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Jun 17, 2019
Oct 8, 2004
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Mar 24, 1988 (Age: 31)


Well-Known Member, 31, from NY

shintebukuro was last seen:
Jun 17, 2019
    1. Ganta
      Only when new breeds of Idiots post shit I can't ignore :lmao
    2. Ganta
      Tis been awhile :sag
    3. Rythik78
      Thank you for the rep.
    4. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      I agree... the portrayal was something totally different.

      The only rationalisation I can think of that justified Jiraiya's worry was how Kurama's uncontrolled shroud corroded Naruto's body and Yamato mentioning how only Naruto's body could handle the abuse.

      With that notion it makes sense with Kurama's seemingly explanation of Minato and Kushina. Plus it makes sense how it fits with Minato; he'd be able to link to all his comrades and protect them with Hiraishin.
    5. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Maybe we were wrong and "that jutsu" was probably something like the chakra transfer? =/
    6. Asura 大神
      Asura 大神
      Thanks for the rep.
    7. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Tbh, since we're probably not going to hear about it* I reckon "that jutsu" was probably Hiraishin. What about you?

      *Assuming we're not pleasantly surprised with DB4.
    8. Kusa
      Thanks for the rep. Also i am glad you like my picture(my ava).
    9. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      It is now or never, Naruto has to use "that jutsu" in this battle or Kishi obviously forgot about it.
    10. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      the only thing that convinced me that it was "that jutsu" was after you mentioned it was the only new jutsu he tried to use since having Kurama. Then there was Naruto picking up that Hiraishin kunai for unknown reasons.

      My guess was it was originally meant to be something like Hiraishin or some Uzumaki jutsu. But for some reason Kishi just forgot about it.

      I agree with Hiruzen, we had absolutely nothing to show us why he was given his reputation. Not even a Sage Mode which could have been set up with the cave Son was from.
    11. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      What's your opinion on how "that jutsu" was handled?
    12. Jellal Fernandes
      Jellal Fernandes
      Thanks man haha!!!
    13. Invictus-Kun
      Dude, wazzup, your sig about Hagoromos brother related to snakes, i just want to know you reference, im making a thread about it, and your sig got my attention, ill appreciate your info and reply.
    14. Cord
      Done. I made slight changes to option 2 since it was too long. It cannot go beyond 100 characters.
    15. Cord
      Just give me the poll question and the options and I'll set them up in the thread you already made. And when I do, do you want me to make the voters public or not?
    16. Cord
      Need help with this?
    17. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      I kind of like it. Though for a while now, I've been setting very low expectations and that seems to work. Plus taking the ultra simple approach to things seems to work well with that e.g. I thought both Kamui eyes do something different, so they will probably give some third power.

      Well... tbh, it isn't the same series I picked up. With space ninja shit and all that... I'm essentially reading now just to see how it all ends.

      Some posters are just... I don't know what to say. (Reference to the thread I made about that jutsu.)
    18. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      I admit that I was wrong: you are very likely right about "that jutsu" being Rasen Senkou Chou Rinbukou Sanshiki.

      Thought about it, and it makes perfect sense. I'll +rep you in the post you mentioned it.
    19. HawkMan
      I completely agree regarding the composition of the forum, but it's OK.

      Ya Game of thrones was epic, it's basically the only television I'll watch throughout the year-nothing interests me like so. Currently I'm playing Guild Wars 2, considering picking up Titanfall. I also stream occasionally on Twitch.
    20. HawkMan
      Well, I was originally perma-banned and had little desire to return, though I still habitually read the manga. Given the proximity to the end,the powers of nostalgia convinced me to request freedom; which I was fortunately granted.

      Ill be honest I'm quite rusty and do understand the wear some of the veterans seem to exhibit. I'm just here to see it to the end with a few folks. Relationships and interactions are more meaningful than the outcomes of this manga.

      I'm in love with attack on titan, still read for pleasure, and have replaced writing with pc gaming- mostly esports stuff.

      And of you? Any new hobbies?
    21. HawkMan
      Lol, I suppose it would be shocking. Been a long time.

      I'm good bro, life has treated me fairly well; thanks for asking, it's good to see ya. How are things? (generalisation-take it in whatever context).
    22. HawkMan
      Hey old friend.
    23. Deynard
      Honto ni thanks for rep
    24. Kai
      Thanks for the rep, shintebukuro-san

    25. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Pay super close attention to details, such as using details to claim a jutsu Godliness? I say this because the Izanami support you planned to use could fall under this.

      Of course if it makes the Izanami rules clearer, and it purports what you claim it does. Then I'd happily concede to the point that Izanami would change Itachi's strength level quite drastically.


      That sounds like you just made almost good predictions. In a similar vein you can say all the people who called the Juubi, SM Naruto, Version 2 Naruto, Jinchuriki Minato, SM Hashirama, Madara being the guy in the VotE statue the idea of there being an Uzumaki clan, those who said the Rinnegan would wind up stronger than the EMS etc also made almost spot on ? if not, completely spot on ? predictions... well before the manga confirmed them.

      Should we assume that they all have a special insight no other posters had? Mind you, you would consider, and have considered, some of these posters as bias people with some agenda.

      Should they harp on the fact they they were either spot on, or pretty damn close?
      For instance: should I harp on the fact that Nagato was still immensely powerful as a cripple? (Whilst Kabuto hyped his prime state.) Should I harp on the fact that the Rinnegan winded up being the more powerful Doujutsu relative to the EMS?
      Should I also harp on the fact that I was among those who claimed Naruto would eventually use KSM, and that Sasuke would only face Kabuto after obtaining the EMS?

      Or should I view those good, or almost good calls, as what they were: just predictions which happened to be good?

      I'm interested in your response to this.
    26. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      I'm just saying it becomes questionable when Itachi is involved, the guy who tends to shoot down the databook wants to use it to support his Izanami point.

      Of course what I'm expecting is that you may latch onto some small Izanami comment whilst neglecting the databook's other comments such as Sasuke's MS power.

      Well if you had a perfect record, it would actually mean something when you reference the author's intent. However when the guy who claimed Nagato was a weakling (i.e. nothing to offer beyond Pain), the Rinnegan would be fodder compared to the EMS and disregards MS Sasuke's accomplishment (see Itachi's comment combined with Sasuke's use of the MS relative to Itachi's) starts to believe his interpretation is shared with the author and his staff... it becomes questionable.

      In short you're just like any other user whose been right and wrong some of the time. You have no additional insight.
    27. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      I'll just wait until the 4th databook where Izanami will be hyped to high heaven. See you then.
      >Says databooks are not worth listening to
      >Itachi argument enters
      >Says he will use 4th databook to support his point

      That will turn you into the laughing stock, for obvious reasons. :lbj
    28. Amanda
      Thank you for the rep and the compliment - I do my best.
    29. Lyanna

      I would just like to ask if you want to vote in the Miss Naruto Competition : Ino vs Temari :33


      There's still an hour left before the poll closes :amuse
    30. Sniffers
      Thanks for the rep. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks so.
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