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Jun 25, 2018
Jun 23, 2013
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Feb 12, 1996 (Age: 24)
Slacking off.


The Real Storm, Female, 24

It’s that time again ... Jun 21, 2018

Shoukry was last seen:
Jun 25, 2018
    1. Lyanna

      gonna look for it and join :kaga
    2. LesExit
      That would make me happiest :33 IS THE CLUB OPEN YET!?!?! I need to celebrate Mabui's prettiness!! :sniff
    3. Lezu
      Should I take this as a warning ? :lbj

      Don't worry, even if you would challenge me I wouldn't show that side of me, everything is rather black on that side. :ho
      I haven't and mostly because I rarely post in this forum, I mean in threads. I mainly visit convos/a few fanclubs and have VMs. I haven't decided to play nice, don't worry. :maybe

      Then go and get it from them, I fucking need the snow. :uwah:gun
    4. Kenneth
      No, I approved the thread, there wasn't one for that character yet. Just remember to check in with us before making a fanclub next time. We don't actively look for unapproved fanclubs so it will end up being ignored otherwise.
    5. Kenneth
      Those should be requested before they're actually created. That's why the approval system is in place.
    6. Kenneth
      About 24-48h depending on how active my peers are. Why?
    7. Lezu
      What if I lied in that sentence ? :lbj

      Then you're completely wrong, Shoukry. :maybe You have no idea what kind of guy I could become if I would want to.

      Well I don't know, figure it out by yourself, we haven't had any snow all this winter.
    8. Lezu
      Hey, you know me, I would never do that. :lbj

      I would be an exception, I would be your worst nightmare. :maybe

      Bring back the snow to Lithuania, you woman. :pek
    9. LesExit
      But I wan't too, but I know I'm not good enough for the job :cry
      Can I be Co-Co-Owner, that sounds less scary :3
    10. Velvet
      I doooo :ohpek
    11. Lezu
      Not saying that yet :maybe maybe I'll leave it as a surprise for the whole FC. :villa

      I never said you hated me, I just said you would have hated him. :maybe
    12. Lezu
      I think a fat Mabui pic would annoy you the most. :maybe Or I could always use-... nevermind. :maybe

      Because people hated that Lezu even though he was awesome. I think you would've been one of those haters if you would've seen that me (still not sure how you didn't notice it). :maybe
    13. Faustus
      We lost. Can't believe it. I don't have any interest in this competition any more.
    14. LesExit
      :0 co-OWNER!? ....but like...I'm really irresponsible (◕︵◕)
    15. Bissen
      Kuuu~! That one's gonna be tough for sure. Ino has a lot of fans!
    16. Bissen
      It's not that I particularly like Temari, but I will not let her go further in the competition than my Tsunade, if she won't be close to winning :pek

      Good luck with the FC, if you decide on making it :zaru
    17. Lezu
      Rapping actually sounds quite bad if you're rapping in a deep voice. :lmao Lucky me since I have a deep voice. :lbj

      Good, I was hoping you would say that. :del What else you dislike so I could annoy you in the future ? :villa

      That means you haven't noticed it, good. :hehee
    18. Rax

      Is Racist! :grr

      A friend of one on NF is a Zombie! :C
    19. Lezu
      I wouldn't be interesting, I don't see why I should release my rage on songs. :lmao Not to mention that my voice sucks, it's too deep. :lmao

      Good then.

      But I think you didn't really see the older ones, you know, since you joined after quite some time. :hmm
    20. Lezu
      Eminem doesn't have as much rage as I have. :hehee

      Are 100% sure ? Cause there's nothing wrong if you like him, I'll just fix you so you could walk on the right path. :maybe

      Yes, he's definitely like that, he likes BSDM a lot. :hoho

      Which Lezu you exactly remember ? The angry one or even the older ones ? :maybe
    21. LesExit
      I shall be impatiently waiting (?ー`)
    22. LesExit
      So like....15 minutes from now :3?
    23. LesExit
      W-WHAT!? What exactly makes it take that long :sniff NOOOOOOOOOO!
    24. LesExit
      It has to be amazing! It's the Mabui FC!! How long does it take for a mod to approve!? Like a day!?! :cry
    25. LesExit
      Does that mean I can see it!?! I'm excited!! ♪┏(・o・)┛♪
    26. LesExit
      ....o___o umm....sexy :hurr????

      Thats great!!! WE shall round up all the Mabui fans and they will join the club! :ohpek
    27. LesExit
      Is the "S" at the end of Pretty intentional!?! I like it though! I think I'd like it more than the other one cause it doesn't mention the raikage.

      COOL! Do you think many people will join???
    28. LesExit
      XD I like it because it's simple! Just like how I think Mabui's beauty is! The name can always change later too if better ideas come up right??!

      If she can I'm sure it will look beautiful!!
    29. Lezu
      Nah, it would definitely be too soon. :lbj All of my rapping would then be a big ball of rage and dissing, it's too soon to write a song. :lmao

      Ah good, just making sure but are you certain that you don't listen to him ?

      Can't believe I said that, it's all because of Chibinellio. Or maybe the old Lezu still wants to appear from time to time. :maybe

      Do you still remember the good old Lezu ? :lbj
    30. LesExit
      What is your somewhat of an idea!?!?
      ...Uuuuh I don't know if I really know anyone to do it :sniff
      Just Mabui's beautiful face being on the banner will make it absolutely stunning!
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    Feb 12, 1996 (Age: 24)
    Slacking off.
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    Drawing, musical stuff...
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