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Last Activity:
Jun 25, 2018
Jun 23, 2013
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Feb 12, 1996 (Age: 24)
Slacking off.


The Real Storm, Female, 24

It’s that time again ... Jun 21, 2018

Shoukry was last seen:
Jun 25, 2018
    1. Lezu
      I thought I told you to stop questioning me. :lbj

      Am I the only one who notices that CP3 seems tired as fuck. :hmm Only :lbj is injured now and they traded away Waiters.

      Let me chech what's good about them:

      Horrible songs
      Look ugly with all swagy bullshit

      nope, cant find any... :lbj
    2. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      Yeah, they'll be on Skype. And Tom's still here, posting regularly as usual although his name is Dean Ambrose now. :quite
    3. Lezu
      .... Just give me the money and stop questioning... :lbj

      I'm pretty sure I wasn't a big fan of heat back then and definitely not now. I'm as always rooting for Clippers (they're pretty bad compared to previous seasons) and Raptors. Heat are really awful, I never expected that :lbj disappearance will affect them that much. Wait, if my memory serves well, you're a Clippers fan as well ?

      Why do you even want to hook up with them ? I can't seem to find a reason. :lbj
    4. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      I'm glad to hear from you after such a long time. :catcry
    5. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      I dunno, Alme has been posting here much recently and it was only right before she got herself banned that she posted for a bit. Ape seemed to be fine but I guess she's just tired of NF. :(
    6. Lezu
      Hey hey hey, let's not go into details now, okay ? :lbj NBA... Well this season is certainly unexpected. :lmao Teams that were expected to be one of the best are failing hard and teams that were expected to be in the middle or bottom are doing great. :lmao

      ... I can't think of anything... :lbj
    7. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      Still wish our break was longer, even by one day. :lmao

      Life has been pretty easy as of late. You? :cat
    8. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      Well, this is actually very recent (like the other day) but I guess Ape got tired of NF and requested a permaban and Alme got one with her. :cry
    9. Lezu
      I noticed that many websites for some reason don't send those links or anything like that if you've registered not on gmail.

      Give me some money and I'll see what I can do. :lbj Did you seriously think I'll forget about you after all we went through ? I mean we talked aboout Eminem and NBA for gods sake... :lbj Joking joking, like I said, I don't forget my friends. :33

      I have tons of snow outside, I'd rather have something else than that. :quite
    10. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      What have you missed it? I dunno, you've been gone so long I don't even remember everything that you missed. :psyduck

      Or maybe I'm just too lazy to think about it. :zaru
    11. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      Hey. I start my second semester tomorrow. :lmao
    12. Lezu
      You do realise that there's a certain link where you can recover your password ? :lmao What ? You gonna force me to buy you a phone good enough to surf NF freely ? :lbj

      Hey, once a friend of mine, always a friend of mine. I forget no one. :catsalute

      I got some connections around the world, I'm sure I'd think of something. :lbj
    13. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      Ruling another dimension! :iria

      Forget about being worried, I'm super proud of you. :del

      You take after me. Ruling entire dimensions runs in the family. :smoke
    14. Lezu
      And something about that needs to be changed. Should I glue a phone with an internet on your arm or what ? :lbj

      Prett fine as well. Mind explaining me these ugly disappearances then ? :lbj Is it because of studying or did you find yourself a boy who looks like one of those K-POP singers and takes away all of your time ? :lbj
    15. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      Where have you been? Poppy was worried sick. :grr
    16. Lezu
      Okay okay

      Looks who decided to show up for an hour before disappearing somewhere again :lbj

      How have you been ?
    17. Lezu
      Look who's back :lbj
    18. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      Its been awhile, Daugtress. :33
    19. Xeogran
      It's been ages since we last talked :(
    20. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      Daughtress!!! :iria

      And yes, really. :maybe
    21. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      I'm fine, college is pretty awesome so far. :lmao
    22. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      You're back!? :nice
    23. Bontakun
      I also say you should watch Kill la Kill. I finished it and conclude that it's awesome :gar
    24. hannah
      Come on, don't give me "I've been alright.", an AI could have given me that answer. :maybe
      I want something interesting, something shocking and something scary! Go! :ruri
    25. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      By the way, Bonta says you should watch Steins; Gate with me. :quite
    26. LyricalMessiah
      Gasp* This is Kryah!?

      Could of have thought you were somebody else, unless I saw you converse with RH like that time in that thread lol
    27. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      Enjoying summer! :del

      You? :33
    28. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      It's been so long. :cry :cry

      How's life? :33
    29. LyricalMessiah
      What happened to Kryah :stfu
    30. Bruce Wayne
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    Feb 12, 1996 (Age: 24)
    Slacking off.
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    Drawing, musical stuff...
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