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Dec 15, 2018 at 10:58 PM
Apr 28, 2006
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Ur-Quan Space


Fanboy Destroyer, from Ur-Quan Space

ShinAkuma was last seen:
Viewing forum Naruto Battledome, Dec 15, 2018 at 10:58 PM
    1. Buuhan
      Thanks for the rep! Also like the Avatar, makes me feel nostalgic.
      1. ShinAkuma likes this.
      2. ShinAkuma
        Classic movie. Have had the same sig and avatar since I joined.
        Dec 1, 2018
        Buuhan likes this.
      3. Buuhan
        I can respect that. Don't need to change whats not broken right>
        Dec 1, 2018
        ShinAkuma likes this.
    2. Klue
      I swear you haven't changed your avatar since you signed up, lol.
      1. Seiko
        nothing wrong with that :)
        Apr 22, 2017
      2. ShinAkuma
        It's a classic!
        Apr 22, 2017
    3. the real anti christ
      the real anti christ
      Best movie ever you got going in your set. Mad respect.
    4. Jυstin
      I saw a reply in a closed thread before, by you, and I thought I'd shed some light with some possibilities on the answer.

      A better question is why didn't Itachi just finish Oro off right then and there? Itachi was a Leaf loyalist, Oro was conspiring to destroy the Leaf and betray Akatsuki so Itachi had no reason not to put him down.

      Yet he didn't.

      Or maybe he couldn't.

      I would say for one thing, Orochimaru left Akatsuki. In doing so, he triggered their pursuit of him for the purpose of disposing of him. Even the Akatsuki wouldn't just let him waltz away. I don't think anyone let him escape, but we do know he was definitely beaten in his encounter with Itachi. He admitted his inferiority. We do know, however, that he can merge with the ground, like Zetsu can, using a technique called Leech All Prevention: Attack Prevention Technique. We know, based on his fight with the Sannin in part 1, that he can use this Jutsu without arms. Even if Itachi had him utterly outclassed, he still could have made an escape via this technique, with his tail between his legs.
    5. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Indeed they do not, Mister ShinAkuma, indeed they do not.:quite Thanks for the rep.
    6. ShinAkuma
      Why would he mean that actual distance is the real reason when it was his jutsu that created that distance? He is specifically illustrating to Naruto that if he leaves to go after Itachi he will be captured for certain as Naruto is weak.

      If distance was really the only thing then why didn't they high tail it immediately? Jiraiya obviously felt that his presence was a factor and that keeping Naruto with him, as he did, was the best thing to do. He didn't take Naruto a million miles away. Distance is not literal, it is an illustration of the fact if Naruto chases Itachi there will be nothing stopping him from capturing Naruto.
    7. Bloo
      But I'm confused, Jiraiya clearly said his distance was the only thing keeping him from capturing Naruto. Obviously Naruto running to Itachi isn't going to help. But Jiraiya was clearly talking about the encounter, how they got separated because of Sasuke and it gave Jiraiya the chance to force a retreat.

      If it weren't for THAT distance Maruto could have easily been captured. I don't think he was talking aboutNaruto running off. He used the distance statement to make it clear to Naruto that he was lucky to have not been captured.
    8. Bloo
      You act as if Jiraiya could wtfstomp Itachi so Itachi needs to keep his distance in the first place.
    9. Bloo
      Let me explain something to you. When Jiraiya said, "His distance is the only thing keeping him from" he was talking about the present, not a future scenario.

      If Jiraiya was talking about Naruto meeting Itachi, then the distance would be gone. On top of that, Jiraiya would be talking about a future-tense circumstance, he was speaking present-tense. Meaning he was not talking about the idea of Naruto confronting Itachi, he was talking about Itachi capturing Naruto in general.
    10. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Thanks for the powerful rep.:argh
    11. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Hey it would be cool if you could post to my thread:)
    12. UltimateDeadpool
      You and I are on the same page there. Even the way they argue, it's like being back on the playground in elementary school. I'd give you examples, but I'm confident that you've heard them all as many times as I have.
    13. UltimateDeadpool
      To be honest with you, I'd hate to be on the other end of a debate with you. I'm glad that so far we've generally been on the same side.
    14. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      +1 for my love for you:)

      Perfect avatar, perfect sig just utterly perfect:amuse

      5th element is my absolute favorite movie.

      Multi pass 4 ever !!!:D
    15. UltimateDeadpool
      Jiraiya was able to use Sage Mode on his own, it was the Ni Dai Sennin that gave him unlimited Sage Mode; unlike Naruto's Sage Mode batteries which helped him to extend the time but didn't make it infinite and weakened him since he couldn't spam Shadow Clones.
    16. Legendarywun
      You might wanna check this out.
    17. Legendarywun
      I have a great amount of respect for you. Just wanted you to know.
    18. Goobtachi
      Keep barking,dude :ryoma :ryoma
    19. Goobtachi
      :ryoma :ryoma you keep telling that i'm illiterate eventhough i don't have any proof that you went to school, keep barking,dude :ryoma
    20. Goobtachi
      :ryoma :ryoma i told you that my illiteracy pales in comparison to yours and your entire family.Plus,if an illitearte like me pwns you, it's not a good sigh for you??:ryoma
    21. Goobtachi
      Waw, so you consider a contradiction being a big word :facepalm(you must have never gone to school,have ya?) .There is something i noticed here on the forum, the big mouths are usually guys who never went to school and that's actually pitiful.and you say you never contradicted yourself, you're pathetic, you said in one post that chidori and raikiri are the same jutsu, and the post after you say they're not wtf :ryoma
    22. Goobtachi
      That's not the impression i got.You keep contradicting yourself like a absolute moron :ryoma :ryoma
    23. Goobtachi
      Try not to be a joke every time you post,:hehee
    24. Goobtachi
      Speak about yourself,ignorant.My studies far surpass anything you and your family have ever done :ryoma :ryoma
    25. Goobtachi
      Stupidity is all i CAN say about you.I owned you so much it's not even funny :ryoma.There are unfortunatelly on this earth people like you who can't use their brain(why does nature make such mistakes??:facepalm)I won't respond to any of your posts since they are full of fail.And please GTFo of my thread.
    26. Goobtachi
      I'm sorry, but i'm gonna answer your post tomorrow with scans(manga canon)
    27. Super Naruto
      Super Naruto
      thanks for rep :)
    28. Nikushimi

      I'm leaving now. I don't have to put up with you or anyone else any longer. It's over, I won, the King's Army won, Itachi won. So you can shove it. :zaru
    29. Nikushimi
      Then I'll never mature, and I'll still be better than everyone, you included. :blinditachi
    30. Nikushimi

      I have like 3 days left, in fact, technically two. That's the only reason I'm discontinuing this discussion. But someday, when you grow up and find that little thing called humility, you'll understand that the reason you have it is because you aren't me.

      Until then ignorance and a small penis will rule your way of thinking. :blinditachi
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