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Last Activity:
Oct 29, 2014
Jan 26, 2006
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May 20, 1986 (Age: 33)


Active Member, 33

Shika-Chou was last seen:
Oct 29, 2014
    1. ~riku~
      would just like to point out that you gave me my first positive rep on this forum

      thnx bbs
    2. Daxter
      Thanks for the rep. :33
    3. RFujinami
      Thanks for the rep!:)
    4. Dattebayo-chan
      Thank you for the rep! I'm glad I could make you happy by giving you something to read. :iria
    5. Krory
      Added you. :hurr Mine's mcbairdwich@gmail.com
    6. Krory
      No, sadly. We had to have our phones and such shut off. My brother and I even had to move out of the apartment we are in, now crammed into a house with four other people... sharing one tiny, shitty bedroom with our dog. Kinda sucks.
    7. Krory
      Yeah, I need a new way to thoroughly harass you. :p Lord knows I missed that.

      Yeah, gaming department is mostly all that interests me here, forum wise. At least you finally made your presence known. :p

      Well it's good you at least enjoy your job. What games?
    8. Krory
      Oh, I can't complain I suppose. Good to hear from you again. You need to be on here or MSN more often. :p My new MSN is mcbairdwich@gmail.com.

      So wait, you decided to wait a couple days to talk to me? What a tease! At least you're back within a month or so of my birthday.

      Nothing new and exciting then?
    9. Krory
      Oh. Well I'm always on, so...

      Hi. How's life?
    10. Krory
      Holy shit, you're still around?!
    11. Rukia
      I've actually lived in 4 different places since I joined the forums. I currently live in Oklahoma City. My main problem with living anywhere is I recently bought a house. My dad is retired and has done a lot of renovations to the house. It would be a shame to sell it.

      I'm going on vacation to California next month. So that should be fun.

      Batman The Animated Series is awesome. I watched it again pretty recently last year. Really good series. I think I prefer Justice League though.
    12. Rukia
      Well pretty good. I'm starting to get bored with my current job. I work on medical equipment. And I have been working at this particular hospital for a couple of years now. I'm the nomadic type.

      I think it would be cool to live in Canada for a while. I should look for a job there. :hmm

      (Probably not the sort of response you expected. lol.) What about you? I think you were in college fairly recently.

      I still read manga and watch the occasional anime. I have stopped following Naruto though. It's a series that could go on for another ten years.
    13. Rukia
      Hey. How are things going?
    14. Samari
      hey hi I'mm new here can we be friends!:)
    15. Shika-Chou
      oh wow! that's awesome! Good luck I'm sure you'll do great~
    16. FoxxyKat
      I'm doing great!:iria How are you? I just started school again for medical assistant. Wish me luck!
    17. FoxxyKat
      Hi!smile-big How are you?:amuse
    18. Kage
      yep ^_^

      here ya go
    19. Rukia
      Of course. :quite
    20. Eternity

      What is your wii name?
    21. Run.The.Animal
      I have been good, sweetie. How are things over there?:love

      i missed you, too. You are on so rarely. Not commending my own attendence, but... It is good to get to talk with you again.:glomp
    22. Scizor
      I'll play brawl against ya. =)

      But I cannot say when, as my gf has my wii, atm.
    23. Run.The.Animal
      Shika-Chuuuuuuuuuu. Its been, like, ten years... What are you up to?:love
    24. Rukia
      Lurking, eh? I have that trick in my repertoire as well. How are you doing?
    25. Elle
      Lovin your current set :love
    26. Rukia

      How have you been? XD
    27. Kyūbi Naruto2
      Kyūbi Naruto2
      Me too :) Have you played Bioshock or Dead Space?
    28. Kyūbi Naruto2
      Kyūbi Naruto2
      OOh I see. I know the feeling, I traded all my FC's in before I left.
      Its good to be back and I see your enjoying Left 4 Dead :grin
    29. Kyūbi Naruto2
      Kyūbi Naruto2
      Yea, I came back for a little while :) How come you traded ownership of the FC?
    30. Kyūbi Naruto2
      Kyūbi Naruto2
      Im doing very well! How about yourself? Long time no see :hurr
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  • About

    May 20, 1986 (Age: 33)
    Favorite Character(s):
    All of Team 7
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Valley of the End episodes
    Chapter: I Rescue gaara arc and reunion of Team 7
    All you have to do is ask~


    I got lost on the road of life today...

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