent, or reconciling their themes among each other. So I'm not really keen on dealing with that. But! If you want to give it a go, perhaps the new generation can surpass the old.
        May 23, 2018
      5. The Pirate on Wheels
        The Pirate on Wheels
        This took absolutely forever to post on your timeline.
        May 23, 2018
    2. SakuraLover16
      Thanks for the follow!!!! I love your threads they always manage to spark heavy debates.
      1. Shazam likes this.
    3. Buuhan
      Thanks for the rep!!
      1. Shazam likes this.
    4. Buuhan
      Thanks for the rep! Nice avatar too
      1. Shazam likes this.
    5. Ogihci Shirosaki
      Ogihci Shirosaki
      Thanks for the rep. I like your avatar (and that you have one now). :catflower
      1. Shazam likes this.
    6. MSAL
      Thanks for the nomination. First time i've actually broken into the usual nominations. Couldn't rep you for some reason, as it says I have not enough friends when I have over 200, lol
      1. Shazam and Fusion like this.
      2. The_Conqueror
        You have on 4 friends in the forums :catfeels
        Well I am no better in that regard tho :cat
        Jan 23, 2018
        Shazam likes this.
    7. FlamingRain
      Thanks for the rep.

      I joined in 2013, though.
      1. Shazam likes this.
      2. Shazam
        Maybe im thinking of @Turrin then..hmmm, anyways merry Christmas
        Dec 25, 2017
      3. FlamingRain
        Merry Christmas to you, too!
        Dec 25, 2017
    8. Shazam
      Says awaiting Mod approval..but y?
    9. Gohara
      Thanks for the rep! :p
      1. Shazam likes this.
    10. Mider T
      Mider T
      Want a VM?
      1. Shazam likes this.
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    May 8, 1990 (Age: 28)


    :Shazam08: Moderator & Beta Tester @ Neoseeker

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