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Last Activity:
Apr 21, 2014
Jul 27, 2006
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In my mind


Spectacular Insanity, from In my mind

~Shin~ was last seen:
Apr 21, 2014
    1. urca
      excuse me but whats the anime in your personal pic and whats the anime\manga in your signature?^_^".
    2. halfhearted
      And, it's nice to see you out and about once more! Thankfully, I'm healing with barely a scar for the trouble. Hopefully, a few months from now even that bit of scarring will have faded with time.

      As for the compliment, thank ya kindly. It's been some time since we've had a real quality travel-supernatural series like Kino or Mushishi, and I'm feeling the ache <3
    3. imperfek
      hey man love you signature~!

      can you tell me what anime/manga its from?
    4. Wobbly
      *holds you close*
    5. Wobbly
      Got DDLs?
    6. Wobbly
      I love you.

      Why, I have no idea how I should repay you.... ooo! I have an idea....

      *unzips pants*
    7. Wobbly
      The phone works both ways!

      Are either of those an action series?
    8. Wobbly
      Know of a good anime this season?
    9. Arishem
      The free stuff brings me back. :LOS
    10. Arishem
      Holy shit, you're alive.
    11. G@R-chan
      Welcome back!
    12. halfhearted
      You were missed <3
    13. G@R-chan
      Been a while you haven't posted anything on the forum!

      Hope you're doing fine!
    14. Raiden
      Taking this, Shinji. As far as I can tell, no one ever took it.
    15. Arishem
      Shin, what do you think of the spring lineup for anime?
    16. Arishem
      Thanks for the list. I recently finished Ergo Proxy and have just started Baccano.
    17. Black Leg Sanji
      Black Leg Sanji
      Hm... Would you say it started out better than the original?
    18. Black Leg Sanji
      Black Leg Sanji
      Thanks :ho

      And i saw you :sun me back, bastard.


      Anyhow, what did you think of Evangelion 1.0?
    19. Black Leg Sanji
      Black Leg Sanji
      Happy New Year :ho

      If you want to, there is a few titles you forgot to add in the Anime Tier Thread :LOS
    20. Black Leg Sanji
      Black Leg Sanji
      Hey man. Merry Christmas to you and i hope that you will continue providing your Recommendations in the KTV-12.

      I will get back to you next year or so probably for a fully complied list over anime from 2008 :wink
    21. Ricky
      Your set. @_@ Where is it from, if you don't mind me asking?
    22. KLoWn
      Thnx man, i'll check it out.
    23. halfhearted
      Not until you mentioned it. Although, I'd had it on my "To Watch" list for ages, since I'd always heard good things. However, that's changed now (for you too, going by your set and chosen ED XD).
    24. Haohmaru
      Thanks, that was pretty awesome. It really reminded me of Gainax stuff. The way they use action in scenes is really reminicent of Gainax stuff.

      I just saw this at Manuloz's blog q2X8rDwNyr4
      If you want details about the series and animators, you can find it at his website http://www.manganimation.net/news/2008/10/sakuga-dump-10-samurai-action-lone-wolf-and-cub-news/
      Really loved seeing all those awesome scenes.

      More goodness yhGTCiBg9mk

      You've probably seen this already, but who doesn't like watching these awesome scenes :nod
    25. murasex
      I like your profile picture. :X3 The coloring especially.

      /random person
    26. Captain Pimp
      Captain Pimp
      No problem :nod

      Yea, I also found it unique when they try to made the two arcs connect like that :lmao 2nd OP is good, but the 1st OP rocks more imo :p

      I know...they don't get much background development although Tsuna and Hikaru gets more likable :LOS Their last battles at the end of 1st arc are epic when you watch them :awesome
    27. Mr. Stud Muffin
      Mr. Stud Muffin
      Yo. Your new set caught my eye.

      Any idea what is from??? I like the character's design.

    28. Spartacus
      Wow, those two girls in your sig are hot. Where's that from?
    29. Wobbly
      Good man.
    30. Wobbly
      What's the name of that anime that's made from the same ppl as Samurai Champloo?
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