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Shinigami Perv
Last Activity:
Aug 19, 2013
Feb 27, 2007
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Shinigami Perv

Go Hawks!

Shinigami Perv was last seen:
Aug 19, 2013
    1. Toby
      The fuck? You left? Man I wanted to have your skype at least. Please let me know if you come back, or contact adee for deets.
    2. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      I know you're online...why is there a guy threatening to eat people in the convo thread?
    3. mr_shadow
      I'll have a look at it.
    4. The Pink Ninja
      The Pink Ninja
      I see you appreciate my D&D joke
    5. Jeαnne
      Sauce's poll is up :D

    6. Mael
      We could hope...
    7. Mael
      It would be dickish if you were antagonistic in intent, which you weren't.

      Unfortunately, Stage 4 cancers do require an insane amount of treatment because they still are able to be beaten, but yeah the odds are not very favorable...especially concerning WHERE the cancer actually is. If it's spinal, then game over.
    8. Mael
      Well duh...there are always crackpots to the point to where they're now just trolling.
    9. Toby
      I think there's more funding for it given what happened in 2008 in wealth management funds, but I was impressed to see it in Barclays. There is a behavioural finance asset price model which is precisely designed to work with the cognitive biases seen during a crisis. That might be what they are working with. I will look into this further. I am thinking of reading more Bayesian statistics after having seen what behavioral economists use it for, and given the good rap Nate Silver has been giving it. His book on predictions is pretty good.
    10. Toby

      Behavioural finance unit at Barclays. Seen any of this on your side of the pond?
    11. Revolution
      thanks for the rep, Shinagami Perv :awesome
    12. Toby
      Did you see this? Golden
    13. Mael
      Blame the HoU and SS-tards. :pek
    14. Mael
      Well thank you.
    15. Bender

      I likes it :kthumb
    16. Bender
      Started the "Remember the 26" Twitter page ya suggested. What should I say in the bio? Got an idea?
    17. Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strike
      That's a cool story about your friend. Was he a friend you kept/keep in touch with? Knowing a professional sportsman is always fun. One of my mates got drafted to a professional sports team as well, haven't changed the team I support though haha.
    18. Bender
      Nice title ^.^

      I'll go with it
    19. Ichi Sagato
      Ichi Sagato
      Some people here are so desperate to change other people's mind that they think of their career on NF as some sort of warped quest for propaganda. They don't understand that to the most of us its just a place to discuss politics and socialize. No one is going to change the world from the cafe section of NF. :lmao
    20. Revolution
      lol, thank you. remind me to rep you later 24'd
    21. Mael
      I'm not too big a fan of those since my gaming has actually fallen off considerably. I've gone back to console gaming as well. Though I did play the Rome: Total War and Medieval: Total War games which I did enjoy when I smashed Carthage beneath my Centurion forces.

      Matter of fact, the big game on my radar is and will be for a while Spec Ops The Line.
    22. mr_shadow
      Thanks. In answer to your question:

      Most newspaper stands sell only Chinese-language publications. Some may carry the English-language "China Daily". All if these are in one way or another controlled by the Communist Party. There are no privately owned newspapers in mainland China. I'm not entirely sure if foreign papers are absent because they are banned, or if it is because most Chinese can only read their own language and therefore would not buy them.

      The university did not supply a tv for my dorm room. I had a tv in the hotel I stayed the first week, which had only Chinese channels. None of which are privately owned. I don't know if you are allowed to pick up foreign channels by satellite or not.

      The internet is censored via "the Golden Shield", nicknamed "the Great Firewall of China". It's one or more computer programs that scans sites you want to visit for unsuitable content (porn, drugs, gambling and regime citicism). However the automatic search is stupid and easy to fool, so you will only have trouble with sites that have been manualy blacklisted by the Chinese police. If a site is blocked you get an error message, similar to those generated by technical errors.

      While you can access blocked content via proxy servers, I'm not really going out of my way to find alternative newspapers, television or websites. I'm hear to learn Chinese and the Chinese lifestyle, so I will make due with what is provided to the people here. I do however often check up on Swedish news on the website of Dagens Nyheter, which is not blocked. Probably because the police think most Chinese do not understand Swedish anyway and it's therefore harmless. I can also access Reuters (more of a surprise there), which is where I usually get English-language articles on stories I've discovered throug the Chinese media.

      But Chinese newspapers and television news ultimately lead back to the Xinhua ("New China") News Agency. They are the ones that set the tone for what kind of news the Party want people to hear, and many outlets just copy-paste Xinhua stories. That's why I wrote that while here my perception of the outside world is guided by Xinhua's priorities.
    23. hammer
      sexy zaku ass
    24. Roman
      I need to find out what movie that is :lmao Tony Stark :ohpek
    25. Roman

      What movie is this from? :wtf
    26. Arsecynic
      Thanks dude. :) Anything to make this shitty day better. :| Lol, if only you coulda offloaded Dzeko & Tevez.
    27. Mithos
      Thanks for the rep :hurr
    28. R00t_Decision
    29. R00t_Decision
    30. Applejack
      You are really intelligent and rational :33
      You have my respect.
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