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Apr 23, 2012
Apr 2, 2005
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June 25
    1. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      I feel extra betrayed >.<
    2. PikaCheeka
      You've come back!
    3. SaiST

      I'm more part-time these days, actually. Great to see you though. :D
    4. Angelush
      First visit for the year!!!
    5. Angelush
      Tehehehe <333
    6. SaiST
      I miss Sho. :(
    7. Sho
      Hey Sasuke, I rate Song of Ice and Fire as my top choice though take that with a grain of salt since I've only read about half of the first book of Malazan. However all of Song of Ice and Fire books are pretty strong whereas I hear that not all of Malazan's are up to the same consistent quality from those whose opinions I trust. However George R.R Martin is not so consistent with release dates as you should already know =/ Honestly, I would think they're in the same tier of quality though, which one you would like more would depend on personal preference. It's far easier to get into Song of Ice and Fire for me though.
    8. Sasuke
      Sho, which do you rate more highly - Malazan or Song of Ice and Fire?
    9. Anko-san
      There's always a place in my heart for you. :ohpek
    10. PikaCheeka
      Hello again!!! And no, we've only had a couple of glimpses of Sasuke lately... I hope whatever kept you away wasn't anything bad or serious though. As I said, I have no life outside of the internet, so I am here more than I should be. I understand others have lives, so no worries. Just good to see you again.

      I was in Japan for about 19 days and spent 11 or so of those days with people. A friend from high school teaches there through the JET program, so I stayed with her a few days. I also traveled to Kyoto for a week (with the Nara/Osaka day trips as well as doujinshi conventions) with a girl I met online through odd circumstances. She is a Gundam fanartist, and I told her how much I loved her work a while back. We talked for about a year and a half and set things up so I could spend time with her when I got there. While I was with people a little over half the time, it didn't save me very much money in the end... My problem in terms of money is that I am a compulsive gift-buyer, and having two siblings who are, to say the least, hardcore video gamers, complicated matters for me. And that's not something that can be helped by having someone else with me.

      I do wish I had known the language better before going though. Did you ever visit Tokyo? I'm curious as to how you would compare it to Kyoto. I loved both for very different reasons, and in the end I couldn't tell you which one I preferred. Kyoto had the natural beauty and 'spiritual history' (I guess you could say) to it, but the entire city seemed to be one big tourist attraction and the public transport was a disaster. Tokyo, while being like New York in some areas, had it's quiet, old-fashioned spots that were very mellow.

      I do plan on going back at some point with my sister once she gets her sabbatical in a couple of years. She's far more travel-savvy than I am and hopefully we'll be able to have things a bit more organized. I sometimes feel as if I didn't truly appreciate it as I should have, but I guess that's what you get for your first time traveling and planning a trip on your own on a low budget.

      In regards to the manga, I will be completely honest and say that everything about Kabuto irritates me at the moment. I guess ET is bringing us needed fights (because 100000 Zetsus makes for an uninteresting war and he really doesn't have time to bring in new villains) and there is no other easy solution, but that doesn't change the fact that it's frustrating. I feel it cheapens the characters and their deaths more than anything. I'm still rather on the warpath about Itachi. Then again, I'm fairly certain he is going to be the one to 'break' Edo Tensei. He and Nagato are the only two who have both the strength and plot relevance to do so, and Itachi currently retains more importance than Nagato. He may well lead to Kabuto's demise (Kabuto has more death options than anyone else right now if you consider Sasuke, Madara, Kakashi, the ETs who hate him, and the oh-so-deadly Talk-no-Jutsu, which he is very likely to be a victim of). He's the arc villain though, so soon enough Edo Tensei will luckily be out of the way.

      And thank you. :33 I spent a lot of time on it and would eventually like to do an updated version (considering what we now know about him) as well as another few essays on villains. He's my favorite character now and I am constantly compelled to write about him. Something about his past just utterly fascinates me. In a lot of ways, he's the hero who the world grew bored with. I guess the literature major in me takes over when it comes to him. Take your time, and thanks for the compliment (s). It means a lot to know someone like you enjoyed it.

      Same as me. I always thought you were older than me given your manner of speaking though. :edu
    11. Okami
      Hey Sho. Good, i guess. And you? :hurr
    12. PikaCheeka
      Interesting how your leave of absence coincided with Sasuke's. :LOS I suspected you had just gotten bored and drawn back for a while. Then again, I tend to assume that nobody else has a life outside of the internet.

      Both a visit and just to travel. I stayed in Iwaki, Tokyo, and Kyoto, with day trips to Nara, Osaka, and Nikko. Parts of it I loved and parts I was really kind of disappointed in, but overall, I really enjoyed myself. I ran out of money pretty early on so I didn't get to buy much of anything though, which was frustrating. It was 19 days. Almost 17 because of the time changes. I didn't know you went though. What did you go for?

      Manga's been very up and down for me lately. There have been stretches where the chapters were so boring I couldn't even get into the spoilers, nor did I jump to read the scans when they came out. Too long with no villains. But yes, I was impressed with the way Kisame's background was handled. It gave a lot to both him and Madara. I really hope Kishi continues on that strain with Madara, anyway (if you get seriously bored, I'm curious as to your thoughts on this, now possibly outdated). He's going to end up giving him a lot of humanity in the end if he does.

