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Jul 21, 2009
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    1. RemChu
      Lol, I just woke up too, WTF were they thinking. Don't reply. Just lol fucking idiots.
    2. Baroxio
      Yikes, hope he pays through his nose. Must have been a pretty good car to completely total yet leave the driver safe. Should probably get the exact same brand (though then again, now's the perfect time for an upgrade...as long as the other person is paying for it! :maybe)
    3. Baroxio
      Are you okay? Everyone you know okay? Heard about the car accident.

      I almost got scared that my venting and jokes about abandoning (cuz that's what LoL players do when things aren't going well, isn't it? :zaru) might have disheartened you. Honestly, it's an awesome game with a ton of awesome roles. Arguably too awesome when it comes to town (:maybe) but still, be proud nonetheless.
    4. RemChu
      good roles btw.
      the shyvana one was very interesting, especially could have abused it during the nocturne ult.
      then nami ult takes away the votes after the super kills(s) are used.

      can i talk about roles that are already dead? didnt mention my own here. o.o

      like that is harmless right.
    5. RemChu
      why give so and so a rb ult if a certain mid can bypass it =[

      It makes sorta sense since that is what assassins can do

      damn hahahah
    6. RemChu
      but no answer?
    7. RemChu
      2 lazy to hit pm, my bad.
    8. Firestormer
      Oh sorry, I haven't really been on the internet much the last couple months (haven't been on this site since mid-January), so I kinda forgot all about any games I was in, my bad!

      Anyway, sure, I'm happy to play in this. I'll try to read up on everything during the night phase and try to derust a little.
    9. ~Mystic Serenade~
      ~Mystic Serenade~
      I can work with that no problem.
    10. Laix
      Yeah I've had it for a few years now. Just apply to the Outskirts Trading Posts group and write you're a regular mafia game mod and the PMs would be really useful. They've said yes to everyone so far so you should be good!
    11. Superman
      No because it looks like I will not get what I want anytime soon...
    12. W
      um...CR? laix?
    13. SinRaven
      Actually that wasn't the last time, but it has been a while since we spoke.

      How are you, you dumb fag! :hug
    14. SinRaven
      "http://www.narutoforums.com/images/reputation/reputation_neg.gifAs far as I'm concerned, you can choke. Lol @ me ever considering you a friend. My gameplay can improve but you'll always be a toxic piece of shit."

      Holy shit. That's about the last time I spoke to you kinda.

      Do you still hate me :(
    15. Law
      Thanks man, that's awesome.
    16. Aries
      hey there not to bother you but would you like to join my yugioh mafia game thread?

    17. Candy
      You don't need to know, clearly.
    18. Candy
      How dare you change your name
    19. suga
      I don't give a flying fuck if you miss the avatars you want :catblink it's not my fault you're not there to take 'em on time

      anywayzzz just steal the damn avatars
      that's what I do :thumbs
    20. Psychic
      Your Reward banner is up!
    21. Savage
      Check the LoL game thread
    22. Tanuki
      Thanks for the rep ::3 will have my revenge rep when im not 24'd :lmao
    23. Itachі
      Thanks. :3
    24. Hero
      Can we pls talk about how Nicki is back. Actually according to her, she ain't ever left
    25. Hero
      I'll show you my Skype convo with kaitou one day. Too lazy to copy and the paste
    26. Hero
      Yay :villa

      And you're asking me of all people? I left that place and I'm still angry. I checked the thread bc drama spreads fast lol. Based on ppl's attitudes, mafia is done for
    27. Hero
      2 weeks from thks past Sunday
    28. Hero
      Yeah it's open to the forum
    29. Hero
      Thanks :del. It's hard competing sometimes bc ppl who do things graphically win bc it's more clean and ya know

      Too bad it only takes 30 minutes to do and apparently being a good mafia player takes more skill :zaru. According to some :pek
    30. Hero

      Here it goes
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