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shikamaru naraS
Last Activity:
Apr 13, 2019 at 3:15 AM
Aug 25, 2009
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shikamaru naraS

The hypocrisy of Kishi ....

shikamaru naraS was last seen:
Apr 13, 2019 at 3:15 AM
    1. What
      Where did you get the quote in your sig? So much burn in that one quote.:rotfl
      1. shikamaru naraS likes this.
      2. shikamaru naraS
        shikamaru naraS
        She was a member here on this site. She left the site because she’s not interested in Boruto but her quote is legendary
        Mar 27, 2019
        What likes this.
      3. What
        Oh, I see.
        Mar 27, 2019
    2. Ecei
      Thank you. I feel so welcomed. : )
    3. oMeGa1904
      Hey yo thx for the rep. Seems we are the only ones left. People who had the same vision tend to anbandon this manga.
      1. shikamaru naraS likes this.
      2. shikamaru naraS
        shikamaru naraS
        welcome , the has ended. I think people don't want to beat a dead horse :) but for some reason I keep coming back for more Sasuke.
        Jan 7, 2017
    4. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      Nonsense, your English is fine. Always nice to run into another member of the brotherhood of the Nara.
    5. shikamaru naraS
      shikamaru naraS

      Just saw you visitor message. Tried to reply by leaving a visotor message too but couldn't for some reason.

      Lex was my favorite character in smallville. Smallville's lex is one of those very well written characters. So many layers and so much depth with his personality and psychology , very interesting.
    6. Revolution
      Okay. I thought that would be the only reason someone doesn't like Taka. I won't say that again.
    7. Revolution
      Thanks. I think I've noticed a pattern from a group of SS-fans (not you of course) They are all calling me "salty" and "transparent" I think I'm on to them now. Fools and delusional morons.
    8. Hitomi
      okay, I will. :nod
    9. Hitomi
      aw really? that's sad but I don't mind that, I like a lot of villain characters.
    10. Hitomi
      yeah, he's awesome. his relation with his father and him trying to protect his friends and him trying to achieve his own goals all clashing with each other are really interesting.

      I didn't watch all the seasons but your set made me think of continuing the series now. :p
    11. Hitomi
      Lex Luthor :ruri
      him and Chloe are my most fav in Smallville :amuse
    12. oMeGa1904
      Hey i like your Lex Luthor set. My fav character in the Smallville serie, along with Queen, never liked Clark that much. You dont comment in the Sasuke FC lately. Been waitting for your comments. Since most are like my own thoughts about certain matter. I've seen you in the SS FC so that's how i know you are active now.
    13. Revolution
      Who is that in your set?
    14. Zale
      Well that's because I always was a big fan of your posts, even before signing up to join the SS FC, (lurking for years), your posts always included my thoughts and opinions, which I couldn't bring on paper because of my doubtful english skills, so I always enjoyed reading them written by you :amuse That's okay I'll wait, maybe oneday you'll have the time for it :) For now I hope you manage to clean the mess out of your life, I'll keep my fingers crossed.
    15. Zale
      "I will do a more detailed one later if SS becames canon." I'm waiting :33
    16. Revolution
      I wish I knew the name of the editor who suggested Sasuke and the team that helped create him. I want to read the manga and stories from those guys/girls.
    17. Revolution


      Thank you. You were one of my favorite posters. I'm sad that the ending was so rushed, but Kishi had no choice.

      To me Taka represented the victims of the shinobi system and the way they just disappeared where we speculate they were jailed (at least I do) it feels like Sasuke just gave up and surrendered to Naruto.

      Naruto would laugh and say "no, we both lost a lot" as he requires cooperation and did win his fight. We can only make headcanon and fanfiction about Sasuke's journey now.
    18. Revolution
      That ending broke my heart. You were right and I carried false hope to the bitter end. Sasuke is banished and alone. Or so it seems. Just wish he was out working before coming home :cry

      I wanted a revolution!
    19. Black Sheep
      Black Sheep
      Sup? Hows it going?
    20. Hitomi
      sorry for the hard time you get in ANS and the negs, not cool.
      I like reading your posts in the FCs we're joint members at. I agree with some and kinda understand your disappointment in Kishi. he used to be a good writer, but prolonging the manga had a bad effect on his writing skill.
    21. Blu-ray
      Thanks for the rep. I didn't even criticize the manga in the post. I just agreed with the OP and the fact that the posters where proving his point. He didn't take it well.:lmao
    22. kuruizaki
      Harassed is too strong. More like: "stacked against". Hehe.
      The more I tried explaining/defending the more it spiraled out of proportion. Lol.
      You hit the nail on that one though. Best thing to do is just ignore and move on. :)
    23. kuruizaki
      lol i haven't been negged but i get what you mean. hats off to you pointing it out. :)
    24. Revolution
      what do you think of SasuHina? Of course it has no development, perhaps negative development, but would you be in favor of it if NS happened? I like the idea of Sasuke being with a woman who does not put him on a pedestal and enjoys a quiet stroll (or sitting on a bench together).
    25. Amanda
      Let's keep fingers crossed then!
    26. Amanda
      He has spend the last 15 years tied down to writing this manga. He has admitted he has little to no social life outside his assistants. I suspect by now he's pretty alienated from how normal social relationships function... :lmao

      By the way, I've noticed the same pattern as you. Kishi decides that the endgame of some plot or development is B. This endgame is pretty obvious from the start. But then he throws decoys at the reader to make it seem like B doesn't happen after all... until it does. It happened just now too, what with Kakashi getting the Sharingan again.

      But I believe Kishi's pre-determined endgame is SS & NH, while NS is the decoy. Because SS and NH get more serious, big character moments, while NS moments are mostly jokes or little throw-away things.
    27. Amanda
      Yes. It would be terrible for Sakura and Hinata if everything their character has been about for this entire time was thrown under the bus just to make way for NS. It would also confirm that "Sasuke = shithead who doesn't deserve Sakura's love and therefore loses it" cause, so it would shit on him too.
    28. Amanda
      I don't want to post too much in the ANS FC as I'm technically the Team Switzerland here, but I just wanted to say I get where you're coming from. If we are honest with ourselves, then we can't overlook hints when they're in disfavor of our ship. Kishi making Naruto say to Sakura what she wanted to hear just like Minato said to Kushina what she wanted to hear could be there for a reason. It's too bad, since even though I have nothing against Naruto & Sakura, I'd absolutely hate to see the arguments made by many NS fans rewarded with canonization. The worst of which are the "Naruto is the main character so he should get everything he wants, too bad for the girls" and "Sasuke is an evil bitch, he should die alone".
    29. Revolution
      The Sasuke's Answer part of Sasuke's Answer was animated beautifully with light covering Sasuke, however, the moment they step outside it just looses it's magic.
    30. bluemiracle
      No problem!

      And no worries, take your time :amuse I would really like to hear your answer
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