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  • And the thing about genes (aka Mokuton), is that it could be passed down from parent to child (sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it misses a few generations). So if she has any kids especially with A? Talk about being beyond broken... :rko

    That shit would be ridiculously OP
    Yeah its somewhere in the genetics.
    And yeah it be like having someone in 7 Gates at minimum all the time with V2 Up. And if they get Sage Mode like Hashirama 8 gate level of power with no death risk. Absurd. And still have quality range options
    You're welcome!!

    The thing is your post reminded me that Tsunade also has the Mokuton kekkei genkai within her due to who she is related to (Hashirama), but I completely forgot all about that since she's never shown to have that ability (as far as we know).
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