      Year of the Tiger? So you're 12? :hehee
    13. PikaCheeka
      WHOAH. YOU'RE BACK. It's been what? Four and a half months? Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I've been online here every single day until recently. Just got back from Japan and everywhere I stayed had poor internet connections, so I missed a lot.

      Focusing a lot on Madara now fandom-wise. Wrote an obscenely long essay on him last month and have just sort of been waiting for more intel since.

      How have you been?
    14. ~riku~
      ah, we did, but it was a year ago. I just used to stalk your posts mostly and noticed your absence >___<
    15. Angelush
      shoooooooo-kun *hugs* i misses u! heh
    16. PikaCheeka
      You're one of like 2 people who does agree with me. :tomato I sense Madara becoming the new Sasuke of NF.
    17. PikaCheeka
      I bet you see some weird stuff in the SCR. :rotfl

      Yea but that ban was kind of biased, so I know someone doesn't like me anyway. WHAT! What do my usernotes say? (actually if you're going to tell me, PM them because my profile has a lot of traffic by people I don't know) I didn't know people could put comments on me that I can't see. How...awkward. I always figured I was pretty much hated here for being such a tard and arguing a lot.

      I do find it odd that so few mods actually post. Only 2 that I know of engage in KL discussion a lot. The rest just pop up to mod.
    18. Amrun
      Thanks so much. I just go around amusing myself and assuming no one else even cares, but lately it's come to my attention that people seem to like it. Even better! :awesome
    19. Amrun
      Thanks. I believe in 1010-sama. :wtf
    20. PikaCheeka
      Ohh okay. So you guys don't deal with banninations or anything. I know who Odlam is, not the other person though. I'm sure I've seen her around.

      That takes me out on every level there (and I've been banned and had an issue in the conference room over it). :edu I have noticed that most mods hate Sasuke though and it's pretty obvious. That should be evened out a little. :pek But I do troll a little. I freely admit that.
    21. PikaCheeka
      So you're not an advisor anymore? Yea modship seems a lot of work with no real reward. Sometimes I think I'd like to do it, but that kind of limits how I can behave on the board, so then I don't want to do it. Weird how they choose people though.
    22. PikaCheeka
      I've been meaning to ask forever...why is your name in red?
    23. PikaCheeka
      rep thanks again. I like the Sasuke/Kakashi relationship. Haven't had much of it in ohhhh 300+ chapters though?
    24. Omolara
      Thanks, love! :hug

      I'd post more, but I kind of want to pass my classes.
    25. Angelush
      rawr :( ive been waiting to hear back from you!!
    26. FitzChivalry
      Forgot I owned this, but you should definitely be apart of it, here.
    27. Fay
      Sho! Do you think Sasuke will let her join him?
    28. phoenixblood
      Sho! :glomp

      lol How's it going?
    29. Shinigami Perv
      Shinigami Perv
      Thanks for the friend req. :)
    30. PikaCheeka
      Someone actually bumped that thread up again this morning. :lmao Weird. But yea, a lot of people just want to see Sasuke as this evil creature who hates everything. Even though, you know, if he hated everything, he wouldn't even bother. His saving grace was when he said "One down, Nii-san" last chapter, which I think was clever on Kishi's part. It was thrown in there to remind us that he is NOT YET GONE, though it kind of got ignored. He's doing the same sort of thing that Itachi did, except he's avenging someone dead. He's being overprotective of someone who no longer needs his protection, and that's where his real fault lies.

      Ugh I totally forgot about Madara's quote there. Would have been helpful.

      And I still argue that what Itachi did was actually WORSE than what Sasuke did, but that isn't a generally accepted opinion I guess. :sniff I love Itachi, but he really screwed up along the way there. Even though he did everything for Sasuke, he ruined his life. We're just actually seeing Sasuke go down the path, so he seems so much more horrible than Itachi ever did. We know now that Itachi is a 'good guy', but if people are going to look at what he did as 'good', then they really shouldn't be bashing Sasuke.

      And Madara...he's a piece of work. I'm fascinated by him and can't wait to actually learn more about him. I may just be being lame, but there seems to be something very sad/lonely about him. He's using Sasuke, but for some reason I don't get the impression that he's JUST using him. He seems to be clinging to the last living Uchiha. I GO TOO FAR and wonder if he reminds him of Izuna. Mmm pure speculation.

      Yea all my thoughts and everywhere. I wish I could actually go through all my posts (instead of the hundred most recent ones) and save the ones where I said something actually useful. All I have are the 3 threads I started. And a lot of crap in the Sasuke FC, but the Sasuke fans in there are nothing like the ones who go to the KT and KL.

      I'm surprised the backlash was worse with the instances you mentioned....though I guess they are all "Sasuke is not mr-nice-guy" events. Don't know why anyone ever thought that of him though, seeing as some of the first words he ever said were about murder. What kind of fucked up 12-year-old sits there and tells some girl that his dream is to kill someone? :lmao He's never been what some people make him out to have been.

      I am completely fandom-absorbed though, and this is my fandom now. So yea, addict.

      Off-topic, but I'm curious to know what your take is on the "Itachi's lover" thing.
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