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Aug 28, 2012
Dec 25, 2010
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Active Member

silenceofthelambs was last seen:
Aug 28, 2012
    1. PikaCheeka
      Posting again and missing.
    2. PikaCheeka
      Posting on the forum-grave of one of the greatest and most intelligent posters the Konoha Library has ever seen.
    3. PikaCheeka
      You come and go too fast.
    4. PikaCheeka
      Hello again. :hurr
    5. silenceofthelambs
    6. PikaCheeka
      Hey where'd you go? Don't make me email you.
    7. Lightysnake
      So. Izanami...

      Is it any wonder why I don't bother with the Bd much now? This series is such gutter trash.
    8. Ryuzaki
      Hey man sup...if/when you get a chance, please vote in this match. It's for the B.D. Tournament.
    9. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Thanks for the rep bro.:quite
    10. PikaCheeka
    11. Lightysnake
      Almost definitely. I wonder if he and Naruto are still just staring at one another, waiting now. Though I will say that I did REALLYsupport Kabuto and I think he deserved much, much better
    12. Lightysnake
      If Naruto beats Tobi, you really think it'll approach the level of BS with Kabuto?
    13. Lightysnake
      To be fair, it's less he's strongest ever and more the author loves him most. People are legitimately stronger but Kishimoto just twists things to his benefit. Remember Nagato?
    14. Lightysnake
      I've been away a bit...how insufferable have the Stuchiha fans gotten?
    15. Lightysnake
      Put it this way...name a SINGLE present fight where he didn't pull something out his ass at the miraculous moment. The Shoten fight? And he lost that one.

      I don't object to Izanami existing, but coming out here? REALLY?
    16. Lightysnake
    17. Lightysnake
      Puppetry shoved me back in. So, let me get this straight. You agree with me now when I say he's a horrible Gary Stu?
    18. Lightysnake
      Sigh. Nice to know Itachi fans have gotten dumber...
    19. PikaCheeka
      No problem. Take your time. And I'm here if you want to rant about anything, of course.
    20. PikaCheeka
      Don't mind the spam. This is my reply to your April 5th VM. 2 weeks late.

      "My style? Are you implying that was also another dupe of mine? "

      You have many dupes, don't lie to yourself.

      Exactly. Tobi more or less IS his mask by now (if anything, it is even more so, as it's actually a helmet as well by this point). Seeing him without it would be...strange, and disconcerting, no matter who he was. We've actually seen part of the left side, so the parts we haven't seen are limited to about half of his left cheek, his lower nose, and his mouth. Unless he has a distinctive mouth like Izuna, or a nose like Shisui, that's all more or less irrelevant. Very few Kishi characters have distinctive noses and mouths. But as you say, there is something inherently disturbing in fighting someone who won't show you who he is. It has nothing to do with the manga, and I know that Tobi is in no way Minato (haha), but there is also the Oedipus element to it. Even if someone is trying to kill you or is "evil", you're killing someone who is somehow familiar in his lack of familiarity. I can't quite explain it.

      It may not be original, but the options are limited. As good an idea as the genuine "nothing" idea may be, I doubt Kishi will use it, especially not now that he's throwing the same lines around with Kabuto. If he isn't nothing and he isn't a clone or Madara part, then that more or less leaves either Izuna or ridiculously bad writing. At this rate, Madara is looking more and more like the final villain, though I'll wait until we see Tobi's again to really pass judgment on that.

      Because he didn't want to steal the glory from his brother, perhaps. :zaru If Izuna had killed Hashirama, Madara would probably never have forgiven him, and possibly even killed him. :maybe

      The problem with Zetsu is that Kishi completely failed to make him, well, interesting. His "dual personality" is such a stereotype he might as well not have one at all, and he doesn't ever do much of anything. He's there to be mysterious and that's about it. Seeing as Kishi so casually killed him off (his black half was one-shot by a fodder, and his white half one-shot by Sasuke for no reason whatsoever), it's hard to imagine he was ever really that important to the plot anymore. I do like the idea of him having to do with his father, but I think I like the theory of their father being this random madman in the mountains who came down periodically to torture Madara into being 'ruthless' as you say. Izuna was probably ignored. The passive one. 100% unsubstantiated claims here.

      I failed math several times in high school, so what can I say. :zaru You're usually pretty good at catching onto things, though. :maybe

      It's reasonable. I take between 20 and 30 minutes apiece usually, so I really have no excuse for slacking.
    21. PikaCheeka
    22. Last Rose of Summer
    23. PikaCheeka
      Am I the only person who didn't mind it?

      I still owe you a couple. :hurr

      I have a dA, but I use it for faving art and that's all. As if I would actually post that junk. :LOS

      I actually had my suspicions that he'd like it once I finished it, which was just as well. I'd be annoyed if he reported me over ALL MY HARD WORK.
    24. PikaCheeka
      It's only one sentence, and hopelessly vague, so no worries there.

      Naw. If it was personal I'd send you a PM. :hurr Another....private...message...

      I'm a genius when it comes to art. :quite

      He loved it. :lmao
    25. PikaCheeka
      This little thing.
    26. PikaCheeka
      I have something terrible to show you.
    27. Mister
      Sounds interesting. Though Izanami does affect the foe.
      Could you provide an example of each path you mentioned? :hmm

      I agree :LOS that or its his final bang: it ends Edo Tensei.

      I'm not too fussed on who shows it first. :hmm
    28. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Thanks for the rep.
    29. PikaCheeka
      No no I mean - I can't rep you because I'm 24'ed. :lmao

      I liked it. Izanami was inevitable, and I like how Itachi is the one to use it. It's an unexpected turn of events, as I think the general consensus was that Sasuke would be the one to use it.

      And yes, aren't they wonderful? :maybe
    30. PikaCheeka
      You gave out too much rep lately. :sniff
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