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May 20, 2017
Dec 2, 2012
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Mind your sugar levels, from Canada

Shiroyasha was last seen:
May 20, 2017
    1. Neruc
      Indeed he is.

      I am afraid that she's an OC (original character) of the artist who drew her.
    2. Neruc
      Fellow fan of Holyland? :brofist
    3. Fenrir
      I've been told to

      I will, eventually

      My backlog of shit to watch/read is just massive now :catcry
    4. Butcher
      I doubt that, but I'm all for being proved wrong :).
    5. Fenrir
      Oh don't worry, I get that a lot :catwalk
    6. Butcher

      The Gintama anime makes too much money for Sunrise to just end it. They probably just want a shit ton of chapters to build up so that they can adapt a good amount of episodes.

      Thing is, Sunrise usually blasts through 3-5 chapters nearly each episode very casually. So, we'll be waiting a while.

      I'd be totally cool with a 24 episode season every once and a while.
    7. Butcher
      Your welcome.
    8. Fenrir
      If real snow was Canadian snow then as if I'd ask for that

      You can all can disappear in cold and silence :cat
    9. Fenrir
      Canada level snow is bloody retarded anyways

      That crackpot weather is by no means the normal standard

      I want real snow, not slushy shit falling on my head :catflip
    10. Fenrir
      Wat :lbj

      It will never snow in England

      Never :catflip
    11. Fenrir
      Nothing much

      Well besides getting ready for uni next year

      How about you?
    12. Butcher
      That. Looks. Great!

      Thanks Shiro. Totally gonna wear it it the next time I'm in a John Constantine mood.
    13. Fenrir
      MY NIGGA YOU'RE ALIVE :catsad
    14. Fenrir
      . . . .Shiro?
    15. Shiroyasha
    16. Butcher
      Crop this picture into a nicely sized avy of 150 x 200, with a solid black border.

      I've tried cropping it into a 150 x 200, but I keep getting 2-5 pixels off :cry.
    17. Butcher
      Yo Shiro, need a favor.

      Involves image stuff, btw.
    18. Butcher
      TRC's art is really good, but the fight scenes are a cluster fuck.

      I can barely tell what goes on in the panels. Oh, and one of the mains, Kurogane, looks a lot like FSN Lancer.

      Actskinda like him too.
    19. Butcher
      I've been asking around for the chapters where TRC crosses with xxxholic, but no one seems to answer me :cry. I could look through he 80+ chapters of xxxholic I've already read, but that would be so much work.

      So, how is Cardcaptor Sakura?
    20. Butcher
      Oh, and I picked up Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE.

      Been a while since I've read something with different worlds and stuff.
    21. Butcher
      The anime movie actually got me into trying Persona, that and the 7 dollar price tag for Persona 3 FES on PS3.

      The first movie is alright, but really pretty. It actually adapted the game really well, and cut out the unnecessary slice of life.

      The second movie will adapt where things start getting really interesting.
    22. Butcher
      I got one month(in game time) until I finish the game, actually. Been playing it regularly for a month and a half now.
    23. Butcher
      Its Persona. Her name is Aigis, a robot.

      And yeah, I really like Persona atm. Not the greatest thing ever, but still some really good stuff.
    24. Magnum Miracles
      Magnum Miracles

      I've only seen the first season of Natsume, but it's a bit too dry for my tastes. Mushishi is much more emotional and has better lore.

      I do plan to get back to Natsume soon though. Butch accidentally downloaded the first ep of the 3rd season instead of the first ep of the first season , and that was better than most of Mushishi.
    25. Butcher
      I hope I don't, honestly.

      I've never felt better.
    26. Butcher
      And I miss mvc a little.
    27. Butcher
      Shiro, you can't replace the Morph I miss :(.
    28. Butcher
      You'd be right, since Season 6 & 7 has run the show into a Bleach-like-crater, which it is now very slowly digging its way back out of.
    29. Butcher
      Now all you have to do is watch the better version, which is called Firefly.
    30. Butcher
      Somewhere 7ish, probably.
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