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Last Activity:
Aug 13, 2014
Nov 1, 2004
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is dead, from blargf

Shisui was last seen:
Aug 13, 2014
    1. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      Your name does indeed carry a lot of potential as mine. :hurr
    2. Namikaze Minato
    3. takL
      dont worry about the rep thingy. i just like ur earthy posts and feedbacks
    4. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      My man, how have you been doing?

      Been on hiatus as you can tell. What's been going on?
    5. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Hey, would you mind looking into this translation as well?
    6. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Man, what have you been up to?
      Where have you been? lol
      How have you been doing?
      Happy New Years btw
    7. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yo, just finished volume 37 of Getbackers (which I never finished translating before) and um... I would love to tell OBD I told them so. Clearly it has an explanation of Ginji and Masaki fighting at the speed of light. Masaki clearly states that his particles of the light that he emits are MASSLESS (which means that they always travel at light speed). Ginji was absorbing photons and using them to travel through the gaps of space-time. Eventually he was moving faster than Masaki. Hell, Ban and Paul were talking about the fight and saying that Ginji's electrons were a part of Masaki's light and that the two had elements that shared similar properties and velocities (implying that they are adding the fact that Ginji has infinite energy). Smh... even with solid scans, OBD would never accept it. They would look at the end of series feats (for this manga) as outlier. Yet they wouldn't do it for any other series. F**k em...
    8. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      My brother, long time! Thought we'd catch up! What's up? How have you been yo?
    9. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Well sir, how are you doing?
      Take a look at something; it is the reason for my long absence here... (that and the excessive ignorance lol)


      If you click on the Lionel Suggs link under the title, you'll see the rest of my collection so far...
    10. takL
      haha i didnt mean to sound like so especially to someone like you with great command of both eng and jp but thanks!
    11. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Hey, thanks! I very much appreciate the Yohan trans!
      (I love poetry, how dare you not give it all lol)
      But I'm in no rush my friend. Take your time, you are doing a great job. Hell, volume 34 and 35 are done after you finish 33.
    12. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin

      Can you translate this small page for me please?

      And this one, sorry

    13. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yo, where have you been?
      )= No communication at all! It's my fault too lol
      What's up?

      Btw, I have a new project for us. It's only half of Volume 9 and all of Volume 10 of this manga called Saiyuki!!! Interested?
    14. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      can't wait for the next chapter yo! The Miroku Seven...
      once we get to the end of volume 33, i guess you get sort of a break? lol
      34 and 35; you already did.
      so we can jump to 36... finish up 37...do the other half of 38, and redo 39 since my trans are the Australian ones...
    15. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Hell!!! Yeah!
      did you see how fast shimon got to Der Kaiser?
      and ginji and ban intercepting his attack! looks like they are at 100% now
    16. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      so The Archive and Makube (girl with the rabbit) are actually the same person???
    17. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin



      yo, can you get these translated for me real quick?
    18. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      hmm...where have you been? lol
      have you forgotten about me )=
    19. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Thanks man! We've sure come a long way since this all started haven't we?

      now if only the people i'm working with for my novels would get a move on lol
    20. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Need a favor...

      Just these two pages translated. Trying give some evidence on something. You'll see it once you translate it lol. Thanks
    21. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Nah, don't worry about it. I'm done them son... They aren't comprehending anything but what they want to believe... if its not Saint Seiya, JJBA, Bastard, or Tenchi, or laid out in pictures, its not real. Idiots
    22. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Just got your message!! Thanks! I'll get to work now! lol
    23. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      I know that you are super busy now... but could you take a sec to halt vol.31 and do these next three chapters for me please? I know I sound greedy but still... I'm at the end of everyone calling me a liar. This is pretty much it.

      it starts here
      It ends here


      It starts here
      It ends here

      It starts here
      It ends here

      Basically you'll see... the guy is saying "Light Element", "The reason things can see is because of light", "Wave Motion" (light wave), "Photons" (how can you argue he's not using light? lol I have an alt. translation of two pages) But yeah, think we can jump on this my friend? The first chapter I don't really care about but i think it may be important, but the second two I do.

      But more importantly, I need these few pages translated asap. It seems like I have a decent feat that counts as a speed one and people are waiting... lol
      (it doesn't seem like its that much text either)

    24. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yup, he told me about it already..
      I'm back for the time being... This Octrahedreal dude its seriously contradicting himself now...Look at my last post on the page...

      He accepts the fact that Emishi is supersonic by his explanation of it, but doesn't accept that Masaki's light is light because of his explanation of it which is far more realistic that Emishi's show of his whip... I don't think I really want to argue anymore because the guy is a hypocrite and as I prove everything he claims was a lie, he just downplays it to the max...

      Can't wait for 31!!! lol

      Oh, this weekend...back to work again )= 5 days of hell lol
    25. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Just as I was hitting you up! lol Yo, on the GB FTL thread, saw my last post. Beautiful scans of why Ginji's lightning is the same that shoots over Infinity Fortress! Took me a minute but I got it down.

      if we can get that Ginji vs Masaki fight translated, the whole darn argument should be solid!
    26. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      I'm back son! Internet is up and running!
      Thanks for the patience!
      What's up?
      Is 31 starting up yet?
    27. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Man...work...work...that's all I can say.

      My weekend...ugh... Lol
      At least you have a GF... I am single. )=
      How was it confusing if I may ask?

      I've been working on my novel in and out. I have dated around but its leading to nowhere at all...
    28. ~Greed~
      Could you translate this page for me shisui?

      Its for a argument in favor of getbackers. Thanks.
    29. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Have you started on chapter 7 yet my man?

      That's where it starts lol

      How are you doing btw? enjoying your weekend?
    30. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      That dude is crazy and is obviously overlooking the story that leads up to the feats and etc...
      Its like he read how his light works and still he is like, oh its not a good speed feat.

      Endless Mike clearly said it was a feat, but more feats are needed to support it.
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